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February PTR Release Notes: Patch 3


Hey all, thank you for reading this, and first of all, let me enjoy my moment of glory. I knew it! Remember I wrote in my Digest #9 that Mutated Orbs cooldown will be changed on the 3rd Release Notes? 

Now you can buy an Orb from the Faction store every 3 days on PTR. Is it me so smart or it was just obvious? That’s not big, but a nice start.

Both reducing XP required for leveling Fishing and increasing XP on Cooking Aptitude looks just logical.

Combat changes will make fighting less clunky for melee players.

As for the Umbral Shards reward for Outpost Rush, that was in the first PTR Announcement.

Please note that this list is not all-encompassing and is intended as an early look into a number of changes included within the most recent PTR build. This change list will be regularly updated, up through retail release of the game version.

PTR Backstories:

The following changes been made to the current PTR backstories to provide greater playtesting capabilities (we advise only opening containers that you need in order to prevent immediately overpopulating your inventory with unnecessary items – although extra territory standing can expand your storage space!):

1. Added the “Playtester Territory Standing Vials” box item;

2. Added the “Playtester Housing Trophies” box item;

3. Added the “Playtester Refining Clothing” box item;

4. Added the “Playtester Crafting Clothing” box item;

5. Added the “Playtester Gathering Clothing” box item;

6. Added refining and arcane crafting components to the existing “Playtester Resources Aptitude Box” item.

Open World:

1. Reduced the leveling experience curve for the Fishing gathering skill by about 38%;

2. Cooking Aptitude experience curve has been increased by about 30% since it was greatly outpacing other trade skill aptitude progression. This should bring cooking aptitude reward frequencies more in-line with the other professions;

3. Reduced the amount of Powerful Gem dust on Mutator Orb’s from 10 to 5;

4. Mutator Orbs can now be purchased from the Faction Store every 3 days, rather than every 7 days.


1. Level 60 quests in Reekwater and Shattered Mountain now reward Gypsum Orbs;

2. Increased rewarded experience for sidequests (Level 10-60) by 50%.


1. Performing a melee attack will no longer have a delay before you can sprint again;

2. Reduced player sliding momentum that can occur after dodging and/or making sudden changes to movement direction.

Outpost Rush:

1. Outpost Rush rewards Umbral Shards on completion of a match. 100 shards for the winning team, and 50 shards to the losing team. Players must meet the minimum score threshold to be eligible for this reward.

General Fixes:

1. Fixed an issue where the Shield’s action menu was not working properly after canceling dyeing.