New World 2022 February PTR Announcement

February PTR Announcement


Such a long-expected February PTR announcement is finally released. We have a part of the information in the news section of the official sites, and another part of the information called “Patch 1” on the official forum. Since they are crossing each other, I made a clear combined version on my own.

Every player, including me, had a lot of expectations, those we knew that this will be “just a bug fixing month”.

The bad news: now we cannot build camps off of each other. Just kidding. But I’ll miss this feature.

Actually, just as I predicted a couple of days ago, the Umbral Shards can now be received by participating in Outpost Rush. Even more, there are numerous changes to this PvP activity, starting from the scoring system, tunings, and bug fixing and ending with a total change of the rewards. Now you can also receive Faction Tokens and gear with PvP oriented perks. The short guide about Outpost Rushing may also be found on the website.

Lots of weapons changes have also occurred. Shortly said, Fire Staff was buffed, while Great Axe and Ice Gauntlet’s Ice Spikes were nerfed. As for the Sword and Shield, Tactician will no longer reduce the cooldown of Reverse Stab, but it will still reduce the cooldown of other sword abilities when triggered.

Upgrading the Expertise Level will be easier now because Yellow Topaz no longer has a minimum drop time, Black Gypsum min drop time has been reduced from 10m to 5m, and Purple Gypsum min drop time has been reduced from 120s to 30s.

Crafters will also be glad. Smelter Crafting gear now drops from T3 Aptitude boxes. A trading chat was added. Leveling for Arcana, Armoring, Engineering, Furnishing, Jewelcrafting, and Weaponsmithing trade skills will now require 10% less XP.

Weapons swapping, dodging, and blocking changes seem going to make combat less clunky.

An absolutely great update, as for me, one more step in the right direction.

Greetings, Adventurers!

Aeternum is an ever-evolving world, and as such, we continue our efforts in providing our players with an assortment of ongoing new features, content, and changes. Similar to the activities leading up to our latest major update, we are approaching the release of our next large release and would like to once again invite you all to participate in the next cycle of our Public Test Realm (PTR)!


The Public Test Realm (PTR) is a limited-availability server-set that will give players an early look at upcoming features. These preview builds are snapshots of upcoming major releases and are not final versions — you may encounter bugs, crashes, missing text, or other issues. Between our internal testing efforts and your reports, we hope to catch and resolve all serious issues before they reach the live servers. However, not every bug or feedback piece will be actioned on before release — some changes need to be investigated further, and may come in a subsequent patch or two. Nonetheless, hundreds of changes have already been made — with more to come — and the full release notes will be shared on release day.

To help with the feedback process, all newly created PTR characters will have the opportunity to instantly level to select level-ranges outfitted with appropriate gear and items.

The PTR will officially open tomorrow, February 3, at 10 AM PST (6 PM UTC). Servers are limited — to maximize world population and encourage higher occurrences of group play, there will only be one world available for this playtest cycle, with it located within the US East regional data center. You may have to change your regional selection from the main menu in order to discover the available test world.

This special preview client will be made available for download through the stand-alone Steam application, “New World Public Test Realm” (which should already be in your Steam library if you own the main game). When the test period is complete and the main New World game is updated with the previewed content, all worlds will shut down and be wiped clean. You will still see the New World PTR application in your Steam library, but there will not be active servers until the next time we announce a test.

If you encounter a bug, exploit, or have suggestions to improve a feature or piece of content, we’d love to hear your feedback on our PTR sub-forum (you can also utilize our in-game feedback tool). We will do our best to address as much of your feedback as possible before the content update makes its way to our live servers. Your participation will help us to deliver awesome content and updates in the future!

During this iteration of the PTR, we look forward to hearing your playtest feedback regarding the following changes.

World Experience

Notable Fixes


1.1. Fixed an issue where Taxodius mini boss can be exploited to be killed and looted twice in a single instance.

1.2. Addressed missing collision allows player to get into out of the playable space in the Depths.

1.3. Fixed an issue in Starstone Barrows with the Ancient Guardian’s animation intro.

1.4. Fixed an issue where the player has the option to join an ongoing expedition from another Expedition entrance.


2.1. Fixed issue where players could build camps off of each other to reach high locations using environmental features.

2.2. Fixed an issue where Ancient AI are too numerous and difficult for solo players at Syleio Seko in Reekwater.

2.3. Removed extra tendrils in Sha Makogai and Sunken Aspect POIs, as well as toning down enemy count in Sunken Aspect for solo play.

2.4. Fixed an issue where players can climb over a wall to enter Siren Queen Arena.

2.5. Adjusted loot chest for at Adamant Mine in Monarch’s Bluffs to increase challenge.

2.6. Fixed issue where players pop up and down when interacting with the Giant Elite POI Orichalcum Veins.

2.7. Added more lights in in Lower Slag Mine.

2.8. Fixed issue with a pile of floating stones found in Elafry Pyrgo POI.

2.9. Fixed issue with half of a large rock is missing in Mrykgard.

2.10. Various fixes to floating assets and bad collision across the world.

2.11. Fixed an issue where the players face may look visually incorrect while on low graphics settings.

Bugs, Balance, & Polish:

Deciding when to align resources to provide new content or to focus on improving what’s already there is a delicate balancing act for a Live game, and New World is no different. For our February game update, we’ve taken a moment of pause on feature development in favor of improving the state of the Live game. As such, we’re pleased to share that a significant number of high-value bug fixes and improvements as well as some small ones have been made across the entire game experience.

While we won’t be providing new content this cycle, we hope that these numerous changes will provide you — our players — with a much better day-to-day experience as you adventure throughout Aeterum. Here are some of our more significant and exciting changes to look forward to playtesting on the PTR:

Player Combat


Weapon Swapping:

1.1. You can now swap weapons during hit-reactions, dodges, traversal and while using consumables (except weapon coatings). This will not interrupt those actions. There’s a 1 second swap cooldown in these cases.

1.2. Weapon swap buffers will no longer be canceled if you are staggered before the swap can occur.

1.3. Weapon swaps and attacks can now be queued simultaneously (e.g. if you press swap during an attack’s recovery, then immediately press an ability key, the weapon will swap at the first swap cancel frame, then immediately perform the desired ability). Note that actions still have buffer and cancel windows. This change just makes them easier to use and more reliable.

Dodging & Blocking:

2.1. We have shortened the recovery time for all of our dodges. Transitioning to movement after a dodge should feel more fluid for all players now.

2.2. Basic attack startups (melee & ranged) can now be dodge and block canceled up to 2 frames before the first active frame. For melee attacks the first active frame is the first frame the weapon can deal damage and for ranged attacks this is the first frame that the projectile is spawned.

2.3. When performing light attacks with a melee weapon, block and dodge inputs will now take priority over the next light attack in the chain. This change is aimed at preventing accidental attack queues that leave the player vulnerable when they intend to defend.


3.1. Jumping off lower height objects will no longer trigger a fully committed land animation, this will allow you to keep your momentum as you move through Aeternum.


4.1. 300 Focus Attribute Bonus: The mana regeneration from this attribute bonus will now trigger when the caster drops to 15 mana or less.

Equip Load:

5.1. Equip Load descriptions have been updated to include the amount of stamina consumed when dodging.

5.2. Fixed an issue where the strafe movement speed would vary based on equip load.


6.1. Fixed attack cancels not working in shallow water (e.g. canceling one ability into another).

6.2. Fixed an issue that could cause some attack animations to play incorrectly when used while running.

6.3. Fixed an issue where players could get stuck while resting at a camp if they were encumbered.

6.4. Fixed an issue where player was able to clip through outcropping collision by using certain abilities while prone.

6.5. Fixed an issue what could allow players to avoid some damage from AoE attacks while in the prone position.



Rain of Arrows:

1.1. Fixed an issue where Rain of Arrows could trigger backstabs.

1.2. Fixed an issue where the Rain of Arrows bleed duration was not able to be extended by perks and passives that extend Bow/Bleed effect durations.

Evade Shot:

2.1. Energizing Evade Shot (Item Perk): Fixed an issue where this perk was not triggering if any upgrades were unlocked for Evade Shot.

Fixed an issue that allowed Rain of Arrows, Penetrating Shot and Poison Shot to be used while encumbered or in deep water.

Fixed an issue that allowed bow light attacks to be activated underwater.

Fixed an issue with bow hipfiring that made the canceling windows different than when firing down sights. This fix normalizes the firing rate between hipfiring and firing down sights.

Fire Staff


1.1. Increased Fireball projectile radius from 0.01 to 0.33 to make it easier to hit with.

1.2. Fireball can now critical hit.


2.1. Fixed an issue where Reheat could persist through weapon swaps and ability usage.

2.2. Updated Flamethrower and Meteor Shower to trigger Reheat’s 4s timer when the ability exits.

2.3. Fixed an issue that caused the flyout icon for Reheat to incorrectly show as “Empower”.

Pillar of Fire:

3.1. Reduced the delay between Pillar of Fire’s activation and the spawning of its damage AoE. The fire pillar now spawns when the player finishes extending their staff forward.

3.2. Reduced Pillar of Fire recovery by 14 frames.


4.1. Increased Flamethrower’s base movement speed so that haste buffs have a more notable effect. The new move speed is approximately 2x faster than the previous speed.

4.2. Accelerating Flamethrower (Item Perk): Fixed an issue where the haste effect from the Accelerating Flamethrower perk was only triggering off of exactly 3 stacks and not 3 or more stacks.

Let it Burn:

Fixed an issue where the burn status effects from Fireball, Burnout, and some passive abilities were not triggering the Let It Burn passive.

Fixed visual issues with some Fire Staffs.

Great Axe

Swapped the placement of the Frustration passive and the Keen Edge passives. Ability points spent on Great Axe ability trees will be refunded and require a respec after this update.

Gravity Well:

2.1. Updated damage area to match Vortex visuals.

2.2. Reduced Vortex pull force to allow players a chance to escape.

2.3. Pulling force ends just before Vortex damage occurs to allow players a chance to escape by dodging.

2.4. Removed unintended damage from the initial pull and area effect of the Vortex.

2.5. Updated and clarified the description of this ability.


3.1. No Reprieve: Fixed an issue where the cancel window was set too early this upgrade, resulting in the ability being cancelled out prior to the 2nd spin on the attack.

Enduring Strike:

4.1. Reduced the damage reduction provided by this passive from 20% to 12%.

4.2. Updated the tooltip to clarify that the damage reduction occurs while any grit is active and not just the grit provided by heavy attacks.


Fixed an issue where the Accumulated Power and On Fire passives were not consistently triggering with hatchets that had perks with alternative damage sources (DoTs, Chain Elemental, etc).

Ice Gauntlet

Ice Spikes:

1.1. Spiky Reach: Adjusted the projectiles fired from this upgrade to reduce the chance that a single target is hit with all 4 parts of the attack.

Ice Storm:

2.1. Fixed an issue where if two different players had different amounts of modifiers and perks for the Ice Storm ability they could stack the damage from it instead of it just being a single instance of damage.

2.2. Punishing Storm: Added clarification on the tooltip to state that it will only increase Ice Storm’s damage.

Ice Shower:

3.1. Fixed a desync issue that could occur when players dodged through Ice Shower.

3.2. Fixed an issue that could cause Ice Shower’s root to fail when players dodged through it.

3.3. Fixed an issue where Ice Shower would not start its cooldown immediately when the first ice patch appeared.

Ice Pylon:

4.1. Pylon Burst (Item Perk): Increased AoE to 3m radius from 1m. Added new burst VFX to show this new radius.

Life Staff


1.1. Speed of Light:

1.1.1. Fixed an issue where the Speed of Light haste was not applying to the caster if their weapon was sheathed.

1.1.2. Haste applied by Speed of Light will now apply to all targets within the AoE, not just allies who are healed. The tooltip has been updated to reflect this new functionality.


Sticky Bomb:

1.1. Fixed an issue where Sticky Bomb’s crit damage was not increased when the crit damage numbers would appear. Crits will now deal ~273% weapon damage.

1.2. Reduced Sticky Bomb base damage from 235% weapon damage to 210% weapon damage.

1.3. Fixed an issue where Sticky Bomb had broken and inconsistent transitions upon exiting the throw depending on the actions performed after the throw. This could cause the player to be locked out of other abilities until they moved or switched weapons.

Shooter’s Stance:

2.1. Fixed an issue where firing too quickly after entering Shooter’s Stance would not consume a shot, allowing players to bypass the 5 shot limit.

2.2. Fixed an issue where exiting Shooter’s Stance would reset stacks of the Heightened Precision passive.

2.3. Fixed an issue which could allow players to bypass the animation for Shooter’s Stance and fire from a standing position.

Stopping Power:

3.1. This ability has been reworked and no longer empowers your next shot, but instead fires a special bullet after a short warmup time that knocks back your target if it hits.

3.2. Stopping Power can be fired from aim down sights or hip fired.

3.3. Stopping Power’s hit-reaction animation changed to better match the timing that the target is staggered.

3.4. Ability description updated to reflect new functionality.

3.4.1. Cooldown increased from 15 seconds to 20 seconds.

Powder Burn and Power Shot:

4.1. Loaded shots can now be overwritten. Activating one of these abilities to load a shot while the other is already loaded will replace the previously loaded shot with the new shot.

4.2. Fixed an issue where loaded shots from these abilities were not counting towards the Heightened Precision passive stacking.


Fixed an issue where the this passive had a shorter duration than intended while the Back it Up passive was also active.

Players can now use consumables while reloading. Using consumables in this way will interrupt reloading.

Fixed an issue that allowed musket basic attacks to be activated underwater.



Updated ability description to clarify that Flurry can be canceled by other abilities as well as by dodging.


Fixed an issue where sheathing the rapier after triggering Evade would result in the player getting a persistent movement speed buff.



1.1. Refreshing Reach: Fixed an issue where Refreshing Reach would not trigger correctly with Coup De Grâce.


Fixed an issue where swapping weapons while using Javelin could result in a bad animation state.

Sword and Shield

Shield Rush:

The hitbox of this ability has been moved closer to the player to prevent situations where the ability could hit targets that appeared to be out of range. The distance traveled by the rush has been increased to compensate for this loss of range.

Reverse Stab:

2.1. Tactician: This upgrade will no longer reduce the cooldown of Reverse Stab. It will still reduce the cooldown of other sword abilities when triggered.

Leaping Strike:

3.1. The leaping and attacking portions of this ability now have separate properties for their homing and movement in order to improve the overall accuracy based on distance.

3.2. Adjusted homing for better translation against distant targets.

3.3. Adjusted homing for more accurate and consistent tracking against closer targets.

Void Gauntlet

Mending Evasion:

Fixed an issue where this passive would reset your lowest active cooldown in addition to its listed effects.

War Hammer

Armor Breaker: Fixed an issue where players could not buffer attack inputs from any of the war hammer abilities into the Armor Breaker ability.

Hardened Steel:

2.1. Reduced the damage reduction provided by this passive from 20% to 12%.

2.2. Updated the tooltip to clarify that the damage reduction occurs while any grit is active and not just the grit provided by heavy attacks.

Empowering Armor Breaker (Item Perk) Fixed an issue where the this perk was applying to all hits for 5 seconds, and not just the initial hit.


Weapon Ability Perks:

Updates to perks for specific weapon abilities can be found in that weapon’s update notes section.

Chain Perks:

2.1. Fixed an issue where Chain perks could hit targets through obstacles, resulting in unintentional aggro of AI near the original target.

2.2. Fixed an issue where chain perks could appear on weapons they were not intended to appear on (such as shields).


Fixed an issue that caused the flyout icon for the Evasive perk to incorrectly show as “Discrete”.

Plentiful Shells/Plentiful Arrows:

4.1. Fixed an issue where the Plentiful Shells/Plentiful Arrows bag perk was not properly scaling its refund chance based on gear score.

4.2. Fixed an issue where the refund chance would not stack properly if you had multiple bags with the same perk.

Shirking Energy:

Fixed an issue which caused this perk to incorrectly activate in equip loads other than light.

Gathering Recovery:

Fixed an inconsistency with this perk being incorrectly referred to as “Gathering Restoration” in some tooltips.

Keenly Jagged:

Fixed issue where the tooltip for the Keenly Jagged perk was showing the incorrect bleed duration.


Fixed an issue where the Elemental and Physical Aversion perks were not stacking properly.

Slotted Gems:

Fixed an issue which could cause gem perks to show debug strings instead of their actual values.

Fixed an issue where the “Harbinger Life Staff of the Sage” and “Harbinger Fire Staff of the Scholar” staves had a perks for the opposite weapon on them.


Fixed issue where the Void Destroyer could survive after both its eyes were destroyed.

Fixed issue where Cleansing Elixir was removed but not properly preventing the re-application of debuffs during its duration.

Players can now access the Scoreboard while waiting for a respawn.

Player Versus Environment

General AI

1. Introduced a new Player-vs-AI physics collider solution that will significantly reduce the amount of pushback from colliding with characters.

1.1. This update applies to bipedal and simple shaped creatures (Withered, Ancient Guardians, Corrupted, Lost Pirates, Brutes, Tendrils, etc)

1.2. Future updates will look to improve collision vs quadruped and long creatures (cats, elk, wolves, alligators, etc)

2 Improved AI target evaluation algorithm to fix some instances of AI attacking locations the player has long since moved away from

3. Reduced pushback on block from most creature’s attacks to 0.

4. Corrupted Ogre

4.1. Fixed an issue causing the Ball spell’s damage area to not properly match its visuals.

5. Dryad Soldier

5.1. Fixed an issue that could cause the Soldier to repeatedly spam his Empower ability if shot from more than 30 meters away or when the player was unreachable.

6. Elemental Bears

6.1. Reduced the rate at which Elemental Bears regenerate stamina.

7. Swamp Dryad Soldier

7.1. Fixed an issue causing the Swamp Dryad Soldier’s downward slam to sometimes spawn a damaging area of effect. The damaging area of affect has been removed

8. Swamp Dryad Beast

8.1. Fixed an issue with the Pull ability that would cause players to be pulled higher in the air based on their distance from the Beast

9. Undead Navigator

9.1. The Undead Navigator’s self-buff will now properly show up as a status effect on the character’s nameplate.

10. Siren Arena Boss

10.1. Fixed an issue preventing the Siren from attacking players at the edge of the arena

11. Big Cats

11.1. Updated knockdown animations to be more distinct from standard reactions

Expedition AI

Garden of Genesis

1. Blighted Greenskeeper

1.1. Increased the size of the Blighted Greenskeeper’s headshot hit volume.

2. Genesis Shaman

2.1. Fixed Mist Attack VFX to be in sync with damage.

3. Angry Earth Naga

3.1. Improved visibility on attack VFX.

Lazarus Instrumentality

1. Chardis

1.1. Increased length of Chardis’s stun phase by 5s.

1.2. Increased the time before the final laser during phase 3 from 75s after phase start to 90s after phase start.

1.3. Reduced the downtime between lasers during Phases 1 and 2 from 60s to 30s.

1.4. Increased damage of the base laser during Phases 1 and 2

1.5. Increased Chardis’s damage by 25% across the board.

1.6. Increased Chardis’s laser damage by an additional 15%

1.7. Reworked Chardis’s final laser to now deal 15% of health as damage per second.

1.8. Fixed issues with the swipe animations causing safe spots on the back walls.

1.9. Fixed an issue causing Chardis to not take bonus damage from Ancient related perks and coatings.

1.10. Fixed an issue causing Chardis to not have proper Strengths and Weaknesses against certain damage types.

1.11. Fixed an issue that could cause Chardis’s laser to persist after his death.

1.12. Increased the size of Chardis’s headshot hit volume.


Reduced Desiccated timer: 60s → 45s

Normalized curse damage to ensure that curses are always a threat to players of any size health pool

2.1. Censored damage normalized to 65% base health

2.2. Desiccated damage normalized to 50% base health

Outpost Rush


Fixed an issue causing the Corrupted Legionnaire to have no stamina.

Fixed an issue causing the Corrupted Priest’s hounds to quickly appear skinnable upon death.

Fixed an issue causing the Outpost Rush fort barriers to show the name of objects the player had previously interacted with.

Fixed an incorrect description present on the Brute summoning stone.

Fixed an issue causing Turrets to appear as if they were on fire after being rebuilt from the destroyed state.

Fixed an issue preventing the Command Post in Outpost Rush from properly showing up as a ghost

Fixed an issue with the Outpost Rush map appearing misaligned.


1. Reworked Outpost Rush scoring:

1.1. Dealing damage now increases the player’s score.

1.2. Reduced the amount of points granted from killing players.

1.3. Reduced the amount of points granted from killing AI.

2. Visually changed the nameplates of several Outpost Rush AI to better clarify their difficulty. The changes in nameplate do not mean there were tuning changes to those AI unless called out below.

3. Increased the health of the Corrupted Priest by 10%

4. Reduced the damage dealt by the Corrupted Brute by 10%

5. Reduced the health of the Corrupted Brute by 13%

6. Summoned Ghosts and Summoned Bears now take 150% bonus damage from Siege Damage.

7. Summoned Corrupted Brutes now take 200% bonus damage from Siege Damage.

8. Increased the base damage of the Repeater by 20%

9. Increased the base damage of the Fire Dropper by 16%

10. Increased the benefit of having more friendly players on a control point. Each friendly player on an uncontested point now reduces the time it takes to capture the point by 3s (was previously 1.5s) On an uncontested point, this benefit maxes out at 10 players for a minimum capture time of 30s.

11. Reduced the length of Baroness Hain’s score lock from 3 minutes to 2.5 minutes.

12. Replaced the Explosive Barrel Launchers on either side of Outpost Sol with Ballista Turrets. These cost 50 Infused Ore and 50 Infused Wood to build and will be great tools in taking down the defenses of Outpost Sol.

13. Adjusted the emplacements so they’re more flush with the ground.

14. Adjusted Rewards granted from Outpost Rush

14.1. Outpost Rush now rewards Umbral Shards on completion of a match. 100 shards for the winning team, and 50 shards to the losing team. Players must meet the minimum score threshold to be eligible for this reward. – This will be in the next PTR update

14.2. Outpost Rush now rewards Faction Tokens on completion of a match. Players must meet the minimum score threshold to be eligible for this reward.

14.3. Outpost Rush Caches now reward 2 pieces of Outpost Rush specific armor and an Outpost Rush specific weapon. There is an additional 15% for a 4th item, a piece of Outpost Rush Jewelry.

14.4. There’s a 2.5% chance that the rolled Outpost Rush item is a named item, the same chance as exists today.

14.5. Significantly increased the likelihood that the rewards in the Outpost Rush Cache will increase the player’s Expertise.

14.6. Outpost Rush gear now rolls off a fixed list of perks that are more ideal for PvP combat. This means that traits like Beast Ward won’t be found on Outpost Rush gear.

14.7. Removed Beast Ward from Illusory Enigma and replaced it with Keen. Please note that this change isn’t retroactive and it will only apply to new Illusory Enigma’s granted after the patch.

