New World Daily Digest #1 13.01.2022

New World News Digest №1 (13.01.2022)


Hey guys, grab a cup of tea, find yourself a comfortable place to sit, and you’re welcome to check what was going on in New World.

Discussions about Gear Score Increasing are still going on. But it seems they are mainly about the way of increasing now – how will the Umbral Shards, the Gypsum Orbs, the Mutated Expeditions, and the Tuning Orbs work?

Another hot topic is the Bow fix (or nerf?) since patch 1.2.2 came out. Using Bow looks more clunky now since you cannot jump-cancel firing recovery. That was an exploit, but every Bow user became familiar with such a tactic because it gave a tangible advantage. Players who require weapon swap fixes give more fire to the previous topic.

Today, at least three things happened in New World for the first time.

BobbyBold from Hellheim server has reached level 300 Territory Standing in Everfall. He definitely knew what he was doing, and the final bonuses he received are as follows:

+1400 Storage; -42.8% Crafting fee; -41% Trading tax; -35% Property tax.

New World Everfall Reward

EarthlingKira seems to be the first player who summoned Serenity Maiden Liu, a secret boss. Those there was no noticeable drop, she promised a Platinum Award on Reddit for the first person who manages to summon Serenity Maiden Liu as well and shows video proof. She left some spoils which may help:

a) Killing a Swarmer/Impaler spawns the next one.

b) They are increasingly harder to find.

c) Walk away too far or take too long, and everything resets.

d) 21 is the magic number.

e) They have to be killed in the correct order.

Blackeness from Camelot server earned an achievement for winning 50 Wars with the title of “Living Spartan”. What is even more interesting, he did it by taking Everfall, which is the hardest Settlement to capture.

New World Achievement Reward

The next thing I want to share with you has nothing in common with the records and belongs to absolutely another side of the game. Reddit’s user u/randtgn showed the house decorations he did with his wife.

New World House Decoration #1
New World House Decoration #2
New World House Decoration #3
New World House Decoration #4

Well, it looks pretty cozy. This is the place you want to return to after quests and expeditions.