Patch 1.3.0 Known Issues

Patch 1.3.0: Known Issues


January Update 1.3.0 went live yesterday, and players are reporting multiple bugs and problems. Some of them are already fixed, if you’re having troubles playing the game, you may check the official bug list.

Greetings Adventurers!

As we go live, there are going to be issues that pop up while we are actively developing and breaking things within New World. These are some of the Known Issues that we are currently aware of and actively working on resolving.

This list will be updated as new bugs are discovered*

  1. Mutator scheduler can fail to refresh
  2. Player is unable to get new faction missions after declining the prompt – can be fixed with a relog
  3. Player can sometime lose their face after teleporting
  4. Azoth Tree area lights flickering
  5. Green Quest Markers seem to Disappear and Reappear Inconsistently.
  6. Lighting flickers/flashes sporadically throughout Reekwater dungeon.
  7. The game screen blacks out during Darkness events in rainy areas
  8. Using Potion with Ice gauntlet equipped and attacking causes player body to flicker and model corruption after weapon swap
  9. Players can access the recall to inn function of their starting settlement as soon as they arrive on the beach
  10. Reekwater ‘Protector of the Source’ Arena Boss objective does not show to players when entering with key.
  11. The attribute sheet UI does not update weapon damage for scaling off of intelligence or focus instead of primary attributes.
  12. PvP Healing does not scale in a similar way to damage.
  13. Void Blade impact effects sometimes trigger incorrectly.
  14. Umlaut are not displayed correctly on names
  15. Ai will randomly change targets when in combat with players who move far away from them.
  16. Players cannot access the War Board to sign up for a war in a settlement
  17. Splinter Shot hits the enemy an inconsistent amount of times based on distance, making its damage hard to predict.
  18. Entering any instance can cause global chat channels to become nonfunctional until player relogs
  19. Dropped/Looted Furniture Cannot be Salvaged
  20. Clicking on an item in the inventory right after scrolling will pick the incorrect item
  21. Fireball damage does not scale with crit for Fire Staffs
  22. Certain situations cause some weapon abilities to feel as though their end lag has greatly increased
  23. Using Rending Throw to interrupt light and heavy attack sequences causes the player’s movement to stutter
  24. Abilities can fail to function when activated as the user enters the Blowback silence in Mutators
  25. Players falling through ground and die when respawning when server is under load
  26. Weapon abilities do not deal damage and their animations are only visible for the local client after Fast Traveling
  27. Shirking Energy is not functional and puts itself on cooldown in heavy equip load
  28. Several mutator hatchets lack proper animations when thrown in the air. This also applies to abilities that throw the axe
  29. All Area and Standard Battle Music stops playing after player enters the Bathe Chambers in Lazarus Instrumentality
  30. Boss music does not play after death
  31. Cilla’s Arcane Bombs persist through her death
  32. Available rewards UI for all difficulty levels remains at 500GS regardless of difficulty level
  33. Rain of Arrows doesn’t go on cooldown if shot at max height.
  34. REPs are randomly dropping players on live servers.
  35. Players blocked by invalid EAC files sometimes have the wrong error displayed
  36. Players falling through ground and die when respawning when server is under load.
  37. Player is banned for 20 minutes from Outpost Rush when server restart occurs during the Outpost Rush match.
  38. Player can walk past trigger for Thorpe dying in the FTUE with high input lag and cause a soft lock
  39. By swapping weapons mid-roll, players avoid sprint delay after roll ends.
  40. Player is unable to join Expeditions after exiting a different one until world was rebooted
  41. Territory Upkeep timer continues ticking down during server restarts and while world is under maintenance
  42. Player becomes stuck after equipping, reloading, and firing the weapon
  43. AOE targeted area can go through Fort Gates and damage enemies
  44. PvP Flag luck bonus is active during the 30 second protection timer
  45. Players report becoming stuck in place after interacting with NPCs
  46. Player is unable to join Expeditions after exiting a different one until world was rebooted
  47. Large amount of reports are coming in that server restarts and maintenance are causing players to lose expedition orbs

All Things Combat:

  1. Sword Leaping Strike is non-functional
  2. Players have a hard time seeing Fireball hitbox due to VFX on ability.
  3. Abilities break after a duel
  4. Player is able to use certain Bow Weapon Mastery abilities while encumbered.
  5. Overflowing Essence’s healing AOE can be triggered early if another player applies a fully upgraded Essence Rupture to the same target.
  6. Extended Suffering is not consistently extending debuff duration on enemy target.
  7. Empowering Breaker perk is not functional
  8. Player is able to clip through outcropping collision by using many abilities while prone
  9. Weapon Swap prototype: Player is able to perform a punch attack with magic gauntlets by using certain inputs
  10. AOE targeted area can go through Fort Gates and damage enemies.
  11. Shirking Energy is not functional and puts itself on cooldown in heavy equip load.
  12. Using Rending Throw to interrupt light and heavy attack sequences causes the player’s movement to stutter.
  13. Player becomes stuck after equipping, reloading, and firing the weapon
  14. Certain situations cause some weapon abilities to feel as though their end lag has greatly increased
  15. Duel music persists if player enter a Sanctuary.
  16. Several mutator hatchets lack proper animations when thrown in the air. This also applies to abilities that throw the axe.
  17. Weapon abilities do not deal damage and their animations are only visible for the local client after Fast Traveling.
  18. Shockwave VFX appear to jump around on the ground.
  19. Musket and Bow light attacks are possible underwater
  20. Players die 0.5 – 1 second before UI reports them being dead.
  21. Some Hatchets don’t spin along with the VFX angle.
  22. Cooking Mastery perk does not affect certain recipes in the crafting station.
  23. PvP Rewards are not Granted and PvP Value is not wiped if Players are Migrating Hubs.
  24. Outpost Rush Summons will Target Allied Player Ice Pylons.
  25. With good timing, cancelling Tondo with Evade will cause the ability to hit without playing VFX.
  26. Give Up Prompt is Delayed in Appearing if Player is Downed in the Pre-Duel Window.
  27. The Javelin ability has some minor issues with animations and can be thrown out of the players vision radius.
  28. Esc doesn’t cancel spell targeting if used right after pressing the ability key.
  29. Players do not properly animate their aiming while firing gauntlet attacks
  30. Ice Pylon targets/shoots at Barkimedes
  31. Ice Shower causes Ultimate Chill Status Effect Icon to appear to stack.
  32. If character strafes during 2 handed weapon unsheathing animation after closing inventory, animation is interrupted and repeats.
  33. Higher latency values cause a stutter while using magic weapon light attacks while running
  34. Buff VFX display on players before they fully spawn in.
  35. Ice Spikes will sometimes not load the VFX for the large ice spike if the caster uses LMB at a specific time.
  36. Splinter shot’s center projectile fires at a slight angle, causing apparent hits to somehow miss.
  37. Player can loop pulling out and putting away their musket while prone.
  38. Eyes distortion when Ice Gauntlet block is broken.
  39. Players are receiving a Log error when a magic projectile does not collide with anything.
  40. Slight animation or position rollbacks occur when running and hitting with some weapons.
  41. Fire Staff: “Reheat” passive doesn’t always deactive after using an ability.
  42. The UI “E” button in Deaths Door is black if player gathers while drowning
  43. Mending Execute heals for more than the stated percentage value.
  44. Gravity Well 10 meter range does not apply to Damage Burst.
  45. Putrefying scream perk does not show gear scaling percentage in the trading post window
  46. Leaping Strike’s tooltip’s range value does not match it’s homing value.
  47. Incorrect Sword SFX plays when player blocks with any non-sword weapon
  48. Player receive one less tic of damage if they prone spam while in Meteor Shower or Oblivion.
  49. Ice Pylon perk Pylon Burst’s effective range is extremely small.

All Things Crafting, Gathering, and Items:

  1. Gypsum and Gypsum orbs are not being consumed when crafting after push test
  2. Players can enter a state where most gatherables cannot be interacted with
  3. FishingTreasureChest is non-functional after discarding items during a trade and picking them back up.
  4. Most Void Gauntlet icons do not match the gauntlets color variation.
  5. Heavy Smyhle set cape & skirt have visual issues
  6. Medium Smyhle set has multiple visual errors
  7. GardenGenesis Mutator sets have visual issues
  8. Player can become stuck in Gypsum Kiln after push test.
  9. Forest Warden’s Chestpiece has texture and clipping issues
  10. Shields downgrading in rarity all across the game.
  11. Several upcoming Mutator shields have dye channels that have no function.
  12. Floral Regent Tunic shows clipping and stretching broken skinning.
  13. The Toughened Leather armor set features no functioning dye channels.
  14. PvP Flag luck bonus is active during the 30 second protection timer
  15. Weapon sheathing SFX is corruptible depending on weapon type.
  16. Player cannot craft at Outfitting Station
  17. Blighted Growth’s set has multiple visual errors
  18. Sword and Shield users can never see their true attribute totals in the Inventory.
  19. Sometimes the rewards for the Aptitude progression are doubled on reward notification pop-up when receiving more than one reward.
  20. Equipped armor and jewelry cannot be upgraded via drag and drop in Mutated Expeditions.
  21. Interactable Young Tree is missing its model near the second barrel defense puzzle in Dynasty Shipyard
  22. Upgrade UI is inconsistent with other UI in game in Mutated Expeditions
  23. Bags cannot be upgraded via drag and drop in Mutated Expeditions
  24. Weapon abilities are displaying a white box in the tool tip when hovering over them on the hud.
  25. Metallic Boneweave icon does not appear metallic.
  26. Coatings are removed when entering or exiting an expedition.
  27. All sickles clip with players arm while gathering. Including store purchased sickles.
  28. Territory standing gains for crafting a large volume of items only shows the amount gained towards the new current level.
  29. Studded Leather apparel set displays various clipping issues
  30. The perks listed in the elemental tooltip are not ordered in Mutated Expeditions
  31. The Voracious Blade tool tip in the Trading Post is difficult for players to understand.
  32. Tooltips are layered beneath the UI Banner at the bottom of the screen.
  33. When viewing the Logging Efficiency perk tooltip in Italian, the wording does not entirely fit in the tooltip box.
  34. Several new Mutator Hatchets have throwing axe projectiles from abilities that don’t match their appearance.
  35. Character rotation from the dye menu stays after closing it
  36. A couple of Mutator Fire Staffs are not displaying any fiery glow on the head of their staff.
  37. Honing Stones and Weapon Coatings are inconsistent with each other.
  38. Newer randomized trinkets do not have attribute suffixes.
  39. Small dot appears in center of void gauntlet when viewed at certain angles.
  40. Resources can be obstructed by camps when they are placed near, or on top of, the entity nodes.
  41. The Censored curses list the major curse before the minor in Mutated Expeditions
  42. The MTX Jester’s Delight chest clips through players legs and itself when crouched.
  43. Earthshell Turtle SFX is too quiet and unnoticeable compared to other magical critters.
  44. Potion Cooldown VFX does not update if player use the item, unequip and quickly reequip the item it

All Things Quests and Missions:

  1. No pelts can be collected from tainted stag in Fabulous Furs quest.
  2. Bercina Thornton NPC is missing VO for the proposal of the Friends in Fashion quest.
  3. The Interactive Object used for the “Down Payment” quest has the active VFX for players that do not have the quest.
  4. A L60 User with a CampT5 cannot place a camp after the Patch.
  5. Abandoning Event message present when leaving Rabbit Island.
  6. The The First Thing I remember quest has missing map objective pins.
  7. Players report becoming stuck in place after interacting with NPCs.
  8. When trying to use gatherables/containers near NPCs, it is common for players to accidentally interact with the NPC instead.
  9. Barkeep Polly has some Missing VO for With A Little Luck Quest (Barkeep_0410_0414_Rabbit_CompleteNext).
  10. EXP from multiple sources is lumped together and can cause confusion.
  11. Juice will play their full VO before players progress text boxes during quest completion
  12. Artificer Estebanita Gomes is missing VO for the Traitorous Weaponry quest.
  13. Edith Perchal NPC is missing Voice Over when accepting The Giant Ones Quest
  14. Fireplace lighting flickering in Traveler’s Rest houses.
  15. Yonas Alazar’s VO doesn’t match end of Quest text
  16. Cornil Reynolds, Edengrove Watcher is missing VO and has no lipsync during “Down Reekwater Way” quest.
  17. Edith Perchal VO stops in the middle of the sentence.
  18. Root cause issue with options saving that causes extra saves to happen on client startup
  19. Player can skip interacting with IOs to progress The Last Mystery
  20. Debug text in the topics column of the journal.
  21. Recommended Level in Accept Quest dialogue persists when accepting a new quest.
  22. Card for Amrine Excavation faction mission has art for Gardens of Genesis.
  23. Faction Trial quests don’t display Token reward.
  24. Giacomo Altoviti is in a Corrupted Portal while completing Down Payment quest.
  25. Traveler’s Rest construction slice has unexpected collision.
  26. Hit Boxes are small on Malign Nodes.
  27. Mourningdale Ancient Sculpture is missing collision at New Balefire.
  28. The wrong AI family is referenced in the “Marauder Initiation: Fallowhill Farms” Journal Entry.
  29. The Weaver’s Fen Traveler’s Rest has gatherables spawning inside.
  30. Some workbenches and rubble outside MB Traveler’s Rest have no collision.
  31. Typo in acceptance dialogue for The Last Mystery.
  32. Ingredients in a Pinned Recipe remain marked as “done” after player loses the items
  33. Relog Persistence Restoration does not check equipped slots for Azoth Staff Validation.
  34. Ancient Map asset loses textures after interaction during Hope Springs Eternal quest.
  35. Nekumanesh and Barkimedes quest pins appear off to the side of the map
  36. The timer briefly appears with an extremely large number when the player completes the objective for the Devil’s Sea Arch Patrol faction mission in Monarch’s Bluffs.
  37. Faction Hunt Missions poorly outline Objective Locations
  38. Closing Cost quest marker on Mourningdale Settlement not showing on higher zoom levels.
  39. War Camp Chests in all Territories are lootable when a War Camp Loot mission from any Territory is accepted.
  40. Giacomo’s Down Payment quests do not use the right marker in the overworld.