14.8. Players can now access the Scoreboard while waiting for a respawn.


Notable Fixes

1. Improvements to the 3rd Fishing Quest, “Baited”, so that the baits are more easily caught and must be salvaged rather than just having the items in inventory.

2. War Camp Loot PvP Faction Missions now reset when fast traveling.

3. Asking First Light Faction Representative about dye will no longer block players from subsequent quests.

4. Baetylus Headpiece Item can now be properly looted to complete the quest

5. “Ebonscale Alligators” quest can now be completed without resetting

6. Optional Siren Tuning Orb now drops properly during the “Long Live the Queen” Quest

7. Adjusted difficulty of the final enemy in “Shivering Timbers”

8. Map Markers added to “Insuring the Investment (Part 2)”

9. Map Markers added for “Paths Unseen”

10. Token Rewards updated for Faction “Rank Up” Quests

11. Map Markers added for “The Queen is Dead”



Leveling for Arcana, Armoring, Engineering, Furnishing, Jewelcrafting, and Weaponsmithing trade skills will now require 10% less XP.


Fixed an issue preventing T5 family muskets from dropping. This also corrects an issue where lower tier family muskets were dropping at incorrect levels.

Bartholomew at Thunder Harbor was dropping some level-inappropriate gear. This has been fixed.

Two missing housing items have been added to potential loot drops. (Wooden Sidet Desk and Rickety Twig Table)


1. Several T5 weapon schematics were incorrectly displaying Legendary rarity, even though they crafted Epic items. These schematics have been corrected to indicate Epic rarity. Affected schematics: Voidforged Harbinger Longsword, Maker’s Mark Hatchet, Stonerend Warhammer, Eternal Dusk Greataxe, Needler Rapier, Inquisition Musket, Hidden Truths Spear, Veilpiercer Bow, Windsinger Lifestaff, Waning Crescent Firestaff, Frost Fairy’s Gift Ice Gauntlet, Empty Promise Void Gauntlet.


1. Employed new measures to reduce effectiveness of fishing bots

End Game

1. Yellow Topaz no longer has a minimum drop time

2. Black Gypsum min drop time has been reduced from 10m to 5m

3. Purple Gypsum min drop time has been reduced from 120s to 30s

Aptitude Leveling

1. Smelter Crafting gear now drops from T3 Aptitude boxes

2. Drop of Viscous Azoth now drop from armor Aptitude boxes

Notable Bug Fixes

1. Some weapons dropped in the Lazarus Instrumentation Expedition were not salvaged into the correct tier of material. This has been fixed. They now salvage into T5 material. This was also the case for some crafted versions of these weapons. These have also been fixed.

2. Forest Warden’s set previously salvaged into incorrect values for repair parts and coins and also had incorrect repair part costs. The Forest Warden’s armor pieces now salvage into the correct amounts and cost the correct amount of repair parts.

3. Fixed the description for the ‘Shard of Crystalized Azoth’ Perk Item. It now correctly states that it provides the Divine perk.

4. Fixed an issue causing the Skinner Tradeskill armor set to filter into the incorrect armor weight on the trading post. It now correctly filters into Medium Armor.

5. Ancient Armor Plates, Ancient Metallic Thread, Cold-Forged Buckles were not earnable in game and are no longer incorrectly listed on the trading post.

6. Removed several unused attribute mods from trading post

7. Fixed an issue causing some items to display on the trading post even though they were not tradeable.

8. Previewing weapon skins from the store while in the housing area will no longer cause players to use incorrect weapon animations afterwards.

9. Fixed a visual issue with the Blighted Growth apparel set.

10. Fixed a visual issue with the Golden Rage Coat apparel set.

11. Fixed visual issues with the Swashbuckler apparel set.

12. Fixed visual issues with the Studded Leather apparel set.

13. Fixed visual issues with the Saturnalian Skewer weapon skin.

UX, UI, & Social

1. Created a Trade Chat channel.

2. Added a Camp Warning notification to alert players when out of range or low on health from their camp/no camp. A status of your camp displays in the banner when entering a point of interest.

