New World News Digest №15

New World News Digest №15 (25.03.2022)


Hello everyone! For those who wondered what the armor was set in the Weapon Spotlight: Blunderbuss. Raider’s Medium Set can be obtained in the new Expedition – the Tempest’s Heart. Recently, I’ve found a great video loot guide about it:

The thing is that this set had a Dexterity attribute on it before. But it was changed to Strength, which started a hot discussion on Reddit and the official forum:

As for me, it’s a logical step since Blunderbuss is a mainly Strength weapon. What’s the reason for releasing a new weapon and a new Expedition that doesn’t fit each other? 

Besides, Dexterity users will not be left unclothed. The Tactician’s Light Set was changed from Strength to Dexterity attribute. Even more, Isabella’s Final Form will drop Isabella’s Medium Set with Dexterity on Mutation 10, including her red glowing eyes.  

There are also Wizened Light Set with Intelligence, Conqueror’s Heavy Set with Constitution, Sagacious Light Set with Focus – every player will get their armor. Another set, Neishatun’s Heavy Set with Constitution, will be dropped from the eponymous boss.

Other discussions on official forums are about opening the locked servers for transferring, for example, Orun, Vega. We already know from the March Team Update that servers are closing automatically after reaching certain characteristics like population and online. 

But for now, their online presence keeps decreasing, and there is no reason to leave them closed since there are no queues like they were in February.

Barry and Vega (EU Central) were opened for character transfer recently, while Dry Tree and Evonium are still closed. Castle of Steel, Maramma, Orun (US East), Camelot (US West) are still closed as well.

You can check the server status here.

Also, I’d like to remind you about the Castle of Steel (US East) Tournament. First 1v1 Tournament was a big success:

So, sl3nder MMO will start 1v1 and 3v3 Tournaments on March 26, just like he promised before. As for the prizes, he’s going to give the Steam cards and BoE Legendary equipment to the winners. Here is the discord group; feel free to join.

A couple of days ago, players from Russia and Belarus had problems logging in. Iranian players had the same issue. 

Since Russian localization was officially delayed, people thought that it was the IP ban and wrote lots of negative responses in Steam.

The official answer from Community Manager Luxendra didn’t really help:

New World Connection Failed From Russian IP
Connection Fails From Russian IPs

There were no other responses from Amazon Game Studio, except a short message in the official group of the Russian social network Seems the problem is solved for now.

Let me finish this digest with a couple of short pieces of news. If you want to know what a 1 million gold craft looks like, here it is. A good day indeed:

And this is what a perfect Mutated 10 Dynasty Shipyard run looks like. Too bad we don’t have a record of it:

A creepy hole was found behind the Trading Post in Ebonscale Reach:

New World Creepy Hole 1
New World Creepy Hole 2

And, the last thing for today. The same player from Barri continued his parking ticket art:

I mentioned him before (digest #11, digest #12).

That’s all for now, thanks for reading and see you soon!