  1. All inventory items removed when disconnecting inside of an expiring expedition instance.
  2. Various boss themes do not play on repeated attempts of their fights.
  3. Charge GA or Burnout FS can be used to bypass triple-laser walls inside Starstone Barrows.
  4. Some of Commander Chen’s attacks lack audio that would be expected with the VFX.
  5. Overcharged fire as part of the Frenzied curse does little damage to players in Mutated Expeditions.
  6. Ice Tomb does not take damage from any chain element.
  7. Available rewards UI for all difficulty levels remains at 500GS regardless of difficulty level in Mutated Expeditions
  8. All Area and Standard Battle Music stops playing after player enters the Bathe Chambers in Lazarus Instrumentality.
  9. Cilla’s Arcane Bombs persist through her death.
  10. Server restarts and maintenance can cause players to lose expedition orbs.
  11. Boss music does not play after death in Dynasty Shipyards.
  12. Overworld music plays during Amrine
  13. Open world objectives are shown on the compass while in Dynasty Shipyard Expedition.
  14. Tooltips for major curses appear on difficulties less than 10 despite being only active on difficulty 10.
  15. Dynasty Shipyard mutator icons are doubled on the map
  16. Isabella does not lip-sync her dialogue during the boss intro in Dynasty Shipyard
  17. Players cannot drag and drop Umbral Shards to upgrade items off screen.
  18. Azoth Door can be unlocked from the wrong side during “Unseal the Gate” Task in The Depths
  19. Placed powder kegs visually reverse back to blueprints after leaving their aoi in Dynasty Shipyard.
  20. Mage hunter causes UI for abilities that don’t cost mana to become greyed out but remain usable after reaching 0 mana in Mutated Expeditions
  21. Corruption noticably changes color based on player location and camera.
  22. Lazarus AI sometimes trigger Battle Music inconsistently.
  23. Battle music ends abruptly after defeating one enemy in a group in Amrine Excavation Expedition
  24. Some items in the Possible Rewards are missing their tooltips in Mutated Expeditions.
  25. Mutator Map Icon doesn’t update for the client if the mutator scheduler updates while a player is online.
  26. Pause menu tooltips do not repopulate immediately after players leave to main menu and return to the game in Mutated Expeditions.
  27. The Player has option to join ongoing expedition from another Expedition entrance.
  28. Expedition UI does not show highest rank completed when first entering a Mutated Expediton.
  29. Weary curse information is missing from Expediton entrance mutator tooltips
  30. Combustible can target Dynasty Shipyard Summoner’s spinning blade attack in a Mutated Expedition.
  31. Purifying Flame interact points in Garden of Genesis are inconsistently displaying “Requires a purifying flame”
  32. Battle music plays while Cilla is dormant in Lazarus Instrumentality Expedition
  33. Perk ids and status effects should only display the highest rank in Mutated Expeditions
  34. Sometimes victory screen does not show up after finishing the dungeons.
  35. Blowback Tooltip doesn’t update language if player changes mid mutated expedition.
  36. Difficulty banner displays twice when entering an expedition with mutators enabled.
  37. Isabella’s cannons are not affected by Gear Score Scaling in Mutated Dynasty Shipyard.
  38. One of Empress Zhao’s subtitles contains a typo in Dynasty Shipyard


