New World News Digest 11 22.02.2022

New World News Digest №11 (22.02.2022)


Hello everyone, today is a great date, so let me post here an optimistic message from Kay, the New World Developer:

Lots of New Plans about New World

Can’t wait to see both developer’s video and a roadmap. These are critical things.

Then I’d like to continue my news about server transferring.

Castle of Steel (US East) is now even more populated than Orun, and I guess it will be closed for transferring soon. Glad open-world PvP has returned to New World, and this is how it looks on Orun:

Barri, Midgard, and Vega are still leading in the EU region, but Vega doesn’t have 2,000 online and remains open.

Camelot (US West) became more populated and reached 1,800 peak online:

Also, I’d like to bring up the topic of staying on low populated servers. On the one hand, all the toxic and tryhard players will be gone. So the community might become more friendly, everyone can feel to be a part of that community and has some influence on it.

On the other hand, finding people for any kind of group content, such as Outpost Rush, Expeditions, Elite quests, chest runs, might become a struggle. Faction and economic imbalance might also have a place.

Is it worth it? Well, I’m just a humble guide author, it’s up to you to decide, it’s all about your own preferences.

Now let’s get to the fun part of the digest. Do you remember I wrote about UFOs in New World? Here is a full video on how to become the King of Myrkgard:

Such experiments of extreme building also take place in towns. I have already written about “the Mage Tower”. Today, I’ve found something even more impressive. Meet the “Tower of Tyranny” by Apollexis, which impressed even the developers of the game:

New World Tower of Tyranny 1
New World Tower of Tyranny 2

Continuing the house topic, now we know what to do with the parking tickets. Some player on Barri (EU) is having fun decorating their house: