New World News Digest 14 (15.03.2022)

New World News Digest №14 (15.03.2022)


An old bug with putting camps over Orichalcum nodes preventing them from spawning has returned again. Not sure if it’s because of some new issues or just because Orichalcum Ingot costs about 40-70 gold.

This bug was noticed for the first time about 4-5 months ago:

It was mentioned once again, about two months ago:

And, for today, there are multiple replies on the official forums and Reddit, for example: topic #1, topic #2.

This problem is connected with the botting problem, and it’s possible to camp the node by all means protecting it from bots, but this is still griefing. There are not only bots but other players who want to mine. 

This is roleplaying and romantic with all these gold diggers sitting in their camps waiting for the node to respawn.

Another hot discussion is about War changes on PTR. It was mentioned in patch notes #2, that Wars will be 40v40 players. We have an official response from the developers, but it doesn’t make things clear.

If you want to participate in the discussion, here’s the link to the official forum topic.

One thing about PTR is not under discussion yet just because not so many players know about it. Rafflebones, the Loot Collector. He was announced in patch notes #1, as follows:

“Rafflebones rummages around Aeternum for lost treasures and goods. He will spawn all around the map at various levels in every territory. When players encounter Rafflebones, they will have 45 seconds to kill him in order to get rewards, or else he’ll flee! Players will always be awarded a Named weapon. In addition, level 60 players will be given Obsidian Gypsum to kill any level Rafflebones.

Rafflebones who are found in zones that go above level 60 will award level 60 players 500 Umbral Shards, as well.”

And here how it works on PTR for now:

I’m pretty sure it will give fewer Umbral Shards. Otherwise, what is the reason for creating timegates like Mutated Orbs to prevent fast Umbral Shards receiving and then adding such an NPC? It has no daily cooldowns for the drop, so you can earn thousands of shards every day.

Traditionally I’ll finish my digest with a furnishing topic. There is a really special house with lots of rare items on Orun: