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February PTR Release Notes: Patch 2


For today, we have perfect patch notes. Every line and paragraph is like poetry, every change is a piece of art. AGS does listen to our feedback.

Did you say there are a few Umbral Shards dropping from Gypsum casts and crafting? Fixed.

Is the Expertise System a bit slow? Now you have one more Gypsum Orb from the Faction Shop.

Players are complaining about high property taxes? So now, it’s ten times less. The only arguably thing in this change is that the “controlling company receives 5x coin from housing taxes”. This decision seems to be a bad one from all sides of view. First of all, this will cause inflation. Controlling companies involved in RMT (not sure if somewhere exist companies earning 3-4 million gold per week and NOT involved in RMT) will also be disappointed by inflation consequences.

If Azoth traveling cost is still too high, it should be decreased. Even more, they reduced the cooldown time for Inn recall from 1 hour to 30 minutes and increased the teleport speed twice.

Are some weapons too OP? Here you are, Void Gauntlet root and Rapier mobility nerf.

Some weapons were nerfed too much? Let’s add root to Gravity Well for Great Axe.

This is literally what the community asked. Word for word. As one of my favorite movie heroes would say (no irony): “It’s very nice. I like it. Great success”.

P.S. When this patch goes live, I’ll be able to afford myself a house. Not saying I don’t have enough gold now, but giving a lot of money to someone else every week is something I do not want, that hurts my feelings.

Please note that this list is not all-encompassing and is intended as an early look into a number of changes included within the most recent PTR build. This change list will be regularly updated through the retail release of the game version.

End Game

Expertise System

1. Yellow Topaz no longer has a minimum drop time.

2. Black Gypsum min drop time has been reduced from 10m to 5m.

3. Purple Gypsum min drop time has been reduced from 120s to 30s.

4. Increased the Umbral gained from casts from 3-200 to 100-400.

5. Increased the Umbral gained from crafting from 1-85 to 25-100.

6. To provide another avenue for players to increase their Expertise by adding a Gypsum Orb that can be purchased from the Faction Shops once per day.

Aptitude Leveling

1. Smelter Crafting gear now drops from T3 Aptitude boxes.

2. Drop of Viscous Azoth now drop from armor Aptitude boxes.

General Fixes

1. Ancient Armor Plates, Ancient Metallic Thread, Cold-Forged Buckles were not earn-able in game and are no longer incorrectly listed on the trading post.

2. Created a new icon and new font color for the new Trade Chat channel.

3. Removed the option to use Umbral Shards to upgrade an item when the item was removed from the Player’s inventory and in a bag on the ground.

4. Fixed an issue where expired orders from the Trading Post did not notify the player they would be returned to town storage shed.

5. Fixed multiple issues involving consistencies and typos on Loading Screen Tool-tips.

World Experience

Open World

1. We learned a lot from lower housing taxes in December, and want to further reduce the costs and friction with taxes to players that own homes and have greatly reduced housing taxes. We also increased the amount of company revenue earned from housing taxes to not soften any disruption to their income. We are continuing to evaluate and make optimizations to our overall territory tax system, here are the changes introduced for the February Monthly Release (not in the PTR):

Updated housing tax minimum band to 0.1% down from 5%.

Updated housing tax maximum band to 1% down from 10%.

Controlling company receives 5x coin from housing taxes.

2. Dynasty Expedition bosses now give the same amount of coin as bosses in other endgame normal and Mutated Expeditions.

3. Fixed a bug causing some players to be locked out of chat for a few minutes at the beginning of their session.

4. Fixed bugs causing the tool tips on Infused Silk apparel displaying incorrect Gear Scores.

5. Ensured that Expertise bumps are always granted by the first item dropped by Expedition bosses.

6. Corrected some debug text displaying on the Starbound Remembrance Earring.

7. Speed of teleports into and out of war has been increased 2x.

8. Increase xp from quests level 10+ by 50%.

9. Fixed an issue causing Fire Staves and Life Staves to roll with the incorrect attribute perk in mutators.

10. Fixed broken collision at Outpost Rush Northern Spawn allowing enemy players access to the spawn.

11. Fixed an issue that caused player to receive a large amount of Poinsettia. Adjusted to 4.


Azoth cost for fast-travel has long been a pain point for players trying to complete quests, deposit items or just exploring the wilds of Aeternum. With an already high base cost plus additional penalties for distance and encumbrance it could feel like getting to the next step of your quest was more of a burden than it had to be. In order to ease this burden on traveling, we are reducing the cost of fast-travel as well as the cooldown on recalls to your last inn.

1. Fast-travel from Towns and Shrines will now have a base cost of 20 Azoth. There are no longer cost adjustments for distance or weight.

2. Recall time to the Inn has been reduced from 1 hour to 30 minutes by default.

We realize these changes will significantly reduce the sinks for Azoth and will result in many players having more than they can use in the immediate future. We are also aware that it will result in FCP (Faction Control Point) bonuses for certain regions being nullified. While we are planning out ways to address these issues in a future update; we didn’t want that to get in the way of improving your travel experience now.

Expedition Mutations

1. Updated the Combustible tooltip text to properly describe the effect on players.

2. Mutated Dynasty Expedition now gives Sapphire Gypsum upon completion.


1. Trading and sending gold require players to be in the same location. If players are in an invalid location they will receive a message letting them know.

2. Fixed an issue causing players to be stuck on the “Play Button”, unable to enter their world.

3. Fixed several backend issues involved with character world transfers.


General Fixes

1. Resolved an issue causing Corrupted Priests in Invasions to repeatedly navigate back and forth inside forts instead of attacking.

2. Updated Keenly Jagged perk tooltip to state the correct duration. It previously showed the 10s cooldown duration as the DoT duration instead of the intended 6s duration.

Void Gauntlet

Void Gauntlet is currently a little too effective at locking down and then killing targets before they can recover from the root on Petrifying Scream. We are increasing the cooldown on Petrifying Scream to lower the frequency of this kill combo and lowering the damage of Orb of Decay to make it less likely to kill tougher targets. As Orb of Decay already has many other functions including healing and debuffing we feel like it’s safe to reduce its damage in this way without hurting its overall viability.

1. Petrifying Scream

Increased cooldown from 15s → 25s.

2. Orb of Decay

Base ability damage reduced from 100% → 90%.

Detonating Orb: Detonation damage reduced from 100% → 70%.


We’re seeing a lot of players taking rapier as a secondary weapon for it’s defensive capabilities over its offensive ones. While we expect this behavior in a dual weapon system, we currently feel like it’s a bit too effective at running away. As a result we are increasing the cooldown of skills in the Grace tree. To offset the longer cooldown of Evade we are swapping the upgrades Crescendo and Breathe In so that players using Evade offensively have better access to cooldown reduction.

1. Riposte

Increased cooldown from 12s → 18s.

2. Evade

Increased cooldown from 6s → 12s.

Swapped the positions of the Crescendo and Breathe In upgrades. As a result of this change, points in this tree will be refunded and need to be respecced.

3. Fleche

Increased cooldown from 17s->20s.

Great Axe

We’ve heard your feedback that the changes to Gravity Well on the PTR went too far in terms of reducing its effectiveness so we went back to the drawing board and are trying a different approach. This new version of Gravity Well includes a root that occurs after the initial pull to help hold your targets in place and includes a stronger slow after the pull to make it harder for foes to escape the damage pulse without using a movement ability.

1. Gravity (Passive) – Fixed a bug that prevented this ability from functioning.

2. Gravity Well – This ability has been reworked from it’s previous PTR version.

Improved pulling tech to more reliably pull foes to the center.

Foes who are pulled to the center of the vortex are rooted for 1 second.

Increased slow from 55%→60%.

Slow field duration restored to 3s so that it will last until the explosion occurs.