New World March Content Roadmap

March Team Update: Roadmap


It’s a real holiday today! The roadmap we’ve been waiting for such a long time has been released. Seems I was absolutely right about my predictions on the future development of New World. 

Love these videos, despite there being many problems in this game (lag, desync, ability queue, stutter), just look at how excited the developers team is. They love the game they create, and this is what inspires me.

The most important things not mentioned in the text below or PTR announces:

  1. There might be a system that allows changing of the territory standing bonuses. There was the topic on an official forum where a Community Manager summed up all pros and cons for this, and this was for a reason.
  2. Expedition Orbs will just buff the reward you get but they are not required to enter.
  3. “Cross-region transfer is on the horizon.” Seems it will be a payable service.
  4. Paid server transfers will be introduced soon.
  5. The Double XP event will be released with the March update. And this bonus includes the weapon XP.
  6. All players’ reports are usually reviewed within three hours. Bots are banned 24/7. Mass reporting is a thing, mistakes happen, but this is not an issue. False reporting is also a violation of the code of conduct as well.
  7. The automatic server shutdown was confirmed. Server merging is a constant process they are going to do.
  8. World cooldowns (crafting, faction missions, chests, etc.)  will be moving to a consistent global cooldown reset according to the player’s time zone.

By the way, now, we know what the process of making developers video from behind the scenes looks like:

Greetings, Adventurers!

Join the New World team for the monthly Team Update video, where we discuss the upcoming Heart of Madness release, the Blunderbuss, upcoming events, and hear from the Customer Support team on moderation. The update ends with team members answering questions sourced from the community, so take a look below!

The video will be sectioned by topic on YouTube, so if you’re only interested in checking out certain subjects, you’ll easily be able to navigate to them. Here’s an overview of the topics included in this month’s update.

Deep Dive On The Heart Of Madness Update

Join New World team members Rob Chestney, Mike Willette, and Charles Bradbury as they discuss the Tempest’s Heart Expedition, which shows off the surreal and supernatural alternate reality of Isabella’s mind, which is giving way to corruption and chaos. Watch them talk about how they wanted this to feel drastically different than what players have encountered before, with dramatic set pieces that lead up to the final showdown with Isabella.

The team also discusses more additions coming in the Heart of Madness update, touching on bug fixes and quality of life improvements to reduce friction— like infinite ammo and requiring only one player to be at an Expedition entrance to begin.

Weapons And Combat, Reducing Frictions

David Verfaille and David Hall dive into the new Blunderbuss weapon and differences in playstyles between the Musket, factors while looking at balance changes, and plans for improving game stability in War.

They also mentioned Infinite Armor, and linked town storages.

Upcoming Events

Katy Kaszynski, Phil Bolus, and Mike Willette talk about the details for the Indigo Flame Twitch Drop event currently going on, plans for an upcoming double XP weekend, and the team’s work on regional character transfers.

Mike Willette, our World Experience Lead, also shares new in-game experiences and things to discover in the open world of Aeternum: Updated POIs, Rafflebones the loot goblin, new roadside encounters, and collectible vista paintings scattered throughout the world to name a few!

By the way, I already made a guide about Vista Paintings.

Player Experience And Moderation

Brad Wilcox and Rachel Barnum dive into the moderation process for player reports, and the appeal process for players. They also dive into how the team is working to combat bot bans.

Community Questions & Roadmap

The stream concludes with answers to some top community questions, and a sneak peek at our upcoming roadmap!

Thanks for joining us for this month’s Team Update! We’re excited for you to dive into the Heart of Madness content and we’ll see you in Aeternum.