Hot Discussion On Gear Score Increasing

Hot Discussion On The Gear Score Increasing


With January PTR Announcement, the hottest discussions are all around the increasing of the Gear Score up to 625. 

This change looks very arguable due to numerous factors. The first one is the most obvious: players even with 900+ hours played have only 590 Expertise level and don’t really need this system now. The Gypsum system was introduced only a month ago.

Even more, 625 Weapons and Armor in their current state on PTR gives only about a 1% bonus compared to 600 GS. Taking into account the time you need to upgrade your gear, this doesn’t even make sense. 

On the other hand, if bonuses were higher, 625 GS would be mandatory, which would create problems with finding the group for casual players.

As always, developers react to players’ discussions, and this is great.

New World CM Expertise System

590+ Gear upgrade with the Umbral Shards was confirmed, but it will not get the 3rd perk. Wonder how this will change the market price for 590-599 gear.

New World CM Expertise System 2
New World CM Expertise System 3

Ways of earning the Umbral Shards are also under hot discussion. For now, they can be obtained from Mutated Expeditions (40 Umbral Shards for completing 1st level with a Golden result up to 600 for Golden 10th level), which creates a soft cap for players due to Gear Score required to enter a certain level of Mutated Expedition. 

Umbral Shards can be also obtained with a crafting system, but it requires about 30 legendaries or 180 items to upgrade one item from 624 up to 625 GS.

Gypsum casts also award Umbral Shards once you reach 600 Expertise level, from 3 Shards at 600 GS up to 200 at 625 GS. Players are also concerned about the best usage of the Gypsum, whether it is worth spending daily Gypsum orbs to craft boxes so that to use them to level Expertise from 590 to 600?.