New World Stonecutter's Guide

Stonecutting Guide (Updated Up To Patch 1.3.4)


Most MMORPG players are familiar with systems where you have to choose which profession you are going to learn. In New World, you can learn every Trading Skill without any restrictions, and it is one of the most fascinating sides of the game.

This is a true spirit of the frontier, of the newly discovered world, where you can craft yourself a weapon and armor that will never let you down in a battle, furniture for your house, new tools for gathering, potions, and you can craft this out of resources you gathered by yourself. 

All Trading Skills in New World are divided into Crafting, Refining, and Gathering:

New World Trading Skills
Trading Skills

Stonecutting is a refining skill that allows players to make Bricks, cut and fuse Gems, and craft Expedition Orbs at the Stonecutting Table. 

Stonecutting Table 5:

New World Stonecutting

The Tiers of refining stations determine the Tiers of items you can refine. Considering the Taxes, choose the Settlement with the lowest ones. 

Note* the Refining fee doesn’t reduce with the Station Fee bonus cards and other bonuses.

The level of the Crafting and Refining stations along with the Taxes can be checked by clicking on the Town on the World Map:

New World Crafting Refining Taxes
Crafting Refining Taxes

Note: time is money, friend. Sometimes it’s way more profitable and effective to buy the ingredients at the Trading Post instead of farming them by yourself.

Roughly said, if you need 1000 Stones and have a character level 60 with 200 Mining / Harvesting / Logging, buy those Stones and use your time to mine Orichalcum Veins or other higher tier ingredients for a much better gold per hour result.

Additional Items Craft Chance

The basis is calculated by 4 factors:

  1. The base chance for that Tier to create extra items. The Base Chance is a predetermined value that is set for each refined material and cannot be changed directly. Expedition Orbs have a base chance of -100%. As of patch 1.1, Runestone can no longer gain any extra item chance. Each Lodestone in the recipe now gives a -10% extra item chance, which in turn cancels out any benefit from the Stonecutter’s Set;
  2. The Trading Skill level divided by a factor of 10;
  3. The refining material used;
  4. The difference in Tier between the refined material and the refining agent increases by 0,25 for each Tier above the refined material and decreases by 0,05 for each Tier of the refining agent below the refined material. For the basic Tier 3 refined materials, the first Tier increase of 0,25 has a value of 0. This 0 is ignored by the game and the next value of 0,5 is used instead. 

Gems are currently not affected by refining agents and only take your Trading Skill level and gear set pieces into consideration. So it is advised to only use Weak Solvent on these items to reduce waste of higher Tier refining agents. 

For example, you cut 75 Stone Bricks using Fine Sandpaper, and your refining skill is 100. 

The base chance for Stone Bricks is -2%. 

We add a 10% chance because 100 Refining Skill divided by 10 is 10. 

This gives us a Base Extra Material Chance of 8%. 

Stone Bricks are Tier III, Fine Sandpaper is Tier IV. 

This 1 level positive difference in refining material for Tier 3 basic material gives a 50% increased chance for extra material.

So we have 8% + 50% = 58% for a potential addition of up to 43,5 materials, which round to 43 or 44 materials over time.

Mathematically this looks like this:

{\displaystyle (RefiningSkill/10)+BonusItemChance*100+TierDifferenceAmount*100.}
{\displaystyle (100/10)+(-0.02*100)+(0.5*100)=58\%}

Sandpaper choosing depends on your server pricing. Commonly said, the bigger the net material craft price/sandpaper price ratio is, the more you want to use higher Tier sandpaper.

Let’s count it, taking the prices from Valhalla, US East as an example.

The net cost of 1 craft of the Stone Brick is 1,4 gold.

The price for Coarse Sandpaper is 0,4 gold, and the chance for crafting the additional items is 3% at Stonecutting level 50, so you’ll receive 1,03 Stone Bricks for 1,8 gold or 0,57 Stone Bricks per coin.

The price for Fine Sandpaper is 0,15 gold, and the chance for crafting the additional items is 53% at Stonecutting level 50, so you’ll receive 1,53 Stone Bricks for 1,55 gold or 0,99 Stone Bricks per coin.

The price for the Obsidian Sandpaper is 0,7 gold, and the chance for crafting the additional items is 78% at Stonecutting level 50, so you’ll receive 1,78 Stone Bricks for 2,1 gold or 0,85 Stone Bricks per coin.

In this case, Fine Sandpaper is the most optimal choice.

But if we take a look at Lodestone Brick, the situation will be totally different. Its net cost is 4 gold per craft, and the Obsidian Sandpaper is more profitable in this case.

Using Coarse Sandpaper will give you a 0% chance for crafting the additional items at Stonecutting level 100, so you’ll receive 0,23 Lodestone Bricks per coin.

Using Fine Sandpaper will give you a 5% chance for crafting the additional items at Stonecutting level 100, so you’ll receive 1,05 Lodestone Bricks for 4,15 gold or 0,25 Lodestone Bricks per coin.

Using Obsidian Sandpaper will give you a 30% chance for crafting the additional items at Stonecutting level 100, so you’ll receive 1,3 Lodestone Bricks for 4,7 gold or 0,28 Lodestone Bricks per coin.

