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New World News Digest №10 (17.02.2022)


Hello everyone, everything is pretty quiet in New World for today, February PTR was announced and the second patch was released, all server merges took place in SA East and Central EU, US East, US West, Australia, and most of the community just waiting for their Server Transfer Tokens and discussing where to move.

While, for example, the Castle of Steel becomes more and more popular, the only piece of advice I can give you, for now, is to keep your token before it will become clear where you’d better transfer taking into account the number of players and Faction representation on a certain server.

Another discussion is about “save everything and open after the patch 1.4 goes live”. We all know so far:

  1. Smelter Crafting gear will be dropped from T3 Aptitude boxes;
  2. Umbral Shards will be received from the Outpost Rush Cache;
  3. The number of Umbral Shards gained from Gypsum casts will be increased from 3-200 to 100-400. 

We don’t really have any official confirmation, but if the items will roll on opening, not on acquiring the crate, just as they did before, this will work.

Due to the fact Fire Staff was changed more than any other weapon on PTR, we have a video from DethGalaxy where he tests not only the changes of the Fire Staff, comparing them to the live game but also some dodge and movement changes. Shortly said – fast casting op Pillar of Fire and faster movement while casting Flamethrower looks great:

Fire Staff, Dodge And Movement Changes On PTR

Another weapon with major changes on PTR is Rapier. Riposte cooldown was increased from 12s to 18s, Evade cooldown was increased from 6s to 12s, and Fleche cooldown was increased from 17s to 20s. 

How does this actually look in combat? Kristofer made a nice video with the combat system and Rapier changes on PTR:

Rapier Combat System Change On PTR

As for the live game, the situation around Gear Score scaling in PvP becomes escalated as more players get their 620+ armor. Waiting for the tests to see the real difference between GS 500, 600, and 625.

Now let’s get to the fun content. u/DihTheBot reports about more and more UFOs being spotted in New World:

New World UFO
UFO In New World

We were able to communicate with one of the alien pilots, u/Worth_Organization85, to see his point of view:

New World Alien Pilots

If you are still wondering how to do this trick, here’s the way, shared by APetitePig. Hurry up before this will be fixed in patch 1.4.

There are certain places in the world where you can stand on the edge of a rock face and place a tent out in an open space just off the edge. Then you have a buddy climb on top of that tent and he builds a tent off of it in the same way. Then you both climb on that and you make a new tent, rinse and repeat. Got to have at least two people to do it.

Speaking about tents and camps, u/WayeeCool made a useful screen to compare all the camps existing in the game. 

The first one to the left is a standard level 60, the second can be made on level 200 Furnishing and require 100 Asmodeum, Runic Leather, Phoenixweave, and Glittering Ebony, being the craziest recipe in New World. 

The two on the right are from the in-game store and cost 20,000 Marks of Fortune:

New World Tents Compare
Tents Comparison

In this Digest, I’d like to congratulate u/gnarlyrita, who collected all the Furnishing schematics. And that’s really a lot, trust me:

All The Furnishing Schematics Were Collected By The Player

Also, I’d like to share with you the Goon Bar Project from u/overt in Cutlass Keys, on the Castle of Steel server. I’d love to stop by for a drink, besides, he offers a 50% discount for the greens faction:

P.S. There is something we all missed in New World. Flowers near the chapels are made of rubber. Live with this now:

Flowers Are Made of Rubber?