New World Player’s Bans And 40v40 War Change

Player’s Bans And 40vs40 War Change: Update


In Digest #13, massive ban waves were mentioned, which appeared after the duplication bug.

There were three main complaints:

  • bans for accidentally duplicating things, 
  • permanent bans for nothing, 
  • automatically increasing ban time, gave the community memes about duplicated bans for duplicate items.

Community Manager Luxendra made some clarification about extensions on the current suspensions:

New World Community Manager Duped Items Clarification

As for the discussion about changing the number of players participating in Wars from 50v50 to 40v40, mentioned in PTR patch notes #2, the developers officially announced it’s holding:

New World 40vs40 War Change Hold Off

Personally, I suppose it was the right decision. Guess removing 20 players from the battleground didn’t change the situation around server performance and lags, but it would definitely cause more players to quit not having a place in War rosters.