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Weaponsmithing Guide (Updated Up To Patch 1.3.4)


Most MMORPG players are familiar with systems where you have to choose which profession you are going to learn. In New World, you can learn every Trading Skill without any restrictions, and it is one of the most fascinating sides of the game.

This is a true spirit of the frontier, of the newly discovered world, where you can craft yourself a weapon and armor that will never let you down in a battle, furniture for your house, new tools for gathering, potions, and you can craft this out of resources you gathered by yourself. 

All Trading Skills in New World are divided into Crafting, Refining and Gathering:

New World Trading Skills
Trading Skills

Weaponsmithing is a crafting skill that allows players to craft weapons – Swords, Great Axes, Rapiers, War Hammer and Shields, Honing Stones, Repair Kits at the Forge.

Tier 5 Forge:

New World Tier 5 Forge
Tier 5 Forge

The Tiers of crafting stations determine the Tiers of items you can craft. Considering the crafting Taxes, choose the Settlement with the lowest ones. 

Note that the Refining fee doesn’t reduce with the Station Fee bonus cards and other bonuses.

The level of the Crafting and Refining stations along with the Taxes can be checked by clicking on the Town on the World Map:

New World Crafting, Refining, Taxes
Crafting, Refining, Taxes

Note: time is money, friend. Sometimes it’s way more profitable and effective to buy the ingredients at the Trading Post instead of farming them by yourself.

Roughly said, if you need 1000 Flint, and you have a character level 60 with 200 Mining, buy the Flint and use your time to mine Orichalcum Veins for a much better gold per hour result.

Besides, you can sell the ingredients you gathered and buy cheaper analogs, saving a lot of money this way. More information about the ingredients choosing will be stated below.

Using Azoth In New World Crafting System

Adding Azoth to the crafted items gives you more Perks, Gem Slots or Attributes depending on the item you craft. Don’t use it if you’re crafting lots of items to increase your Trading Skill level:

New World Adding Azoth
Adding Azoth

For example, crafting an Orichalcum Longsword without Azoth has a low chance of adding a Gem Slot and Perk #2 and a medium chance for Perk #1:

New World Orichalcum Longsword Crafting

By adding the maximum amount of Azoth for this weapon we receive almost 100% chance of getting three additional bonuses:

New World Orichalcum Longsword Crafting With Azoth

Every item has its own Azoth limit depending on the item Tier and Gear Score. If you use a Special Resource to add a perk, the Azoth amount required will be decreased to the previous stage, for example, 45 Azoth instead of 60:

New World Azoth Limit
Azoth Limit

You can acquire Azoth in several ways. Main story quests give you a lot of Azoth, so don’t complete them if you’re close to the cap, which is 1000 Azoth. Sidequest also gives you some amount. 

It can be achieved by killing mobs randomly.

To get more Azoth, you can use Gathering Tools with the Azoth Extraction perk, for example:

New World Gathering Tool With Azoth Extraction Perk
Gathering Tool With Azoth Extraction Perk

And bags with Azoth Attuned perk:

New World Bag With Azoth Attuned Perk
Bag With Azoth Attuned Perk

The last way to gain Azoth is to buy it from Trading Post, it gives you 50 Azoth:

New World Vial of Suspended Azoth
Vial of Suspended Azoth

Item Perks

While crafting any item you receive random Attributes and Perks. By adding Special Resources, obtainable from mobs and chests around the world or bought at the Trading Post, you can receive Attributes and Perks you need with a 100% chance:

New World Special Resource
Special Resource Adding

There are lots of options for weapons:

New World Special Resource Selection
Special Resource Selection

While most of the perks are bound to a specific weapon, some are pretty widely applicable:

1. Keen:

New World Jagged Animal Claw
Jagged Animal Claw

2. Vicious:

New World Pristine Whetstone
Pristine Whetstone

3. Rogue:

New World Whetstone

4. Enchanted:

New World Worn Whetstone
Worn Whetstone

5. Keenly Jagged:

New World Pristine Animal Claw
Pristine Animal Claw

Timeless Shards

Timeless Shards enables players to craft an item with a specific Attribute on it while still being able to use a Craft Mod to guarantee a perk. They’re specific for each Weapon type.

