New World News Digest #2

New World News Digest №2 (17.01.2022)


The developers have officially confirmed the possible upgrading of Expertise level by saving Gypsum Casts after patch 1.3 goes live.

New World Expertise Casts

In the first News Digest, I wrote about BobbyBold from Hellheim server, who has reached level 300 Territory Standing in Everfall.

For today, we have a video from u/cappycapperson from the PTR server. He maxed the Territory Standing up to level 300 in three cities, and now, we know that 53,8-55,3% is the maximum bonus you can get from the Territory Standing cards.

As if it wasn’t enough, he tried to reach Aptitude Level Cap, just to find out in two days of crafting that it seems Aptitude doesn’t have a cap, and it’s still increasing after 13.104 level.

New World Aptitude Cap
Aptitude Cap

Yes, that was on the PTR server too, but took a lot of time anyway, so cheers to such enthusiastic experimentation.
The Winter Convergence Festival was extended up to January 25, and now we have a lot of time to farm tokens. I guess u/AngeloMonharti missed the Lich King and Icecrown Citadel from World of Warcraft so much that he decided to build it in his own house, filled with exclusive Winter Convergence furnishing items. A fabulous tea party with five rabbits is sitting around the table.

New World Freeze House
Freeze House

He used dining tables with the ‘lock to surface’ feature to turn them sideways and make white walls. 

Also, AngeloMonharti shared the best route to collect the Floating Presents because it’s the only way to farm tokens.

New World Route To Collect The Floating Presents
Route To Collect The Floating Presents

If we start to talk about house decorations, there is one more thing to mention. u/Alias_Node made a Wizard’s Library in New World, in Windsward, Zugen server.

New World Wizard's Library
Wizard’s Library

He collected every book in the game. The library has a few hidden rooms, a treasure room, the Gaming Computer,

New World Wizard's Library 2

and an Observatory:

New World Wizard's Library 3

Let’s just say, it’s fantastic. And now, I do not want to know how much time it took.