New World News Digest №6 (01.02.2022)

New World News Digest №6 (31.01.2022)


Hey guys, first of all, don’t forget to claim the Sorcerer’s Finery Skin from Amazon’s Prime Gaming, if you have a subscription.

After the Mutated Expeditions went live, there is not so much news – people are getting their way up to level 10 difficulty or struggling to find more Mutated Orbs.

u/lastofdead has got to level 10 and finds it really hard:

New World News Digest #6 (01.02.2022) Pic 1

His average Expertise is 621, so guess once he’ll reach 625 Expertise, everything will get much easier:

New World News Digest #6 (01.02.2022) Pic 2

As for the unique titles, we have one from u/DJSCREWCHAPTER150. He’s now known as the “Infiltrator” for capturing 200 Control Points:

New World News Digest #6 (01.02.2022) Pic 3

While Winter Convergence is over, players share their interiors. u/Sebastian_Bach used not only standard items but also a furnishing bundle from the store:

New World News Digest #6 (01.02.2022) Pic 4

u/MoonStruckRust has his own way of New World-style decorations. He made a real rug, so guess he’s leveling furnishing in real life:

New World-themed cake
New World-themed cake