News New World Heart of Madness Update Delay
Heart of Madness Update Delayed Until March 30 (Updated)

The Heart of Madness Update will be released on March 30. Use this time to read patch notes, level Trading Skills, buy some refining agents and resources to sell them after the update goes live, and everyone will craft Blunderbusses.

March 29, 2022, 12:57


News New World March Update - Heart of Madness
March Update: Heart of Madness

March Update was announced at last! New World’s Heart of Madness Update downtime will begin for all regions at 5 AM PT (12PM UTC) on March 29. The expected downtime is 2 hours.

March 28, 2022, 21:51


News New World Blunderbuss Instructional Manual
Blunderbuss Instructional Manual

Not so much time passed after the wonderful Weapon Spotlight: The Blunderbuss was released, and for today we have a text guide about Blunderbuss made by developers.

March 27, 2022, 12:25


News New World News Digest №15
New World News Digest №15 (25.03.2022)

Raider’s Medium Set can be obtained in the new Expedition. The thing is that this set had a Dexterity attribute on it before. But it was changed to Strength.

March 25, 2022, 16:40


News New World March PTR Release Notes - Patch 5
March PTR Release Notes: Patch 5

We have a new, and likely the last portion of PTR patch notes #5. The small one, generally said: “fixed a number of bugs, made additional improvements”.

March 23, 2022, 19:32


News New World March Content Roadmap
March Team Update: Roadmap

It’s a real holiday today! The roadmap we’ve been waiting for such a long time has been released. Seems I was absolutely right about my predictions on the future development of New World. 

March 19, 2022, 14:26