New World Timeless Sword Shard
Timeless Sword Shard

To use the Timeless Shard you need Weaponsmithing level 200 and ten Crafting Mods used to receive the Attribute you want. Timeless Shards can only be applied to Tier 5 Weapons, don’t offer Attribute combinations, and cannot be applied to the items that already have some cosmetic component.

New World Timeless Shards Can Be Applied To Tier 5 Weapons Only
Timeless Shards Can Be Applied To Tier 5 Weapons Only

If you have several sets of ten Craft Mods, all variants will be listed.

New World Timeless Shard Weapon Craft Mod Sets
Timeless Shard Weapon Craft Mod Sets

Timeless Shards are guaranteed to drop from Expedition Bosses and have a chance to drop from:

  1. Elite Supply Chests in Expeditions and Elite Landmarks;
  2. Any named mob 60+ level;
  3. Aptitude Crates from Crafting skills.

Ingredients Selecting System

There are three major kinds of recipes in New World. The first type allows you to choose the ingredients you want to use, the second type has a set list of items, and the last type requires a special item in your bag. 

Some of the recipes are opened automatically while you level up your Trading skill, others can be obtained randomly from the chests and mobs or bought at the Trading Post.

For the first type of recipe, you can choose the ingredients you are using to craft items. To see which ingredients you can use for crafting click in the Ingredient window and unpin the Owned Items:

New World Ingredient Window

The Tier of the primary ingredient determines the Tier of the crafted item, so you cannot use, for example, Tier 5 ingredient for a Tier 3 item:

New World Tier of The Crafted Items

The tier and rarity of the secondary and tertiary ingredients impact the gear score of the item being crafted. There are no restrictions for the tier of the ingredients here.

Using high Tier rare ingredients will increase the maximum and minimum possible Gear Score of the item you craft, and, at the same time, its bonuses (Basic Attack, Armor Rating, Attribute number) with character level requirements.

On the other hand, using lower compared to the item level Tier ingredients will decrease its Gear Score, bonuses, and level requirements.

The Gear Scores shown in the table are compared to what they would be if you used only common ingredients for that Tier. If the Tier of the item you craft is lower than the ingredient Tier, modifiers will stack and increase the possible Gear Score considering every Tier and rarity upgrade. 

If the Tier of the item you craft is higher than the ingredients you use, the possible Gear Score will reduce considering every Tier and rarity downgrade.

So, if you use Tier 5 Epic ingredients for Tier 2 items, you’ll receive +30 to the minimum and +15 to the maximum Gear Score. 

If you use Tier 2 ingredients for Tier 5 items, you’ll get -15 to the minimum Gear Score.

Ingredient TierRarityMinimum Possible Gear Score IncreasingMaximum Possible Gear Score Increasing
Tier 2:Common
Tier 3:Common
Common Special (Scaly Hide)+5
Tier 4:Common
Epic Special: (Animal Horn)+15
Tier 5:Common

Let’s see how this system works on a Steel Great Axe, which is a Tier 3 weapon. Using Tier 3 Steel Ingot and basic Tier 2 secondary ingredients you’ll receive the Great Axe with characteristics as on the screenshot below:

New World Steel Great Axe

It might have only 128 Primary Attack, but requires character level 20 to use.

Adding Tier 3 Voidmetal as the main ingredient and Tier 5 Epic secondary and tertiary ingredients you’ll increase the minimum and maximum potential Gear Score up to 335, while Primary Attack potential will be 138 and character level requirement level 26.

New World Steel Great Axe 2

The item you receive still has random characteristics, but usually using higher tier ingredients means receiving higher gear items.

How To Choose The Ingredients For Crafting

While crafting, you can use various combinations of the ingredients depending on the Trading Post prices on your server. The prices are different on every server depending on its population and number of crafters and gatherers, and sometimes they are very volatile.

Some ingredients are widely spread, some are used in high-end crafting, while some of them have extremely low prices due to the large volume of production combined with low usage. 

Refined materials usually cost less than the raw ones, because the raw materials are used to increase the Refining Trading Skill level.

Note* prices may change several times a week. Buy resources at a low price, checking the Trading Post every day. Use Buy Orders.

