New World Territory Standing Guide

Territory Standing Guide (Updated Up To Patch 1.3.4)


So, as we’ve already mentioned in our Factions Guide, the whole New World is divided into Territories controlled by Factions. Territory Standing is a progression system that gives you passive bonuses as you complete activities in a certain region.

Each Territory has its own individual Standing, and rewards are exclusive to the Territory they are earned in.

Territory Standing rewards are permanent and cannot be reallocated.

There is a level cap of 300 per Territory.

You can see your progress to the next Territory Standing Level by viewing the Territory on the World Map:

New World Map
New World Map
New World Territory Standing Level
Territory Standing Level

Bonus Cards

After you increase your Territory Standing, a set of three bonuses you can choose from will appear, for example:

New World Territory Standing Bonuses
Territory Standing Bonuses

Different cards can kind of have different uses in different territories because what might be useful in Everfall isn’t necessarily the same as what’s going to be useful over in Ebonscale. So, it’s just trying to think a little bit ahead: where’s your hub town, where’s your core gathering site’s going to be in the late game, where are you going to be doing your faction missions. 

Thanks to /u/Intelligent-Sir8774 and u/MalaZedik, you can check the basic Territory Bonus Calculator spreadsheet in Google sheets. You will need to download or make a copy, so you can click which upgrades you want.

Also, make sure that you move these choices around a little bit, don’t continue taking the exact same card every single time in a row because then that value will diminish over time.

The only bonuses that do not suffer diminishing returns are the storage increase and the housing item bonus.

The only bonus that you do not get a choice for is the housing ownership bonus. This is an automatic bonus that you will get at level 10 territory standing in each zone that allows you to purchase and own a home within that territory:

New World House Ownership Bonus
House Ownership Bonus

Storage Space can add up to a max of 1600 weight capacity to your Storage, and this bonus will always be useful considering the number of loot you gather.

You can use a trick for getting the bonus storage. You can simply take perk till level 8 and then skip the perk for level 9. Wait till you get to level 10 and then use the house ownership upgrade for getting an extra 25 Storage Space:

New World Storage Upgrade
Storage Upgrade

Faction Token Gain increases the amount of Faction Tokens you gain from completing Faction PvE and PvP Missions. It will help you get Runes of Holding used in bag crafting and Faction Gear.

New World Faction Reputation Upgrade
Faction Reputation Upgrade

Gathering Speed increases your gathering speed by 5%. It becomes less valuable once you gain access to Tier III Gathering Tools, which already offer a significant boost to gathering speed:

New World Gathering Speed Upgrade
Gathering Speed Upgrade

Standing Gain is useful to get a few levels early on. Remember that it only affects your Standing gain for the particular territory it is acquired in. Between diminishing returns and a Standing cap which you will eventually reach, this becomes less valuable the higher your Standing for that territory becomes.

New World Territory Standing Upgrade
Territory Standing Upgrade

Station Fee, Trading Tax & Property Tax. These tax-related rewards are a great investment in Territories where you are looking to do most of your crafting. 

Note that the Refining fee doesn’t reduce with the Station Fee bonus cards and other bonuses.

Property Tax is included here because you will likely want to craft in a settlement in which you have purchased a House due to the convenience of having more storage space (check the Housing guide for details). 

New World Tax-Related Rewards
Tax-Related Rewards

Property Tax Reduction is useful if you own a house. It can also be worthwhile if you decide you want more than one house in an area to have a second recall.

House Items increase the number of Housing items you can place by 5 in a given territory. Note that this does not increase your Trophy cap.

New World House Items Upgrade
House Items Bonus

XP Gain is generally not worth picking since you will not spend your entire time leveling in the same territory. Once you hit the Level 60 cap, this stops giving any benefit. It is recommended that you pick this card once and only once as your first reward, as it will always appear in the first set of rewards; so you can maintain that 3% bonus, which is still something. 

New World XP Gain Upgrade
XP Gain Upgrade

Tips And Hints For Choosing The Bonus Cards

The starting zones are where most players will spend a significant chunk of their time. You need to focus on trading tax, crafting fees, gathering speed, and storage space cards in these areas. 

Everfall or Windsward are the most populated towns, so you might want to buy a house here and make them your crafting and trading hub. For this, you’ll need trading tax, station fee, property tax, standing gain, storage space, and house items card as an option.

Moving north, we have Brightwood, where things start to focus less on trading and more on faction missions. So I would recommend here you take faction tokens, territory standing cards, and crafting fee cards. Of course, storage space is also useful along with gathering speed.

The Weaver’s Fen is not going to be a huge trade hub, so lowering your crafting fees, faction tokens, and increasing your territory standing is also recommended. Besides, there’s a lot of Oil in this area, so gathering speed and storage space are nice too.

Then moving up into Morningdale, you want to focus on things like gathering speed and storage space because there are some high-end resources in this area. Crafting fees, standing gain, and faction token gain can be also useful here. 

The Cutlass Keys is a fantastic region for silver and gold, so take gathering speed and then slot in some faction tokens, storage space, faction token gain, and territory standing cards here. 

As for the Restless Shore, Reekwater, and Ebonscale Reach – focus on things like faction tokens here. In these higher-level zones, you’re going to get more faction tokens per mission, so there’s more value in doing them. Taking faction tokens in your early zones isn’t really going to have as much value because you won’t get as many tokens per turn. 

To gather high-end resources you need gathering speed. Storage space, a couple of standing gains, crafting fees, trading tax cards are also recommended.

Obviously, all of these are personal opinions – they’re not going to be the right ones for some people.

Earning The Territory Standing

You earn territory standing by gaining XP in that zone, so doing quests, crafting, discovering landmarks, and killing mobs will increase your territory standing.

  • The absolute best way to earn a reputation for territory standing is from the settlement project boards:
New World Settlement Project Board
Settlement Project Board

These frequently require materials or crafted items or killing simple things you would run across in the wild. These quests will reset every 30 minutes and are repeatable, so once you’re familiar with what is required, you can stock up on those items or remember what to harvest while you’re out in the wild running other quests.

You can take 12 of these Town Projects at once. In general, the crafting and common resource quests are the most efficient.

More information about project boards you can find in our Leveling Guide.

  • Also, you can earn the Territory Standing by closing the Corrupted Breaches. More information about them you can find in our Leveling Guide.

Cooking can also be used to earn the territory standing since it gives pretty many points per one cheap craft.


Can I change my Territory bonus rewards in New World?

No, for the moment, they are permanent.

What are the best Territory bonus cards in New World?

Depends on the Territory, but mostly the best cards are Storage Space, Gathering Speed, fees and taxes decreasing, and a couple of Standing Gain cards would be nice.

Which bonus card should I avoid in New World?

XP Gain is worthless since you will change your leveling locations, and it’s useful only till level 60.

How can I earn the Territory Standing?

By simply any activities giving XP in that zone, doing quests, crafting, discovering landmarks and killing mobs will increase your Territory Standing.

What is the best way to earn the Territory Standing?

In most ways, the easiest way to gain Territory Standing is completing the quests from Settlement Project Boards.