New World News Digest 3

New World News Digest №3 (22.01.2022)


Hey guys, for today I’d like to start from one of the funniest bugs I’ve ever seen in games for nearly 20 years. Actually, it’s in the name of the video by u/PetchyBoy

That’s what he says: “No idea what caused this. Earlier today I updated Windows, not sure if that’d have any sort of impact. After it lagged me out, I validated game files and everything was fine. Launched it back up and the spawning stopped but the turkeys were still running around”. 

Another not-a-serious bug is from u/mynameisjono1. He was able to achieve, well, let’s call it as the basement of the ingame textures by jumping through the wall in Genesis Instrumentality. He had to drown in invisible water to get out and finish the Expedition. As for the other players’ reactions, this seems to be not the only place where you can jump through the textures.

Now let’s talk about some serious issues. 

For those who wondered where so many Asmodeum appeared from. There was an exploit that let people make unlimited accounts via Steam Family Share. Since it’s not so expensive to get 200 Smelting, players were able to craft 700-1000 Asmodeum every day using 70 alternative characters. Now they all got their permanent account suspended, but no one knows how many resources were crafted.

Players are complaining about a new strategy to win Wars. A crew brings all mages and some tanks. Tanks jump on the point, bait a group to the point and then mages lag out the server. The server registers their tanks taking the point but nobody can damage them because the server is lagging.

This is how it looks: