New World March PTR Release Notes - Patch 5

March PTR Release Notes: Patch 5


We have a new, and likely the last portion of PTR patch notes #5. The small one, generally said: “fixed a number of bugs, made additional improvements”.

Here are the links to previous patch notes: patch notes #1, patch notes #2, patch notes #3, patch notes #4.

Please note that this list is not all-encompassing and is intended as an early look into a number of changes included within the most recent PTR build. This change list will be regularly updated, up through the retail release of the game version.

PTR Only Changes

Tempest Heart Expedition

Isabella’s Final Fight

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed an issue causing Isabella’s cape in her final form to detach from her body and rapidly blink near the ground during some actions
  2. Fixed an issue causing Isabella to respawn after team wipes on the ground rather than in the air
  3. Fixed an issue causing Isabella’s Fissures to not reliable cause damage to players
  4. Fixed an issue causing Isabella’s Fissures to display after they had begun moving

Tuning Adjustments

  1. Isabella’s melee attacks can now hit players attempting to hide behind Corruption Pylons
  2. The duration of Corruption Storms surrounding Pylons after they spawn has been increased by 100%
  3. Isabella’s melee attack collision has been retuned to predominantly hit within the front 180 degrees of her to provide more space for melee DPS to stand (not including her spin attack)
  4. Touch of Corruption affliction increment reduced 40%, reducing the overall damage to players by as much as 30% depending on resistance


  1. Fixed an issue allowing Corruption Cores to spawn outside of the arena


  1. Fixed a number of bugs related to abilities and perks.
  2. Performed a balance pass based on player feedback.


  1. Made additional stability improvements and bugfixes based on player reports and metrics.


Windsward Starter Beach

  1. For the starting beach experience in Windsward, the Watcher now offers players a choice of 4 weapons from a weapon rack to better suit their playstyle.
    • Players can choose between a Warhammer, Fire Staff, Bow, or Hatchet.
    • Each weapon also comes with chest armor, light healing potions, and some rations.


  1. Players can now sign up for Invasions and War from the map screen.
  2. Fixed an issue that allowed blocked players to continue to communicate with the player that blocked them through text or voice chat.
  3. Updated the Select Skin menu to sort by the player’s owned skins first.
  4. Fixed multiple issues in the UI associated with overlapping text for multiple languages.
  5. Fixed an issue in the HUD causing the player’s health bar to sometimes remain invisible until forced to appear.
  6. Fixed an issue in the HUD causing the player to sometimes see an incorrect amount of experience earned.
  7. Fixed an issue allowing dead players could sign up for a war that was not declared in a territory that is in conflict.
  8. Fixed an issue where paying taxes while dead could prevent players from using UI elements.
  9. Fixed an issue in the Social menu causing Friends’ online statuses to not update until after scrolling.
  10. Fixed an issue in the Social menu causing the description for the Twitch Subscriber Army to be unclear.
  11. Fixed an issue in the feedback menu causing text to not display correctly.

See you in Aeternum!