Leather Ingredients

Let’s check the price for the Leather ingredients on Castle of Steel (US East):

New World Select Leathers
â„–IngredientTierRarityPrice (Gold Per Item)
1.Coarse LeatherTier 2Common0,9
2.RagehideTier 2Uncommon1,0
3.ShadowfurTier 3Rare0,65
4.Scaly HideTier 3Common Special1,5
5.Rugged LeatherTier 3Common1,4
6.Layered LeatherTier 4Common4,7
7.ShifthideTier 4Epic2,2
8.Brightscale HideTier 4Epic2,0
9.Runic LeatherTier 5Epic148,0
10.SmolderhideTier 5Legendary11,0
11.Infused LeatherTier 5Common6,9
12.ScarhideTier 5Legendary11,2

What do those prices mean? As a default secondary material, the crafting system will propose to you the Coarse Leather, which sounds logical – Tier 2 common ingredient for Tier 2 item. 

Since it has the lowest Tier, it should have the lowest price, but usually, it doesn’t.

Even if you’re farming the Rawhide by yourself, it might be more profitable (depending on your Trading Taxes and prices) to sell it and buy Shadowfur, which is a Tier 3 rare ingredient, but costs less due to its low usage.

While Brightscale Hide and Shifthide cost about 2 gold, they give you +15 to the minimum possible Gear Score and +5 to the maximum possible Gear Score for Tier 2 item, which is only a +5 increase to the minimum possible Gear Score compared to the Shadowfur.

Smolderhide and Scarhide will give you (for Tier 2 item) +20 to the possible minimum Gear Score and still +5 to the maximum possible Gear Score, which definitely is not worth this price.

Runic Leather gives +30 to the possible minimum Gear Score and +15 to the possible maximum Gear Score for Tier 2 items but costs ten times more than other ingredients because it is widely used in high-end items crafting and is limited in crafting to ten pieces per day for one player.

Refined Wood Ingredients

If we check the prices for wood, this will be as follows on Castle of Steel (US East):

New World Refined Wood Select
â„–IngredientTierRarityPrice (Gold Per Item)
1.TimberTier 2Common1,3
2.Petrified WoodTier 2Uncommon0,14
3.WhisperwoodTier 3Rare0,5
4.LumberTier 3Common2,7
5.QuillbarkTier 4Epic4,6
6.EbonwoodTier 4Epic13,9
7.Wyrdwood PlanksTier 4Common5,9
8.Animal HornTier 4Epic Special13,25
9.BarbvineTier 5Legendary7,0
10.WildwoodTier 5Legendary6,3
11.Ironwood PlanksTier 5Common11,8
12.Glittering EbonyTier 5Epic62,0

So, a Tier 2 Uncommon ingredient, Petrified Wood, costs less and gives better results than Tier 2 Common ingredient, Lumber. Even more, if you’re going to craft the Timber out of Green Wood by yourself, of course, you’ll get the increase of Woodworking Trade Skill, but the total price will be 0,68 gold per 1 Timber since 1 Timber = 4 Green wood x 0,17 gold per one.

Metal Ingredients

As for the metals, the same regularity takes place:

New World Metal Selection
â„–IngredientTierRarityPrice (Gold Per Item)
1.Iron IngotTier 2Common0,5
2.Fae IronTier 2Uncommon0,45
3.VoidmetalTier 3Rare2,7
4.Steel IngotTier 3Common2,0
5.Blessed CrucibleTier 4Epic12,9
6.Azurite ChunkTier 4Epic7,6
7.Starmetal IngotTier 4Common8,3
8.AsmodeumTier 5Epic353,0
9.CinnabarTier 5Legendary15,5
10.Orichalcum IngotTier 5Common48,0
11.TolviumTier 5Legendary16,3

Using Fae Iron for leveling your Trading Skills will save you a lot of money, while Azurite Chunk seems to be the best choice to increase the possible Gear Score.

As for Asmodeum, it gives the best result for the highest price. Only 10 ingots per day can be crafted by one player.

Leveling The Weaponsmithing

Note* take town Taxes into account.

Salvaging the items you craft will return back 1-2 (1,2 average) Common Metal Ingots per item for Longsword/Rapier and 1-4 (2,4 average) for Great Axe/War Hammer/Shield no matter the rareness of the ingredients you used. 

So, Round Shield requires the same number of ingredients as the Sword/Rapier, but gives twice more Ingots back on salvaging.

To minmax the number of Ingots return back on salvaging you can put 100 points into Focus:

New World Minmax The Number of Ingots

To calculate which way is more profitable on your server, count the price for the item first, then follow the formula: 

XP gained per item / crafting price, gold = XP received per 1 coin

For example, if the price for one craft is 10 gold, and you receive 120 XP, then it’s 12 XP per coin.

If you want to farm ingredients by yourself, for more information visit our Wood, Leathers, Metals and Motes Guides. Don’t forget to use Proficiency Boosters while farming.

If you decide to use Iron Ingots, Timber, Coarse Leather, and Motes because they cost less on your server, please check our Smelting, Woodworking, Leatherworking, and Arcana Guides, use special Armor sets to increase the yield. Use Obsidian catalysts to get bonus ingredients.

Leveling The Weaponsmithing By Settlement Project Board Quests

First of all, the cheapest way to level Weaponsmithing is through quests taken from the Settlement Project Boards. You can take 12 quests at once, so grab them in every settlement for faster leveling and craft items in the crafting hub with the lowest taxes and biggest storage or in every settlement to complete them at once if you have large bags and don’t really care about gold:

New World Leveling The Weaponsmithing By Settlement Project Board Quests

To travel faster you can reach the Azoth cap and spend it for fast traveling between the settlements.

Town Project Board quests are divided by Tiers, so you’ll always receive the quests that match your Weaponsmithing level:

New World Town Project Board Quests Are Divided By Tiers

These quests will reset every 30 minutes (check the timer in the top right corner of the board) and are repeatable, so if crafting quests are not available at the moment, try to reroll the list by accepting and canceling the missions on the first slot of every block, because only those slots can give you the crafting mission:

New World Town Project Board Quests Are Divided By Tiers 2

Ingredients required are always the same for the certain Tier:

New World Town Project Board Quests Are Divided By Tiers 3

Pros and cons of this method: you receive character XP, Weaponsmithing XP, and Territory Standing at once, besides, for highly populated servers these quests are more than twice as efficient than the bulk crafting method for gold/XP received ratio (about 76 XP per one coin for Valhalla server).

Sounds great, what’s the trick you may ask. First, those quests are not always available. Second, you have to run from town to town multiple times.

Leveling Weaponsmithing By Crafting Dungeon Weapon Replicas

If you have access to the special items required to craft dungeon replicas weapons, this may be the best way to level Weaponsmithing, because they give twice more XP compared to other weapons of this Tier.

These special items can be farmed or bought at the Trading House, but there’s a bug for the current moment that makes it impossible to search for them in a standard way.

For example, on level 60 Weaponsmithing you’ll have an access to Amrine Temple and Starstone Barrows replicas:

New World Amrine Temple And Starstone Barrows Replicas

On level 110 Weaponsmithing you can craft the Depths and Dynasty Shipyard replicas:

New World Depths And Dynasty Shipyard Replicas

At last, at level 160 Weaponsmithing you’ll be able to craft Lazarus Instrumentality and Garden of Genesis replicas:

New World Lazarus Watcher Round Shield

Leveling Weaponsmithing By Bulk Crafting

1. 0-50 Weaponsmithing Leveling

To increase Weaponsmithing from 0 to 50 you need 13 350 XP. For Tier 2 crafting the XP received is calculated as follows: 

Quantity of Ingredients x 12 XP = XP Output

1.1. There are three main options to choose from, but on level 1 you have only Iron Great Axe/Iron War Hammer recipe which requires 12 Metals, 3 Wood, and 2 Leathers and gives us 204 XP, and Longsword/Rapier/Round Shield recipe, which requires 7 Metals, 2 Wood and 1 Leather and gives 120 XP.

Depending on your server pricing, you can count which one is more profitable by yourself, but Round Shield gives more Ingots on salvaging, requiring the same number of ingredients as the Sword and Rapier:

New World Iron Round Shield Recipe

This recipe requires 10 ingredients x 12 XP = 120 XP received. To craft 112 Iron Round Shields you’ll need:

784 Tier 2 Metals, 224 Wood,112 Leathers.

As we stated above, using the cheapest ingredients will save you a lot of money, but you can use refined ingredients for your own reasons.

1.2. Another option is to craft Weak Honing Stone from level 20 Weaponsmithing. Usually, Tier 2 Motes cost more than Tier 2 Metals, and this is a more expensive way to level Weaponsmithing, but the prices may vary from server to server:

New World Weak Honing Stone Recipe

1.3. From level 25 Weaponsmithing you can craft the Sapling Brand, from level 26 – the Earthen Smasher, from level 27 you can craft Earth Battered Axe, and from level 28 – Twig of the Azoth Tree, all of them gives about the same amount of XP per coin:

New World Earthen Smasher Recipe

In this kind of recipe, you cannot choose the ingredients, so this one fits more for a low populated server where rare ingredients can cost more than common ones, or if you’re farming the ingredients by yourself. 

2. 50-100 Weaponsmithing Leveling

To increase Weaponsmithing from 50 to 100 you need 155 250 XP. For Tier 3 crafting the XP received is calculated as follows: 

Quantity of Ingredients x 45 XP = XP Output

There are several ways to continue leveling the Weaponsmithing. Since Tier 3 weapons require Tier 3 Metals and they cannot be changed to the cheaper Tier 2 ones, you can continue to craft Tier 2 items.

2.1. The most common way is to craft 1 294 Iron Round Shields. For the author’s server, Valhalla, it gives about 29 XP per coin due to low prices on rare Tier 2 and Tier 3 ingredients. You’ll need: 9 058 Tier 2 Metals, 2 588 Wood, 1 294 Leathers.

2.2. The second way is to craft Steel Great Axe/Steel War Hammer or Steel Longsword/Rapier/Round/Kite Shields. While all these weapons bring almost the same amount of XP per coin, the Shield still gives more Ingots on salvaging:

New World Steel Round Shield Recipe

To level Weaponsmith this way you’ll have to craft 314 Steel Round Shields, which requires:

2 512 Tier 3 Metals, 628 Wood, 314 Leather.

As for Valhalla server, Steel Round Shield gives about 29 XP per coin. This value varies on the server population and, as a result, ingredients pricing.

2.3. The third way is crafting Earthen Smasher and Earth Battered Axe, because common Tier 2 ingredients are cheaper than Tier 3 Metals. They give about 20 XP per coin since common ingredients usually cost more than rare ones anyway. 

To gain the amount of XP needed from level 50 to level 100 Weaponsmithing you have to craft 270 Earthen Smashers, for this you’ll need: 5 400 Iron Ingots, 4 050 Coarse Leather, 1 350 Timber, 1 080 Silver Ingots, 1 080 Fae Iron.

2.4. The last option is crafting the Common Honing Stone, which is available at level 70 Weaponsmithing:

New World Common Honing Stone Recipe

Since Wisps are pretty expensive, this method can be used if your server pricing differs a lot for some reason and Motes and Wisps cost less than usual. For example, for Valhalla server, Common Honing Stone grants about 12 XP per coin.

3. 100-150 Weaponsmithing Leveling

In Tier 4 crafting you need to earn 1 096 200 XP from level 100 to level 150 Weaponsmithing. The crafting  XP is calculated as follows: 

Quantity of Ingredients x 168 XP = XP Output

3.1. Crafting Tier 2 and Tier 3 weapons is still a proper method (of course, it depends on your server pricing), but you’ll have to craft huge numbers of weapons, like 9 135 Iron Round Shields, 1 904 Earthen Smashers or 2 215 Steel Round Shields.

3.2. There are two more options: Starmetal Weapons on level 100 and Strong Honing Stone on level 120 Weaponsmithing. There are also a variety of named weapons in this leveling diapason, but all of them have fixed sets of expensive Tier 4 ingredients and look like a fast way to spend all your gold.

3.3. For Tier 4 Metals analogues can be used, so depending on your server pricing Starmetal Round Shield can be a nice option:

New World Starmetal Round Shield Recipe

If considering Valhalla server prices, it still gives about 29 XP per coin. To craft 544 Starmetal Round Shields you’ll need: 4 896 Tier 4 Metals, 1 088 Wood, 544 Leathers.

3.4. Strong Honing Stone, as we mentioned above, is available on level 120 Weaponsmithing:

New World Strong Honing Stone Recipe

On most servers these ingredients are pretty expensive, so check the prices before crafting. For usual prices, it’ll give the same 12 XP per coin just like a Common Honing Stone.

4. 150-200 Weaponsmithing Leveling

While you can stop on the previous stage, you need level 200 if you want to craft 600 Gear Score items and Artifact Weapons. 

This is the hardest part because you need 5 607 000 XP from level 150 to level 200. The crafting XP for Tier 5 is calculated as follows: 

Quantity of Ingredients x 504 XP = XP Output

4.1. While you still can craft Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4 weapons, it’ll require absolutely ridiculous numbers of items and ingredients. Depending on your server prices, crafting Tier 5 weapons mostly has a better gold / XP ratio, about 42 XP per coin for Valhalla.

There are no alternatives for Tier 5 Common Metal, Orichalcum Ingot, because Epic and Legendary Metals usually cost more. But you can still use cheap secondary and tertiary ingredients.

All Tier 5 Weapons gives pretty the same amount of XP per gold spent, but Round Shield is still more profitable due to the more Ingots receiving on salvaging:

New World Orichalcum Round Shield

To craft 856 Orichalcum Round Shields you’ll need: 8 560 Tier 5 Metals, 1 712 Wood, 856 Leather.

4.2. On level 170 Weaponsmithing you can start crafting Powerful Honing Stone:

New World Powerful Honing Stone Recipe

On most servers the ingredients required cost a lot, for example, for Valhalla 1 Powerful Honing Stone will cost 187 gold, according to the XP given, we have 8 XP per coin ratio. Of course, on the server where you are playing the situation can be different.

Weaponsmithing Artifacts

On reaching level 200 Weaponsmithing you’ll be able to craft Legendary 600 Gear Score Weapons. Those weapons require Forge Tier 5 and a specific Artifact Ingredient (without it they’re not shown in the crafting list) including other high tier ingredients. All of these Weapons are bound on pickup and cannot be traded.

Being a Weaponsmith allows to craft:

TypeNameArtifact IngredientSpecial Ingredient
ShieldGilded DefenseEmblem of Fortitude
SwordWhisper of the WoodShattered SwordEtched Handguard
RapierVoidbringer’s RapierSerpentine HandguardEtched Handguard
Great AxeDark SkyAncient BearingEmpowered Counterbalance
War HammerYul’kithirScaling PowderEmpowered Counterbalance

Aptitude System

After reaching level 200 Weaponsmithing, you will continue to gain XP for crafting, but it will increase your Aptitude Counter. Each Aptitude Level is split into 3 equal parts, each one of them giving you a reward cache:

New World Aptitute System 1

Once you complete a whole Aptitude Level, your Counter goes up by one, so you could check how many you progress in this Trading Skill, and you start over. The Aptitude Counter number doesn’t affect anything like chances of receiving items from the Aptitude Boxes and doesn’t have a max level:

New World Aptitude System 2
  • 1/3 – 582,120 experience, Parcel of Weaponsmithing Materials;
  • 2/3 – 1,164,240 experience, Crate of Weaponsmithing Materials;
  • 3/3 – 1,764,360 experience, Package of Specialized Weaponsmithing Materials.

The rewards can change from simple Item Perk, Timeless Shards to rare ingredients and patterns from the Package of Specialized Weaponsmithing Materials:

New World Aptitude System 3

The Equipment Patterns are crafting artifacts that will allow you to craft a guaranteed Gear Score 600 item that will have a specific and unique appearance.

The patterns will require a significant amount of high-end crafting resources to

create and players will have the normal amount of control over the outcome of the perks using Crafting Mods and Azoth.

Maximizing The Weaponsmithing

Basic Tier 5 items Gear Score crafted with Tier 5 common ingredients is 500. To increase the minimum and maximum Gear Score of the crafted Weapons you can use modifiers to reach 595-600 diapason and receive a 17% chance for a perfect 600 Gear Score item:

ModifierMinimum Gear Score IncreasingMaximum Gear Score Increasing
Weaponsmithing Set + Earring+15+15
Trophies x3+15
200 Level Bonus+25
Tier 5 Epic ingredients x3+45+45
Lifestyle Project+5

Weaponsmithing Equip

There is a set of special armor for every Trading Skill. Weaponsmith Equip Set can be only Tier 4. Every part gives you +2 Item Quality for the Weapons you craft, which means +10 bonus can be obtained wearing a full set.

