New World News Digest #12

New World News Digest №12 (03.03.2022)


Hello everyone! Once again I’d like to thank all of you for reading my articles, guides and digests, I hope they’ll be useful.

Continuing February Update 1.4.0: Known Issues topic, we have two particular responses from developers about the investigation of the Tuning Orb Cooldown:

New World Tuning Orb Issue

And Smelting crates issues:

New World Smelting Crate Issue

But there is one little bug I can help with on my own. Vesstan is looking for his character’s beard which suddenly disappeared after the patch.

Before the patch:

New World Beard Disappeared

After the patch:

New World Beard Disappeared 2

So I’ve found it! The beard has moved to Twylyte’s character.

Before the patch:

New World Beard Disappeared 3

After the patch:

New World Beard Disappeared 4

Don’t thank me. The only thing is I’m not sure how to return it back. Any suggestions?

Getting to the mysterious and odd things of this digest, I’ve found a player who became Skills Grandmaster (which means he got all Trading skills up to 200) without joining a Faction. Wonder how many times he was reported as a bot:

If you’re wondering what one of the most expensive pieces of furniture in the game looks like, you can visit BiancaChandon’s house on Camelot (US East). There are lots of other rare furnishings in her house, but in the center, you can see the Bonsai Centerpiece:

And this small bonsai costs about 100k gold on populated servers. As for me, I couldn’t even find it on Castle of Steel. There are only some buying orders for 20-25k gold:

New World Bonsai Centerpiece
Bonsai Centerpiece

Continuing housing topic, what if you want a stone flooring and patio in your backyard? Just sink 23 Rustic Stone Stoves into the ground!

But what if you prefer some other amusements? There are some serious preparations for a huge party from NikeIV. Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World, I guess:

The parking tickets art I mentioned in my previous digest got its continuation. Seems this is the same guy from Barri:

That’s all for today, but we’ll have more news and guides soon, so come visit us, we’re appreciated this.