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Server Transfer Tokens Will Be Available Again


Hey guys, great news from Community Manager Luxendra. Don’t forget to grab your Server Transfer Token by the 22nd of February. 

Not sure how this would change the whole situation about New World if low populated servers become empty with few players stacked in or not.

The only thing I know for sure is that having a choice is always better than not having it. This is called “freedom”.

While the guide on Server Choosing is pretty outdated due to the server merges that took place on SA East and Central EU, US East, US West, Australia, it still might help you.

Also, you can use this discussion thread on Reddit to find a server you want. Or check the server’s status.

It’s up to you if you want to earn some gold on these server transfers using the price difference between servers. Just remember you’re not the only one greedy goblin in Aeternum 😉

Greetings Adventurers,

While we do not have an update this week, we are releasing the second round of free transfer tokens for everyone with an existing character in New World.

We will be rolling these tokens out starting on Tuesday (in your local timezone).

If Valentine’s Day didn’t work out with your current Aeternum world, use this transfer token for a clean break or fresh start with a different world!

The Details:

Every active account as of Today 3:30 PM (in your local timezone) will receive a server transfer token.

These tokens are account-based which means that if you have multiple characters, you will only be able to use this token on one of your characters. You will only be able to use these tokens within the same region.

These tokens do not expire. If you have a previously unused token already in the store page, you will have two after the second tokens are distributed.

As a note, you should receive your token in the “World Transfer” section of the store no later than February 22nd.

We will also be marking some worlds as full in preparation of the server token release. You will not be able to transfer into this world, nor will you be able to create new characters while this status is active.

Please find these worlds listed below:

Central Europe:

1. Learad

2. Avalon

3. Bran

4. Brittia

5. Ship-Trap

6. Tartarus

7. Evonium

8. Vega


1. Eden

South America:

1. Apsu

2. Devaloka


1. Lagado

2. Utopia

Thank you for your patience while we roll these out to all eligible players.

Happy Valentine’s Day!