New World Territory Wars Guide

Territory Wars Guide (Updated Up To Patch 1.3.4)


The whole New World is divided into Territories, which are controlled by the Factions. Every Territory has a Fort, where the Faction’s Control Point for the region is situated.

New World Castle Everfall
Castle Everfall

At the start of the game, the specific settlement should not be owned by another company to claim a settlement and should be marked as “unclaimed territory”. A Company can claim it for the price of around 100,000 coins. This will give you the right to own the settlement, and everyone will see that your Company owns that Territory on the world map.

You can check who controls the forts and which are contested on the map. Factions can go to war, 50 vs 50 player siege combat over a Territory and fight to control it. You can participate in the war even if you’re not in the company by recruiting at the War Board:

New World Territory Wars Factions
New World Territory War Sign Up Menu
Territory War Sign Up Menu

Territory Control Point

The Territory Control Point is located within the Fort. Capturing it is not the same as capturing the Fort within 50 vs 50 War because it only gives temporary ownership of the Fort to the Faction and provides a 5% XP Boost and a 20% Influence Gain Boost to the certain Faction while in the territory. 

Control points will be activated 60 minutes after a War or Invasion is completed.

To capture one of these Control Points, you have to enable PvP mode, enter the Fort’s Gate, and stand around the flag in the center of the Fort until it is captured. The Faction with more players inside the Control Point than any other will begin to slowly capture the control point. 

There’s no minimal requirement for the number of players and the Control Point can be captured by a single player for a total of 5 minutes. 

New World Territory Wars Control Point Defense
Territory Wars Control Point Defense

No more than 25 players from the same Faction can be in the Fort during capturing the Control Point.

Every additional player within the capture radius reduces the time required to capture the Point. The minimum time is 2.5 minutes for a total of 5 players.

New World Capture Time Reduction
Every Additional Player Within The Capture Radius Reduces The Capture Time

The Territory Control Point also grants the Faction a unique buff depending on the Territory and Fort:

1First LightReduces fast travel weight costs from 5 Azoth per 10 weight down to 1 Azoth per 10 weight.
2Monarch’s BluffsReduces fast travel distance costs from 5 Azoth per 100 meters down to 1 Azoth per 100 meters.
3WindswardIncreases volume of items gained when gathering by 5%.
4EverfallReduces trading taxes by 5%. 
5BrightwoodReduces housing taxes by 5%.
6Cutlass KeysReduces base Azoth cost of fast travel by 50% for the controlling Faction.
7Weaver’s FenIncreases coin, experience, territory standing, and faction token rewards from Faction Missions by 5% for the controlling Faction.
8Restless ShoreIncreases coin, experience, and faction token rewards from Corrupted Breaches by 5% for the controlling Faction.
9Mourning DaleIncreases coin and experience rewards from Expeditions by 5% for the controlling Faction.
10Ebonscale ReachReduces refining taxes by 5% for the controlling Faction.
11ReekwaterReduces crafting taxes by 5% for the controlling Faction.

Declaring A War

War can only be declared on a Territory that’s currently in Conflict. A state of Conflict occurs when an opposing Faction has gained 100% Influence in the territory, usually through competing enough relevant PvP missions. The Conflict state allows a Company to declare War and capture a Territory.

New World Conflict State
The Conflict State Allows A Company To Declare A War And Capture A Territory

If your Company contributed at least 10 percent of the Influence bar, you’ll participate in the lottery system to become the Vanguard. After a 10-minute period, Vanguard will be able to put the Territory into the Conflict state and declare war.  

If nobody gets above 10%, the Company will be chosen randomly with the most impactful Companies having the highest chance of getting selected.

If more than one Company declares War on the same territory during the conflict, the most active Companies in the influence race have a higher chance of being selected as the Vanguard.

The Governor of the Vanguard will be asked to submit a certain amount of money from his Company bank to pay the fee, which is used to fund the Warcamp. There are 3 tiers of Warcamps available, each with varying effects:

War Camp TierTier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Gate StrengthNormalHighHighest
Deployment Limit6810
Siege Supply RateNormalHighHighest
Cost7,500 10,000 15,000 

The Governor may select members of his Company to participate in 50 vs 50 combat.

New World Territory Wars Governor
The Governer Selects Players To Participate In Combat

If there are insufficient numbers in a Company to fill out the ranks of the Vanguard, the Governor may choose from anyone in the Faction or from volunteers from the third Faction. 

New World Governor Choose
The Governor May Choose From The Faction Or From The Third Faction Volunteers To Participate In Territory Wars

For example, if a Company from the Syndicate has declared War on a Territory owned by the Marauders and they don’t have enough warriors to fill their ranks, they can enlist help from members of the Covenant. 

War can then be declared to occur at a specific date/time selected by the declaring Company.

New World Territory War
Territory War Can Be Declared To Occur At A Specific Time Selected By The Declaring Company

Siege Weapons

Similar to how they are acquired and used in Invasions, you gain Battle Tokens by contributing to the battle – commonly said, killing enemies. It’s important to note that these Tokens will only last during the War, so use them while you have them.

Remember, you need a proper Ammunition Kit to be able to use siege weapons:

New World Ammunition Kit
Ammunition Kit

As an attacker, you can spend your Battle Tokens at the War Camp’s Armory to acquire Siege Platforms and build them on the battlefield: 

1. Cannon Platform: medium rate of fire, the highest damage per hit, effective against structures and slow-moving targets.

New World Cannon Platform
Cannon Platform

2. Fire Launcher Platform: launches a flaming projectile that bursts on impact, most effective against infantry or to counter ranged opponents.