Weaponsmith Set consists of:

New World Weaponsmith Shirt
Weaponsmith Shirt
  • Weaponsmith Hat (looted from High Priest Oseguera, Nihilo Visage, Great Cleave);
  • Weaponsmith Shirt (looted from Elite Ancient Chests in Opulence, Myrkguard, Shattered Mountain; dropped by Myrkgard SpearmanMyrkgard AcolyteArchmagister Vocus); 
  • Weaponsmith Pants (looted from Malevolence, Edengrove);
  • Weaponsmith Gloves (looted from Elite Ancient Chests in Svikin’s Stand, Great Cleave);
  • Weaponsmith Shoes (looted from Elite Ancient Chests in Svikin’s Stand, Great Cleave).
New World Weaponsmith Equip Set
Weaponsmith Equip Set

Weaponsmith Mastery perk can be found on the Earring. You can craft it with Jewelcrafting using the Orichalcum Weaponsmith’s Charm:

New World Orichalcum Weaponsmith's Charm
Orichalcum Weaponsmith’s Charm

Those earrings can be from 380 Gear Score (32 character level required) up to 600 Gear Score, but the Gear Score of the item doesn’t change the Weaponsmithing bonus:

New World Primeval Pristine Diamond Earring of the Sentry
Primeval Pristine Diamond Earring of the Sentry

Weaponsmith Food

Herb-Crusted Broccoli increases your minimum and maximum Gear Score when crafting Weapons by 10. The recipe is obtained automatically on 51 Cooking Skill:

New World Herb-crusted Broccoli
Herb-crusted Broccoli

Roasted Vegetable Medley increases your minimum and maximum Gear Score when crafting Weaponsmithing items by 12. The recipe is a random drop from Provision Stockpiles and Crates, can be bought from the Trading Post, and requires 101 Cooking Skill:

New World Roasted Vegetable Medley
Roasted Vegetable Medley

Savory Vegetable Medley increases your minimum and maximum Gear Score when crafting Weapons by 15. The recipe is a random drop from Provision Stockpiles and Crates, can be bought from the Trading Post and requires 151 Cooking Skill:

New World Savore Vegetable Medley
Savore Vegetable Medley

Weaponsmithing Trophies

Weaponsmithing Crafting Trophy grants a bonus when you craft Weapons. On Tier 2 you have +3 Minimum Gear Score Bonus, on Tier 3 you’ll have a Minimum Gear Score Bonus of 4, and on Tier 5 a Minimum Gear Score Bonus of 5:

New World Minor Weaponsmithing Crafting Trophy
Minor Weaponsmithing Crafting Trophy

Trophies are unique furnishings for Houses in New World that are not bound to the Territory you own a house, you always benefit from your Trophy buffs. You can’t place the same Trophy in one house multiple times, but you can place that same Trophy in each of your houses since the effects are stacking, which grants you +15 Gear Score Bonus. For more information please check our Trophies Guide.

To craft Tier 3 Basic Weaponsmithing Crafting Trophy you’ll need  Quartermaster’s Note, which is a rare drop from high-level chests and can be bought from the Trading Post:

New World Basic Weaponsmithing Crafting Trophy
Basic Weaponsmithing Crafting Trophy
New World Quartermaster's Notes
Quartermaster’s Notes

To craft Tier 4 Major Weaponsmithing Crafting Trophy you’ll need Forgemaster’s Note, which is a rare drop from high-level chests and can be bought from the Trading Post:

New World Major Weaponsmithing Crafting Trophy
Major Weaponsmithing Crafting Trophy
New World Forgemaster's Notes
Forgemaster’s Notes

Improve Lifestyle Projects

Town Projects are community quests that give the opportunity to upgrade a specific part of a settlement. A town project can be started by the territory’s Governor, after which any player in the controlling faction can contribute by completing special tasks:

New World Forge Upgrade

The Improve Lifestyle Projects grant an improvement lasts 3 days to the quantity of harvested materials, combat traits, or the Gear Score of items you craft:

New World Weaponsmith's Temperament
Weaponsmith’s Temperament

For more information, please check our Leveling Guide and Companies Guide.