March PTR Release Notes - Patch 2

March PTR Release Notes: Patch 2


Hello everyone! For today, we have a new portion of PTR updates.

Void Gauntlet’s root will last only 1 sec, but this also requires fixing the desync issue since a 1-second root will feel like 2 or 3 seconds for now. Besides, meta weapons are Ice Gauntlet and Great Axe, the Blunderbuss is coming, so Void Gauntlet’s root is no longer a big thing.

While OPR changes are pretty minor, since we already knew that you could sign for it from anywhere, changing the number of participants for Wars looks… strange. Why 40 participants? Guess this is kinda a fix for the lag/network issues. Fewer participants mean fewer issues connected with the server performance.

Faction mission token rewards increasing 5x times is just huge. Should we expect some changes in the assortment of the Faction shops?

Other minor changes like Blunderbuss bug fixing and Tempest’s Heart Expedition changes are also on the list.

Please note, that this list is not all-encompassing and is intended as an early look into a number of changes included within the most recent PTR build. This change list will be regularly updated, through the retail release of the game version.


  1. Fixed a bug that could break weapon sheathing character animations and cause it to loop.
  2. Fixed a bug that could cause a player to unintentionally move significantly slower than expected.
  3. Added a new passive “Out of Combat” regeneration status for both HP and Mana.
  4. Void Gauntlet
    • Reduced the default root duration of the Void Gauntlet “Scream” ability from 2s down to 1s.
  5. Life Staff
    • Fixed a visual misalignment between casting timer and animation effects for “Divine Embrace”

Outpost Rush

  1. You can now sign up to Outpost Rush from anywhere, press “escape” to enter the main menu then select the Modes tab.
  2. Added a low-chance drop rate of arena orbs from Elite AI enemies.
  3. Allowed the UI to show more than 2 rewards at once.


  1. Wars have been adjusted to be 40v40 participants.
  2. UI has been adjusted to the new max participant numbers.


  1. Resolved an issue that was preventing some players from obtaining the second lore letter in the Garden of Genesis expedition.


  1. The current invasion wave is now displayed on the HUD.


  1. Daily faction mission token rewards have been increased by 5x.


  1. The “Balance of Time” named sword’s crafting recipe has been rebalanced to cost less and be in line with other T3 items.
  2. Blight Seeds are now Epic quality instead of Legendary quality.

PTR Only Changes


  1. Addressed a number of server crashes.
  2. Addressed a number of client crashes and errors.
  3. Fixed a bug that occasionally kept your screen desaturated after reviving from being killed.
  4. Added Umbral Shards as a reward to the quest “The Heart of the Tempest”.
  5. Performed a polish pass based on feedback for the quest “The Heart of the Tempest”.


  1. Blunderbuss
    • Fixed an issue where the HUD could disappear after being knocked down when using Mortar Charge.
    • Fixed an issue where Claw Shot could do damage but won’t pull a target closer that’s within range. There still might be some edge cases that we are still following up on, however.
    • Fixed an issue that allowed a blunderbuss to fire twice from one-click while aiming down sights in a settlement.
    • Fixed a number of issues with several new Blunderbuss crafting recipes.

Tempest’s Heart Expedition


  1. Performed a polish pass on a number of combat encounters, fixing several bugs and edge cases.
  2. Performed a polish pass on a number of visual assets (AI models, animation, environment props, etc.).
  3. Performed an environment lighting pass to improve performance and overall visibility.
  4. Performed a player collision and AI navmesh pass.
  5. Added missing audio at the expedition’s exit gate.
  6. Fixed a bug with several new armor pieces not dying correctly during Outpost Rush.


  1. Decreased the health of the Corruption Cores by 5%.
  2. Increased the cooldown between Corruption Core spawns by 5s in each phase.
  3. Corrupted Flame Vents outer ring is now visible more quickly.
  4. The third intermission phase will now only spawn 1 Living Corruption Entity, down from 2.

See you in Aeternum!