New World Fire Launcher Platform
Fire Launcher Platform

3. Repeater Platform bolts don’t do a lot of damage but have a very high speed. It’s most effective against smaller and quicker targets.

New World Repeater Platform
Repeater Platform

The Siege Weapons for Fort defenders won’t come at a cost, but just how powerful these Siege Weapons are will be dictated by how they have been upgraded through the Territory Progression system prior to the War.

1. Ballista: medium rate of fire, high damage per shot, most effective against structures, and large, slower-moving targets. The defender’s version of the Cannon Platform.

New World Ballista

2. Explosive Cannon: slow fire rate, its explosive shot disrupts and knocks enemies back. Mostly effective against groups of infantry and provides area denial, so it can be used to defend the Rally Points.

New World Explosive Cannon
Explosive Cannon

3. Repeater Turret functionally the same as the attacker’s. High rate of fire, low damage per shot, and most effective against smaller, quicker targets.

New World Repeater Turret
Repeater Turret

4. Fire Dropper does high damage over time, making it most effective against groups of enemies attacking the gate.

New World Fire Dropper
Fire Dropper

5. Horn of Resilience provides a temporary healing and defensive buff to all allies in the area. Use it wisely since it has a long cool down.

New World Horn of Resilience
Horn of Resilience

Traps are available to Attackers and Defenders:

1. Inferno Mine bursts and covers the area with fire when an enemy gets close enough. It’s effective at area denial when placed in choke points.

New World Inferno Mine
Inferno Mine

2. Powder Keg does the highest damage to any siege weapon, making it extremely effective against gates. Its fuse must be lit manually and has a longer duration. It can be destroyed by the enemies.

New World Powder Keg
Powder Keg

Fort Siege

Victory Conditions: Attackers win by capturing all 3 Rally Points, breaching the Fort’s Gates, and then taking the final capture point. Defenders win by holding off the attacking army for 30 minutes.

Once you have been selected to fight, you’ll be getting a notification before the War begins. When the time comes for battle, you’ll be teleported to the battlefield and provided with 50 Battle Tokens.

New World Territory War Invitation
Territory War Invitation

The attacking army will spawn in the Warcamp.

New World Warcamp

Inside the Warcamp, there’ll be the armory, which includes consumable items like health, haste, and cleansing potions, items such as the Powder keg or a Landmine, and deployable Siege Weapons usable on the battlefield.

New World Warcamp Consumable Items
Warcamp Consumable Items

The Defenders will spawn inside the Fort. 

New World Fort

They will also have their own Armory with consumables and Siege Weapons. 

New World Fort Consumable Items
Fort Consumable Items

The attackers must first capture three Rally Points in front of the Fort. 

New World Rally Points
Rally Points

Attackers must have more bodies on the flag than the defenders to begin turning it over to their control.

Once captured, they cannot be retaken by the defenders. Rally Points can be used by the defenders as respawn points.

After the Rally Point is captured, the attackers will be able to respawn on it and get access to the Armory.

New World Territory Wars Respawn Points
Territory Wars Respawn Points

After all three Rally Points are caught by the attackers, there are five ways to attack the Gates – the main gate right down the middle, two side gates on either side, and two back gates at the rear of the Fort. 

The Front Gates are strong. They can be upgraded depending on what the protectors invested into their territory. So the best way to destroy the gates are Powder Kegs. Or, you can also deal damage to them just by hitting them. 

You can get into the Fort through the back door – this will allow you to set range characters up the wall near the middle point with the Flag.

New World To Get Into The Fort Through The Back Door
You Can To Get Into The Fort Through The Back Door

Defenders protect the Gates and have Siege Supplies that are auto-generated during War by Siege Supply Generators. These resources can be used to repair structures, including Gates, Armories, Siege Supply Generators, and Siege Weapons. There will be a vendor next to your Armory that will allow you to get siege parts.

New World Siege Supplies
Siege Supply Generator

Once the attackers get access to the Flag in the middle, they have to stand near to capture it. The more people you have into this middle point, the faster it’s going to count down. 

The War has a timer of 30 minutes. 

If the attackers manage to claim the Flag faster, then the battle will end. 

New World Fort Capture Victory
Fort Capture Victory

If the attackers don’t succeed for those 30 minutes, the defenders win.

New World Territory War Defense Victory
Territory Defense Victory

Once the War has come to its end, players on both sides of the conflict will be teleported off the battlefield.

Bonuses For Controlling The Settlement

If you’re a member of the Company which is governing the current Territory, you’ll get -70% discount for fast travels, 30% discount for taxes and 20% discount for houses within this Territory:

New World Bonuses For Controlling The Settlement
Bonuses For Controlling The Settlement

If you already have a Settlement and need information about how to manage taxes, create projects, etc., you can check our Companies Guide.


What’s the difference between the Territory Control Point fight and the War for the Settlement in New World?

Controlling the Territory Control Point gives temporary ownership of the Fort to the Faction, while the Fort Siege gives constant ownership of the Territory to the certain Company.

How can I participate in the War if I’m not a Company member?

You can register yourself at the War Board in every Settlement.

How to declare a War in New World?

First, your Faction has to put the Territory into the War condition. If your Company contributed at least 10 percent of the Influence bar, you’ll participate in the lottery system to become the Vanguard.

What’s the Vanguard in New World?

The Company which was chosen to be able to declare War.

What are the victory requirements for the Fort Siege in New World?

Attackers win by capturing all 3 Rally Points, breaching the Fort’s Gates, and then taking the final capture point. Defenders win by holding off the attacking army for 30 minutes.