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New World News Digest №7 (04.02.2022)


Hey guys, first, since patch 1.3.1, a bag of Juniper Berries now drops Diamond Gypsum. This wasn’t in patch notes but it was confirmed by Community Manager Luxendra.

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As we know, this kind of Gypsum was available only at certain events like Winter Convergence.

Yesterday, we had a February PTR Announcement, and there are some things to be mentioned already.

Players are reporting problems with dodges and rolls. If you try to cancel your dodge animation with a weapon swap or swap a weapon right after rolling wearing medium armor, it counts the weapon swap as an additional dodge roll. The light roll feels like gliding in a no gravity zone, but this is the list of the known issues.

Great Axe users are complaining about the nerf of the Gravity Well, while today’s PvP meta, the Void Gauntlet, wasn’t nerfed at all.

By the way, if you want to participate in the testing of Outpost Rushing on PTR, join on Sunday, February 6. There are many changes, including receiving Umbral Shards as a reward for OPR.

As for the actual content, the community came to the point that Mutated Expeditions are not as hard as they thought. Players shared multiple proofs of completing level 10 with a Gold Rank. 

For example, u/ayoQuo made a speed run to achieve Golden Rank, only 65 normal enemies were killed. As we already know, the points are capped at 2400 for killing 60 normal enemies.

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I guess, u/Sebastrd97 was one of the first players who completed level 10 difficulty. He did it with an average Gear Score of 620, and it wasn’t a Gold Rank score, but “a clear is a clear”.

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That was all before the Dynasty Shipyard came out and took all the fun away. Most of the keys were used for Lazarus Instrumentality. Nobody wants to run Dynasty Shipyard; the loot is worse, most of the items don’t even have a legendary form, the tuning/balance is off, and starting at M1 means 40 Umbral Shards as a reward.

Since the mutation swap didn’t work when it was supposed to, most players used all their keys to access a higher-tier mutation. So we have another problem on top of time gating by Mutated Orbs cooldown.

Also, players report about stealth nerfs to Mutation drops. Maybe, the drop rate was too high for the first days of Mutated Expeditions.

But how about other game aspects? Is there something else going on in New World except PTR and Mutations? 

u/bingbingwahoo22 got his “Battlefield Legend” title after 4 months and 100 won Wars. Hope he didn’t do it by trading territories between companies.

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A couple days ago, I wrote about new territories that might be available soon. Thanks to u/NonstopTheGamerEUW, we can even take a look at them. Those pyramids show the distance to the Brimstone Sands region.

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Funny moment: the top-rated comment under this post on reddit says: “Desert turkey, desert rabbit, desert corrupted person, desert lost, desert ancient”.

The Comeback Kids stated a pretty interesting idea about the Hardcore Mode to bring in New World – some kind of analogue of the Iron Man Challenge from World of Warcraft.

You have to use a random weapon you received. No Tradeposts, no Townboards, no grouping of any kind unless for Expeditions. And you have only one life, so if you die, you have to delete your character.

Hope this challenge will become popular, but they definitely need a tool to track down if the rules are obeyed. And this might be a problem since New World doesn’t have a public API and mods.