3. Players can now see both friendly and enemy progress towards the Brute at the corrupted portal in Outpost Rush.

4. The Crafting Screen should no longer select the first recipe if you quickly select another recipe while it is opening.

Notable Fixes

1. Players can no longer attempt to schedule their siege windows during a maintenance window.

2. In Trading Post UI, the popup when canceling a buy order should now correctly show the refunded coin based on the unbought remaining quantity.

3. Resolved an issue causing Ancestral muskets to display without an icon.

4. Resolved an issue after being disconnected due to bad connection and the client crashed on the loading screen while taking part in an ongoing invasion.

5. Resolved an issue where voice over for Bercina Thornton was missing during the Friends in Fashion quest.

6. Resolved an issue where weapon gear score adjustment information was not fully translated for all languages.

7. Resolved an issue where Timeless Ring Shard and Timeless Amulet Shard icons did not match other resource icons.

8. Resolved an issue where the PVP indicator icon was appearing while at War and Outpost Rush.

9. Resolved an issue where partnered Twitch Accounts could see themselves in a Sub Army listing.

10. Resolved an issue where an objective failed banner shows a check mark instead of an X.

11. Resolved some localization issues with the Expertise tooltips on items.

12. Added an Item Restrictions tooltip for Housing items to convey limits on animated and lighting items.

13. Added a Purchase timer (hourglass icon) in Faction shop items when they have a cooldown between purchases.

14. Added explanation of Fishing Hotspots as a conversation topic to fishing NPC. Also added a tooltip on the top right of the Fishing skill details page of the Trade Skills tab.

15. Rephrased Housing Loading Screen tooltips to better describe the act of picking up your furniture and placing it into your Settlement Storage.

16. Fixed a typo on the Archeologist’s Defender spear.

17. Addressed multiple grammar mistakes on Quests and Crafting Stations.

Many more changes have been made across the entire New World experience. Check out our PTR Release Notes for a bigger picture and let us know what you think on the PTR subforum!

PTR Backstory Loadouts

Upon character creation on the PTR, players will be given multiple caches of special armor and weapons. Each cache has a designation based upon a general build based on a main attribute: CON, DEX, INT, FOC, and STR. To help manage the sudden onset of new items, do not open all provided caches at once, or you risk becoming encumbered! Instead, equip all provided bags and then follow-up with opening each cache deliberately. Any undesired caches can be dropped or deposited into your personal settlement storage.


1. How Do I Access The New PTR?

Everyone with a copy of New World will be automatically granted access to the secondary PTR app. The PTR is not compatible with the live game, so you will need to download a separate client (and have the hard drive space required to support it). From there, we will have special worlds available within supported regions. Not all regions will initially be supported. Access is on a first come, first served basis. There may be queues.

2. Can I Play With Or Transfer My Live Characters To The PTR?

Unfortunately, no. These are separate ecosystems, so at this time it is not possible. However, to make testing easier, we will occasionally provide our play-testers with special accommodations such as instant levels, special gear, etc.

3. Can I Provide Design Feedback Regarding What’s Included On The PTR?

Preview game builds on the PTR are finished with their core development and are in their final phase of testing and bug fixing. Our main focus at this phase is improving quality, although we will appreciate any feedback you have to share.

4. I Have a Problem; How Can I Contact Customer Support?

Our policies and Code of Conduct cover the PTR, and in-game moderation will continue to be supported. Unfortunately, due to the temporary and potentially unstable nature of the PTR, general Customer Service assistance through both Live Chat and through the Support Website will not be available.

5. I Don’t Want To Participate In The PTR, Can I Remove The App From My Library?

Don’t worry, no offense taken. Players can manage visibility of the New World Public Test Realm Steam Library entry. Opening up the game options (right-click > Manage) offers the “Hide Game” function.

Thanks for your support and participation! We’ll see you in Aeternum.