New World Team Update 2

January Team Update: February Is Just A Bug Fixing Month


A new interview with developers is available now, but it seems there’s not so much we can find out from it. 

We already know a lot about Mutators and the Umbral Shards system. In the third part of the January PTR release notes we have a detailed description of how the Tuning Orbs will work. We also know about new Fast Travel Shrines from the second part of January release notes. And yes, it seems we’ll have a Mutated system in every Expedition.

Of course, reducing the minimum requirement from 600 to 590 GS to upgrade an item with an Umbral Shard is a nice change, but, while the item doesn’t get the additional perk on 600 GS, this feature is pretty useless. You’ll have to get a Legendary anyway to replace your Epic 600 GS item.

A funny thing is that Katy Kaszynski, the Senior Producer, actually approved that patch notes are always missing a few things that are already on PTR.

The most important news – we’ll not have any content updates in February, and, let’s be honest, I find this the right decision. There are so many bugs that affect every aspect of gameplay heavily, it just has to be done.

The developers are actually playing their own game and can not only listen to the player’s feedback but also might have their own.

The server merges will occur after the housing persistence issue will be fixed. Free character transfer also will be available.

Bots are a huge problem, and developers are working on it. A couple of days ago a big ban wave went through the Aeternum. This is not in a video, but this is being discussed on forums.

No major changes will be done to the weapon balance. The number of topics about which weapon is broken and which one is a meta is it the Ice Gauntlet, or Void Gauntlet, or Life Staff, or Rapier, or Great Axe, or War Hammer, showing us that weapon balance is really close to its final state.

Fixing the desync issue is in progress, as far as a weapon swap bug.

Blunderbuss is also in work, but, since we’ll not have any new content in February, I guess we’ll see it in March. 

PvP quests are bad, everybody knows it, but they’re not a priority. That’s sad, yeap.

JANUARY 19, 2022

Greetings Adventurers!

Join Game Director Scot Lane alongside members of the New World team for a discussion on the addition of Expedition Mutators, additional Spirit Shrines, decreased cost for Fast Travel, and the role of tuning orbs for Expeditions. 

Some of our design leads discuss the tuning of some named enemies in Mutated Expeditions, if we are considering Mutating lower level Expeditions, and our patch notes process. 

The video ends with the team answering questions sourced from the community, so check it out below!

As always, thanks for your support, and we’ll see you in Aeternum.