New World Update 1.2.2

New World Update 1.2.2


With the usual weekly bug fixes, we have two major fixes. Both of them were actually exploits, but, at the same time, were used by the majority of players. Now Bow users cannot jump-cancel firing recovery, and Void Gauntlet users cannot slide for almost 20 meters. Maybe, we’ll see more Fire mages in PvP now.

Downtime will begin at 11 pm PT (7 am UTC) on January 11.

Greetings Adventurers! This week’s update includes a few fixes for recent issues that popped, alongside some combat adjustments and fixes. Our development team is continually working on improving the New World experience, and they thank you all for your patience and reports that you continue to make on the official forums.

General Bug Fixes:

1. Fixed an issue where players couldn’t gain more than 3 levels of Aptitude when crafting large quantities of items at once.

2. Disabled a short series of work-in-progress quests which were missing some aspects, most notably the rewards. These quests are being disabled for the time being, and they’ll be re-enabled at a later date. Players who have completed the quests in their current state can keep the XP and gold earned, but progress will be reset so you can complete the quests again for the proper rewards when they’re re-enabled. The quests affected are:

2.1. Edge of the World

2.2. Call Beyond the Void

2.3. Stirs the Awakened

2.4. The Cursed Blade

2.5. Sensou no Ko

3. Fixed an issue where players were able to jump-cancel the bow firing recovery. There is now a .33 second delay from when an arrow is released before a jump can be triggered.

4. Fixed an issue causing permanent disease and slow being applied in PvP.

5. Fixed an issue to players sliding when animation cancelling Void Blade heavy attacks.

6. Fixed an issue where the wrong mob could spawn for “Guardian of the Light”.

7. Fixed an issue causing The Surgeon, Pit Lord Daehi, Baines, and Mordici The Mortician to not drop battle trophy materials.

Thanks for your support! We’ll see you in Aeternum.