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Midgard Is Now Closed For Transfer


As we know, AGS started to give Sever Transfer Tokens for players from the 15th till the 22nd of February. Some servers were closed for transferring and character creation, and it was mentioned in the official announcement.

On the 17th of February Midgard reached 2,000 players online, became the most populated EU server, and was automatically closed for transfer and character creation.

On the one hand, closing for transferring looks logical for overpopulated servers. On the other hand, since this feature wasn’t announced, situations when half of the Company moved to Midgard and the other half did not make it, took place.

Here is the solution from developers, but I don’t think it can solve the problem.

Players who transferred to the high-populated server will probably don’t want to return back to the low-populated one, and players who didn’t make it now cannot join their friends. 

Even more, players are now worried if they could transfer to the server they want before it’ll be closed. The discussion thread on the official forum has reached 500 posts.

Hey all,

We hear you on the availability of Midgard. Our intention is to provide a balanced experience for all players in all of our worlds. Because of this, we will be providing additional server transfer tokens to players on Midgard ONLY who may wish to transfer to a different world with certain conditions outlined below under the Eligibility Requirement.

This will be a one-time issuance; in the future, we will not issue additional tokens due to worlds that are full.

Eligibility Requirements:

You must have been active on Midgard between Monday, February 14, 2022, 12:00 AM (this includes both recent transfers and players originally on this server) and Thursday, February 17, 2022, 2:00 PM.

The Delivery Plan:

Players who are eligible for this grant will receive a server transfer token in the store within 24 hours of this message.

To clarify this process, there is a system that currently marks a world as full once it reaches a certain threshold. In order to make sure you can continue playing with your friends and company members, we highly recommend scouting for back-up worlds if the world you are planning to move to is marked as “high”. This will help minimize the possibility of running into a “full” world.

As a reminder, setting worlds to full does not stop queues from forming, but it is designed to protect folks already playing on these worlds from having to wait in extraordinarily long queues at peak time. This is something that can and will happen and players should consider this when making the decision to move a group or company to the same location. Remember, your token does not expire so do not feel pressured to change servers immediately.

The team is looking into design changes that may mitigate this going forward and we will keep the community updated as they are continuing to form.