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Another Server Merge In New World Is Coming Soon


As it was mentioned in the previous digest, the first world merge of Central EU (DE/EN) servers in 2022 took place a few days ago. Ramaja was merged into Avalon in Vanaheim Psi. 

For today, a new merge was announced, now for the South American servers.

  1. Ekur and Lanka will be merged into Devaloka.
  2. Albur, Kitezh, will turn into Irkalla.
  3. Anu and Modun will be merged into Apsu.

The thing is that Anu is an ES/EN server, and it is merging with Modun (BR) into Apsu, a Brazilian server. 

Ekur, another ES/EN server, is also merged with Lanka (BR) into a BR Devaloka server.

At the same time, Albur, Kitezh, and Atlantis are Brazilian servers, merging into Irkalla, an ES/EN server.

So, 3 BR servers are merging into one ES/EN, and 2 ES/EN servers are being merged into two BR servers.
There has to be a reason for merging servers this way. I can also guess that server merging is the reason for such short updates.