  1. Sometimes player chat messages fail to appear in client chat log.
  2. Area chat messages from the last 15 minutes are shown all at once to players entering the area.
  3. Chat channel tags not always appearing on chat messages
  4. Player’s name may not display properly when using special text characters
  5. /help (or /?) displays emotes that you do not own

Companies, Factions, Groups:

  1. Companies cannot transfer ownership if both the Consul and Governor are absent for long periods of time, leading to territory management issues.
  2. Invalid company invite persists after relog and has to be cancelled manually.
  3. Sometimes when cursor is moved slowly to the next MTX company crest option, tooltip will not show.
  4. Old Group Members remain on the Map, if user leaves while outside of the Group’s Instance.
  5. Accepted Faction Missions change positions on the faction board when the player accepts a mission, accesses another settlement’s faction board, then returns to the original faction board.
  6. PvP missions appear in the wrong slot when a mission is abandoned or turned in from the faction mission board.
  7. Player model is invisible while in the faction mission menu
  8. The incorrect Icon is displaying for Faction Reputation in player’s journal.
  9. Removed transmutation catalysts can still be searched in the trading post
  10. Token rewards gained do not match the listed rewards when turning in a Faction Rank Up quest.
  11. Company screens do not dynamically update player’s online status.
  12. No messaging exists for luck bonuses when PVP flagged


  1. Players are teleported underground when standing near a spawning corruption breach in Myrkgard
  2. Impact VFX is displayed on bow when shooting a Darkness Veil


  1. You can’t leave invasion via the game menu tab
  2. The summoning portal during Invasion does not render when viewed from the fort.

Player to Player Trading and Trading Post:

  1. Trades do not work after a Transfer until the player relogs.
  2. Player Missing Ring After Trading Post Was Disabled
  3. The trade button is missing from the social flyout for some Players.
  4. Contract commits are processed even if the trading post is disabled
  5. Transactions can fail across hub borders
  6. Players can spam players with audio SFX by buying items one at a time off of the trading post.
  7. The [LMB + Shift] shortcut cannot be used during the P2P Tradings.
  8. When filtering all settlements at any trading post UI states there are None orders when orders are present
  9. There is no messaging about coin not being exchanged in a trade when both players are at coin cap if any items were exchanged.

Outpost Rush:

  1. In Outpost Rush, Protection Wards prevent claims from returning to a non-conflict state if built while the point is contested.
  2. Players in Outpost Rush can discard resources and return to them within 3 minutes to safeguard against losing resources to enemy team.
  3. Gates in Outpost Rush can have separate interacts on each side of the door if they are being simultaneously upgraded and repaired.
  4. Placeholder image for Azoth currency in the Outpost Rush armory.
  5. Outpost rush not always awarding reward caches
  6. Friendly AI summons summoned in outpost rush matches could be healed using life staff light attacks
  7. Players are able to destroy turret blueprints in the Outpost Rush.
  8. Explosive Turrets in Outpost Rush lack messaging that explains how to control them and can be killed while unclaimed.
  9. LOD Moss texture pops in as the player changes camera angle in OutpostRush.
  10. After interacting with new side gates at North spawn point in OPR, players falls briefly instead of on the ground.


  1. Rarely, players are not receiving rewards from Wars or Invasions.
  2. Sometimes rally point’s flag has a red ‘Replace me’ texture when the server is restarted before the War begins.
  3. There is no messaging about the cost for declaring war until the last page of war declaration process.
  4. War defenders can destroy attacker shops by attacking through the war camp walls
  5. Walking with Siege Weaponry blueprints may cause grass to flicker or disappear.
  6. Uncaptured rally points in the respawn screen are displayed as flags for the second and every next War.
  7. War points can have their aoe indicators disappear when many aoe vfx are nearby.
  8. Repeater Turrets Aiming Reticle does not Align with Hitscan Functionality.