New World News Digest #5

New World News Digest №5 (28.01.2022)


Hey guys, the main slogan for today in New World is “Mutation is fun, but we’re out of orbs!”.

Players in the majority like the Mutation System by itself, things like increased drop, new builds, new challenges feel pretty nice. u/oldbess shared his first impressions, stated a couple of remarks.

On the other hand, Reddit is full of screenshots with crowds standing near the Expedition entrance having 0 Mutated Orbs. 

New World News Digest #5 2

We have a short guide from u/SalokimG, who has completed difficulty level 9.

New World News Digest #5 3

Actually, nothing unpredictable, two 200 Constitution DPS with heavy armor and War Hammers plus one Spear user for crowd control, Rend and Weaken; healer with Orb build / group heals build and Void Gauntlet as a secondary weapon; AoE tank with Hatchet as a secondary weapon for solo target Rend and Disease. Everyone has Ward, everyone has 5 Void Gems. Seems this is going to be the meta build. As for the huge Guide about the Mutated Expeditions, we have one.

Also, players are concerned about limited ways of Umbral Shards earning and ask to add them into PvP content. Toxicity increasing, gear checks, blacklisting on failure, and increasing the gap between casuals and players who run lots of Mutated Expeditions could also become problems.

As for me, being tired with Mythic+ since WoW, I’m mostly with the group of players who enjoy the “illegal growth operation”. Due to some bug, many house owners received 254 Poinsettias after the patch.

You can make a carpet out of it.

New World News Digest #5 4

Decorate the whole house from outside

New World News Digest #5 5

and, simply have fun.

New World News Digest #5 6

Isn’t that wonderful?