New World Disabling Character Creation

Character Creation Has Been Disabled


The servers are under maintenance for now, and new characters cannot be created for an uncertain period of time. We still don’t have any official posts about the reasons for that, Community Manager Shadow_Fox only said that this is not shutting down the New World (which is obvious).

New World Disabling Character Creation

We can only assume that there are three actual reasons, all of them connected with real money trading (RMT). 

  • The first one is that the US servers are filled with thousands of Chinese bots, grinding every resource in the whole world. I guess they were created automatically faster, then banned manually.
  • The second one is mules – low-leveled characters, transferred with expensive items and gold to a server with better prices. 
  • The third reason might be another way of duping gold and items by creating new characters. 

Let’s hope everything will be fixed asap; at least, PTR server is not under maintenance, and this is the place where I’m heading to 😉