New World News Digest #9 (12.02.2022) NWNEWS.INFO

New World News Digest №9 (12.02.2022)


Hey everyone, thinking about buying a lottery ticket. Yesterday, in the 1.3.2 update description, I hoped that developers would prepare something hot for us. And they did – February PTR Release Notes – Patch 2 is just crazy.

Once the Mutated Expeditions were announced, I was worried if the developers would add a timer into it and predicted the player’s toxicity would increase by 1000%. The timer was added, and the gear checking, blacklisting, and community breaking were the consequences.

In the post “Upcoming Changes We Expect In New World,” published on February 1, I wrote that Umbral Shards will be added to the Outpost Rush rewards. And it was confirmed on February PTR Announcement in two days. 

For today, we also have information about the Umbral Shards rewards increasing from Gypsum casts and crafting.

I’m pretty sure the Mutated Orbs System guide will require an update soon (I bet on the 3rd February PTR Release Notes); the developers will probably change the cooldown for crafting and buying or set the Orbs as some kind of chance reward for Mutated Expedition completion.

Our Umbral Shards System guide will be updated later. Shards will probably be added as a reward for salvaging items from Expeditions or for other in-game activities like Wars or Corrupted Invasions.

As for the actual news, all Dynasty Shipyard Epic 600 GS Items became Legendary. While this change was not mentioned in any of the patch notes, it was confirmed by multiple players, u/FrankoIsFreedom, for example:

New World Dynasty Shipyard Epic Items
Dynasty Shipyard Epic 600 GS Items Became Legendary

And u/Indpendent, who showed his Legendary items:

New World Digest #9 Legendary Items
Legendary Items

Unfortunately, most players have already deleted the items they got in this Expedition. And they will not be able to receive them again for a few days because the Mutated Expeditions were rotated on most servers.

There are some really nice-looking sets in the Dynasty Shipyard Expedition, and now they seem to be dropping more often. Here’s Empress Zhou’s Light Armor Sage Set:

New World Empress Zhou’s Light Armor Sage Set Front View
Empress Zhou’s Light Armor Sage Set Front View
New World Empress Zhou’s Light Armor Sage Set Rear View
Empress Zhou’s Light Armor Sage Set Rear View

Also, we have three achievers at once for today. The first one is u/Delicious_Map_2497, who collected achievements for owning every town in New World:

New World Achievements For Owning Every Town
Achievements For Owning Every Town In New World

The second one is u/Scream_Wattson, who definitely won the “Biggest New World Fan Ever” title. He made a New World tattoo on his leg, and it looks really awesome and badass no matter if you play the game or not:

New World Player Made Game-thematic Tattoo
New World-thematic Tattoo

I hope AGS will reward him with something or at least invite him for some kind of advertisement; such courage should be known and must not be wasted.

The third one might be even crazier than the second one. u/NPCThree reached Aptitude level 50 in… Fishing! 

There are so few players who actually level Fishing because it gives no valuable rewards. And this guy spent 200+ hours on this. Just fishing. For no reason. “Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is?”. Here is:

New World 50 Lvl of Fishing Achieved
50 LVL Of Fishing Was Achieved

Now go for some mysteries of Aeternum. u/imLucki replying about some fort suddenly appearing in southwestern Edengrove. Maybe that’s Yellow Knight Fort?

New World Mysterious Edengrove Fort
Mysterious Edengrove Fort
New World Yellow Knight Fort?
Yellow Knight Fort?

If you want to take a look at this fort, this is where it can be found:

New World Yellow Knight Fort Location
“Yellow Knight” Fort Location

Let me finish this Digest with the housing topic. While we cannot put camps off on each other in the open world, we still can do crazy things with house furniture.

I wrote about the Wizard’s Library, and today we have something I’d call a “Mage Tower” from u/Worth_Organization85:

You might also notice I love Poinsettia. The perfect Poinsettia house was built by u/Shepard566:

New World Poinsettia House
Poinsettia House