New World News Digest #4 24.01.2022

New World News Digest №4 (24.01.2022)


Hey guys, the whole Aeternum is awaiting a new 1.3 patch, which logically will go live on January, 25. Of course, it can be delayed, but not for a long time. There are some things you should not forget before the patch.

First of all, if you wanted to buy a 590+ Gear, this might be exactly the right time now. Any item obtained prior to patch 1.3 will not be scaled down to your Expertise Level, same as Quest rewards and Faction shop items.

New World Expertise System

If you buy gear that has a higher Expertise Level after the patch goes live, its effectiveness will be reduced to half between your Expertise Level for a particular piece of gear and the Gear score of the gear you equip. 

This means if your War Hammer Expertise is 520, and you equip a 590 Gear Score War Hammer, the weapon’s effective Gear Score will be reduced to 555. All perks and other bonuses will still be active, though reduced in effectiveness. 

The item will retain its inherent Gear Score, and as you increase your Expertise the effective Gear Score of the item will increase up to that inherent Gear Score.

Also, you’ll be able to upgrade your 590+ Gear with Umbral Shards, but only named weapons will receive the third perks.

Secondly, spend all your Tokens for the Winter Convergence Festival, otherwise, they’ll disappear after the end of the event. While everyone recommends buying food, I personally prefer recipes and some cosmetics like Rabbits.

New World Time To Spend Winter Convergence Tokens

And don’t forget to grab the festive items you missed to claim before.

New World Festive Items Of Winter Convergence