New World News Digest #13 10.03.2022

New World News Digest №13 (10.03.2022)


The developers are still trying to handle the consequences of another duplication bug:

New World Another Duplication Bug
Another Duplication Bug

The food ingredients were not deleted from the Trading Post immediately and stayed there for about three days. Everything is working as intended for now, and the duplicated items were removed. At least this is true for the Castle of Steel:

New World Castle of Steel Trading Post
Castle of Steel Trading Post

The ban wave was raised as a side issue. For the last three days, players have been replying to multiple bans for no reason. Guess not all of them are innocent, and not all of them just moved the consumables around their hot bar, but something definitely went wrong with the anti-cheat protection system settings after the last duplication bag.

There is another important problem with players stacked on dead servers after the server transfer was finished. Seems “Join Tir Na Nog” topics didn’t help.

These players cannot move to the other server and cannot play on a server with a total online of about 50 people – it’s hard to start the Outpost Rush, or War, or any other kind of group content. 

I hope there’s going to be another server merging wave soon:

February update affected not only 247 bugs but also changed so-called meta – the most effective builds for PvP and PvE. Combat and balance changes strengthened the importance of the dodge vs. root playstyle, and you can mostly meet Great Axe / War Hammer, Fire Staff / Ice Gauntlet, and Life Staff / Rapier users in PvP now. 

I’m currently working on updating all weapon guides, but learning and checking builds and combinations requires time, so I hope they’ll be done before this week ends.

If you want to participate in the discussion, here’s the Reddit link:

Another thing that came with the February update is the angry Commander Thorpe:

Commander Thorpe

He can be found mostly in Great Cleave, just between Frozen Claims and Cleaves Malice. Being in this location might trigger an event: first, you’ll deal with some timed waves of enemies with intermissions, and then Commander Thorpe will spawn:

New World Commander Thorpe Spawn Location
Commander Thorpe Spawn Location

He is killable in a group, drops a piece of green or blue gear or a craft mod, and grants the “Master and Commander” achievement. Seems he’s part of a new quest that is not intended to go live.

I’m also currently working on PTR content; the guide for Blunderbuss is already done – it’s a very strong weapon with a couple of nuances. 

It provides lots of area of effect abilities and gap closing tools with some protection skills and Rend applying, but doesn’t have any crowd control skills and requires different builds for different in-game content:

New World Blunderbuss Features
Blunderbuss Features

Well, since I always mention the housing topic in every digest, let me share this wonderful pirate –  not sure if this is a house or a ship? Finish this digest. The only thing I know is that it was built by oPlaiD and posted on a forum by his neighbor:

New World Pirate House
Pirate House

You can find more house furnishings in this thread.