What's Going On With Server Transferring in New World

What’s Going On With Server Transferring In New World


Hey everyone, all this mess started with the second wave of free Server Transfer Tokens seems to come to its end, and, as I promised before, now I can give you a piece of advice. 

Don’t get me wrong, but I’m kind of a prudent guy who prefers not to get the best 100% result coming with the highest risk probability, but to get an optimal 90%-from-the-best-result with the minimized risk issues.

I still have my token, and I am going to transfer today because my current server Valhalla is even more dead now than my original server Ys is used to be. “Moving from Valhalla” sounds awful anyway, I hope Odin will forgive me.

First, let’s build the chronicles of the Great Server Transfer Wave.

On February 15th, the giveaway was started, and till February 17th, a lot of players got their tokens. Following the trends on EU, a huge wave moved to Midgard, and the server was automatically closed for transferring after reaching 2,000 online, which caused serious issues with breaking the player’s communities. 

AGS gave one more token for the players who transferred to Midgard, and now all who’re not satisfied with the choice they made are asking for one more token too.

Players started to panic like “what if we couldn’t make it to the best of the best server”, and all the waves moved to Barri (EU) and Orun (US East). AGS didn’t close them automatically after reaching 2,000 online, which caused chaos, huge queues, and, surprisingly (nope), the same negative replies as on Midgard closing.

Server Transferring in New World Meme

There even was a conspiracy theory about “Amazon manipulating posts regarding server population”:

Both Barri (EU) and Orun (US East) are closed for transferring and character creation. Those who made it are divided into those who fight the queue boss and those who enjoy a high populated server:

If you’re playing on Midgard, Barri (EU), or Orun (US East), I’d recommend not to transfer, queues will disappear in a couple of days, and these servers will stay high populated for a long time.

If you are as prudent as me and still choosing the server to transfer, I’d recommend Vega on EU (1200 evening peak online, 400 daily online) and Castle of Steel on US East (1600 evening peak online, 600 daily online).

Note that I’m not taking the current Faction ratios into account because they will change, sooner or later. For example, this is how the map looks for today on Castle of Steel:

New World On Time of Ongoing Server Transfer
Castle of Steel

There can be alternatives on EU, where most DE servers, for example, have pretty the same online: 

Ship-Trap (1000 evening peak online, 300 daily online) and Nysa (900 evening peak online, 250 daily online) for FR; 

Evonium, Tartarus (1000 evening peak online, 250 daily online), Arcturus, Avalon, Learad (900 evening peak online, 200 daily online), Utgard, Aaru (600 evening peak online, 150 daily online) for DE; 

Brittia for IT (1200 evening peak online, 400 daily online); 

Bran for PL (1000 evening peak online, 350 daily online). 

Both ES servers, Kor and Bengodi, have about 500 players evening peak online and 100-180 daily.

On US East, the only living server except Orun is Castle of Steel:

The next two, Ohonoo and Maramma, have twice less online (900/250) but could fit nicely for a calm and quiet playing.

Camelot (1800 evening peak online, 500 daily online) and El Dorado (1000 evening peak online, 300 daily online) are the most populated servers on US West, with Yggdrasil (800/200) in third place. 

As for SA East and AP Southeast, there’s not so much choice actually: Devaloka (SA East) has 1000 evening peak online and 350 daily online, while Apsu and Irkalla have twice less.

Utopia and Lagado (AP Southeast) are pretty close to each other, having 900 evening peak online, 200 daily online, with Delos in third place (800/150).
If you want to make a choice by yourself, use New World Server Status.