Why you should play New World

Reasons On Playing New World: Polar Views


Reading Reddit, I saw two absolutely polar posts.

The one was written by u/ilariad92. He says he has been only playing for 8 hours and thinks that the crafting system is incredible, those having some questions about graphics and audio. Then he asks can he save all his game progress on Steam on the laptop and then continue playing on his PC if he’ll back it up on Steam because he doesn’t want to restart everything when he gets his PC.

This is so… cute and reminds me of times when we used to write the game desktop icons to CD-RW and thought that we got the whole game.

Another post is from u/HiTmAn4777. He is asking if anyone feels the burnout because he’s 1026 hours into the game and now feels the game became a second job for him. 

He already maxed Expertise level on all slots and has 250k gold. But he has to spend 2 hours in chest runs, 2 hours in portal runs, at least an hour in OPR, finish 2 Garden of Genesis runs and 1 Lazarus Instrumentality run every day, including ingredients farming, crafting, and Territory Standing increasing because otherwise, he’ll be left behind. Then u/HiTmAn4777 actually approved his playing time, which means he’s playing about 10 hours per day after New World release, having a full-time job, wife, and a daughter; though, he can play while he’s working.

Reasons Why You Should Play New World
1000 hours in New World is not the limit

I’ll be honest, that was the time I played like HiTmAn4777 and even more being one of the best players. I impressed everyone with my money and gear. And then, I realized that this was all nothing. What really matters – your relatives, your friends (true friends in both real and virtual life), your freedom.

Treat a game like a game; you’re not supposed to do anything you don’t want to, unlike real life, where you do have certain duties. Enjoy it, do silly things, explore the territory, simply walk around, make newbie quests, buy yourself a house and decorate it as you want, do fun Expedition runs with your friends, where you’re not farming mobs, but mobs are farming you.

While all forums are full of toxic topics, written mainly by people who’re tired of grinding (and I can understand them), about unbalanced weapons, bugs, bots, RMT, cheaters, let’s remember that there is the other side of the coin. After all, New World is a huge fantasy world, where you can do whatever you want.

Are all these problems true? Yes. But, as far as I remember, the perfect game still doesn’t exist. 

Weapons are not balanced, and meta changes too fast? In most other games, you cannot change a weapon, you have to level a new character. 

Does crafting require too much grinding? How about the Korean Random System, where you collect resources for a month and then fail the craft ten times in a row, having a 60% success chance?

Is it too hard to get perfect equipment with BiS perks? At least, you don’t have to enchant it with a 0,0…1% chance of success.

Are you annoyed with an in-game shop? There’re only cosmetic items in it. Frankly, most of them don’t even look great. Some game developers added an in-game pay-to-win store a year after the game was released, while the absence of the in-game store was actually the most advertised feature of this game.

As for a lot of bugs and exploits, well, we have a huge update every month. Such a high temp of game development makes me not justify, but at least, respect the developers. 

So, if you’re still not playing this game (or even if you do), here are two videos. The first one is a fresh review of New World.

The second one – shows us 10 reasons why you should play it.


I wish you all good luck, and, once again, this article is not about justifying anything, this is all about another side of the view and another side of the coin.