New World Dev Gameplay 2

Developers Take On The Mutated Dynasty Shipyard


We already saw a Myrkgard Developers Run headed by Scot Lane, the Game Director, on December 20th. For today we have a new video from developers, where they completed level 4 Mutated Dynasty Shipyard.

While you could call this a very poor playthrough, they’re not professional gamers, and I’m not really sure if I could do better by myself, even having a huge experience in various MMORPG. Remember your first runs.

New World Dev Gameplay

Lots of funny moments occurred. Zach Holm was opening the chests while the rest of the group was fighting, which was called “proper DPS tactics” on the official forum. The second boss was just rushed by respawns. They also wiped on Isabella’s Tigers but had a clean kill on Empress Zhoul.

The run time was about 60 minutes, but the time displayed in a result table was 28:26 out of 40 minutes. Overall Score is minus 22 830 points, but this is still displayed as a Silver Rank. Seems the system treats a minus score in the same way as a plus score, and the timer just counts from zero once again after 40 minutes passed, so this should be minus 28:26 minutes.

New World Dev Gameplay 3

They received 100 Umbral Shards, 200 Gold, and no valuable loot. 

The main problem, except bugs, is still that more HP doesn’t mean more challenge, that’s just boring. Mutations seem like something that could grow into an awesome addition to New World.

New World Dev Gameplay 4

I really appreciate the developers’ videos, and hope to see more of them in the future. They’re really nice and funny.