New World March PTR Release Notes - Patch 3

March PTR Release Notes: Patch 3


A new portion of PTR patch notes was revealed, and, unlike huge patch notes #1 and significant patch notes #2, there are only bug fixes and some little quality of life changes here. 

The PTR will have an update on Monday, March 14, 2022, at 3:00 PM (PST) in your local timezone for 2 hours (~120 minutes).

Known Issues can be found here: PTR: March Known Issues 22

PTR Only Changes

  1. Tempest’s Heart Expedition
    • Performed a polish pass on a number of combat encounters, fixing several bugs and edge cases.
    • The Carapaces used in Corrupted Monolith darkness events don’t take damage for certain abilities.
  2. Blunderbuss
    • Fixed a number of reported bugs impacting abilities and perks.
  3. General
    • Fixed an issue where interacting with the Stonecutting table and crafting a Runestone or any Tuning Orb would result in a client crash.


  1. Fire Staff
    • Refreshing Pillar of Fire (Item Perk): Fixed an issue that caused this perk to grant cooldown reduction when dealing damage with DoT effects.
  2. Ice Gauntlet
    • Entombed: Fixed an issue that prevented the ice tomb from taking damage from chain element perk effects.

Outpost Rush

  1. Joining an Outpost Rush match after Baroness Hain has spawned will no longer display a broken timer on the HUD.


  1. Letters will appear on the Gate Markers and HUD during War and Invasion to help players better identify each gate.


  1. The “Balance of Time” named sword’s crafting recipe has been rebalanced to cost less and be in line with other T3 items.
  2. Quick Salvaging a known recipe will now notify you that you already know the recipe.
  3. Alkahest now properly gains bonus items when crafted.

General Fixes

  1. Fixes a server crash that sometimes happened when picking up items off the ground.
  2. Fixed issue where storage chests did not acquire updated weight capacity until they were moved.
  3. Fixed an issue where player’s first respawn attempt at a shrine would fail.
  4. Fixed an issue that could cause crash when trading post is disabled.