What To Do First After February Update In New World

What To Do First After February Update


The February update went live today, we have assembled pieces of advice on what you should do first.

Before opening all crates and boxes you’ve saved, MAKE SURE that they are updated and not bugged, and you can receive new items (or you’ll not receive them anyway – this is still unclear). Well, there is something we already know about how the updates go live 😉

The main recommended activities are: 

  1. Participate in Outpost Rushes (the guide will be updated right after we’ll have enough information from the live update, not from the PTR), since now you’ll receive Umbral Shards (the guide will be updated soon) and nice gear as a reward.
  2. Farm Mutated Expeditions for Umbral Shards, gear, and/or Expertise level. Mutator Orbs can now be purchased from the Faction Store every 3 days, rather than every 7 days.
  3. Craft Gypsum Casts for Expertise level or the Umbral Shards. If you’ve already reached GS 600, craft the Gypsum Cast for the highest GS item you have – the higher your GS is, the more Umbral Shards you receive.

Of course, you can receive Umbral Shards by crafting 600 GS items, but this is not an optimal way, because the prices for materials will be high. After reaching Expertise level 600 with a certain piece of gear, you will earn Umbral Shards for crafting a GS 600 item of this type. The amount of Umbral Shards earned will increase as your Expertise level increases.

Now, you can buy yourself a house (or even three at once) or pay the taxes you missed before without going bankrupt because the housing taxes are ten times less. Maybe, this will raise the prices for furnishings.

Now passing on my favorite topic, the theoretical economy. Most players will do their best to obtain the Smelter’s Gear, and the prices on it will be extremely high for the first few days.

Shortly said, it can be obtained from the Package of Specialized Smelting Materials. You can find more information about it and how to level Smelting from Smelting Guide.

That also means that all the materials used in Smelting (especially Flux) will go higher in price, so pick up your pickaxe (or logging axe) and get some ores or wood for charcoal.

It’s up to you to decide if you want to participate in this RNG competition. If you have enough materials – go on, the possibility of winning, selling Smelting gear, or selling raw Smelting materials is 50:50, the risks are equal and mostly depend on the situation on your server.

Next few days I’ll update all the guides up to patch 1.4, so stay with us. We really appreciate it and are thankful for every reader and follower.