New World What To Expect After Patch 1.3

Upcoming Changes We Expect In New World


Right now, everything is absolutely quiet, and… it’s actually nice. Character creation is not disabling, servers are running, Trading Posts are running too. Reddit and forums are full of “I’m quitting” topics, continued by “Give me your gold if you quit” topics, which is an absolutely normal process of the MMORPG lifecycle. Trust me, some games have been dying since 2004, and I strongly suspect they will outlive me.

While we aren’t expecting huge updates at the current moment because we had enough since September 28, let’s think about what we should expect soon. 

The studio sent out fixes too fast, leading to patches that made further issues. In February, there will be a balance between adding new content and fixing things; players can expect an update focused on balance, tuning, and bug fixes.

New World Mutated Expeditions

I’m pretty sure the cooldown system for receiving Mutated Orbs will be changed really soon. Probably, the cooldown will be reduced to one day because the player’s demand is too high; the studio cannot just get rid of it.

New World Flatvow Of The Trcikster

Another thing I can predict with a high possibility is the Umbral Shards will be added to Outpost Rush rewards because when you have an endgame PvP activity in a PvP oriented game, that doesn’t give endgame rewards – you’re doing it wrong. 

Probably, the Umbral Shards will be also added into Corrupted Invasions, Territory Wars, some other in-game rewards, and activities.

What if we take a look a bit further? There are actually two official sources of “what is on the developer’s table” – the December Team Update and the January Team Update

We know a bit about new weapons – the Blunderbuss, which is in development already, the Great Sword, and the Dagger, which are in the early stages of work.

New World Blunderbuss

One more thing was datamined long ago – new territories. For example, this is a compilation from the last Beta day from u/DoomRevenant. There is still no new information about them.

New World New Territories

A new Expedition, Isabella’s Lair, was also mentioned in Beta about 6 months ago. It’s in the Myrkgard, already has its own entrance (yeap, it’s in the preview image) and a Tuning Orb. You probably met this wonderful lady, dressed in dark leather, and caressed her big cats in Dynasty Shipyard.

One thing you might not know. Isabella is actually the main villain of New World. There’s a huge lore video about her from Sir Medieval.

The most arguable thing that players have been asking since the game was actually announced is the mounts. Back in November 2020, Scott Lane, the Director of New World, said:

“I think right now our world isn’t of the size that warrants mounts. When we do get there with the live game, that’s gonna happen at some point; we’ll add mounts when we feel players will benefit from them, and we can do them in a really cool way that works for us.”

As for me, I highly suspect there is a technical problem with the game engine that prevents mounts from being added. Your character model is stuck on the earth’s surface, glued to it; that’s why you cannot swim. Well, at least we have cheap Azoth traveling now.

In conclusion, let’s remember where that all started in 2019. Pretty interesting how things have changed since then.