The calculation will be pretty similar for Obsidian Voidstone, a Tier 5 common material. Its net cost is 25,8 gold per craft. 

Using Coarse Sandpaper will give you a 0% chance for crafting the additional items at Stonecutting level 150, so you’ll receive 0,038 Obsidian Voidstone per coin.

Using Fine Sandpaper will give you a 3% chance for crafting the additional items at Stonecutting level 150, so you’ll receive 1,03 Obsidian Voidstone for 25,95 gold or 0,039 Obsidian Voidstone per coin.

Using Obsidian Sandpaper will give you an 8% chance for crafting the additional items at Stonecutting level 150, so you’ll receive 1,08 Obsidian Voidstone for 26,5 gold or 0,04 Obsidian Voidstone per coin.

To increase the yield, you can use Stonecutter’s Equip. When stonecutting, every part gives you a +2% yield, which means a +10% bonus can be obtained wearing a full set:

New World Stonecutter's Shirt
Stonecutter’s Shirt
New World Stonecutter's Set
Stonecutter’s Set

Stonecutter’s Set consists of: 

  • Stonecutter’s Hat (looted from Elite Ancient Chests in Opulence, Myrkguard, Shattered Mountain; dropped by Myrkgard Spearman, Myrkgard Acolyte, Archmagister Vocus);
  • Stonecutter’s Shirt (looted from Elite Ancient Chests and dropped from mobs and bosses in Nihilo Visage, Great Cleave); 
  • Stonecutter’s Pants (looted from Elite Ancient Chests and dropped from mobs and bosses – Borvarn, Erlander, Shrine Master Yang in North Palace Shrine, Dynasty Landing, Ebonscale Reach);
  • Stonecutter’s Gloves (looted from Elite Ancient Chests and dropped from mobs in Upper Harrow, Shattered Mountain);
  • Stonecutter’s Shoes (looted from Elite Ancient Chests and dropped from mobs and bosses in Scorched Mines, Ambusti Superior, Shattered Mountain).

Refining Material Conversion

In case Sandpaper or Solvent is very expensive on your server for some reason, you can convert other refining agents using a Material Converter. It can be bought from the Faction Representative.

Common Material Converter is available on level 2 Faction Rank for 100 Faction Tokens:

New World Common Material Converter
Common Material Converter

Conversion requires 20 pieces of any other refining reagent of the same Tier and gives 15 pieces of the reagent you need. Material Converter will be consumed:

New World Coarse Sandpaper
Coarse Sandpaper
New World Weak Solvent
Weak Solvent

Advanced Material Converter can be bought for 200 Faction Tokens on level 3 Faction Rank:

New World Advanced Material Converter
Advanced Material Converter

It is used for the conversion of Tier 4 refining agents:

New World Fine Sandpaper
Fine Sandpaper
New World Potent Solvent
Potent Solvent

Masterwork Material Converter costs 500 Faction Token and requires Faction Rank 4:

New World Masterwork Material Converter
Masterwork Material Converter

With Masterwork Material Converter, you can convert Tier 4 refining agents:

New World Obsidian Sandpaper
Obsidian Sandpaper
New World Pure Solvent
Pure Solvent

Gems Cutting And Fusing

The Gems can be divided into Tiers:

  1. Flawed (Tier 2).
    • Cut Flawed = 3x Flawed + 2 Motes
  2. Uncommon (Tier 3) = 3 x Flawed + 1 Wisp + 2 Solvent
    • Cut Uncommon = 1 x Uncommon + 2 Wisp + 2 Solvent
  3. Brilliant (Tier 4) = 4 x Uncommon + 1 Essence + 2 Solvent
    • Cut Brilliant = 1 x Brilliant + 2 Essence + 2 Solvent
  4. Pristine (Tier 5) = 5 x Brilliant + 1 Quintessence + 2 Solvent
    • Cut Pristine = 1 x Pristine + 2 Quintessence + 2 Solvent

Basic numbers are given in this table because they can be changed due to your chance of crafting the additional items.

Tier 2 → Tier 33512
Tier 3 → Tier 4420412
Tier 4 → Tier 556012312
Gem Fusing Cost
Tier 22
Tier 31022
Tier 440822
Tier 518036932
Gem Cutting Crafting Cost

There are 14 kinds of Gems, each of them requires its own kind of Motes for cutting. Life Motes are often the cheapest ones, but Diamond and Onyx are pretty expensive. 

It’s better to use Earth Motes with Amber / Emerald and Water Motes with Aquamarine. Fire Motes vary in price a lot. For my server, they’re very cheap, but on some servers, they’re one of the most expensive.


Material required for Elemental Ingredients. You can refine Motes with Arcana Trading Skill.

Per 1MotesWispEssence

On highly populated servers, it’s cheaper to buy Cut Gems, unless you don’t have Stonecutting level 200 and full Stonecutter’s Set. I checked a couple of different servers, and the situation is pretty much the same. For example, here are the Gem prices for Valhalla:

FlawedCut FlawedUncommonCut UncommonBrilliantCut BrilliantPristineCut Pristine

Leveling The Stonecutting

Note: take town Taxes into account.

If you want to farm ingredients by yourself, for more information, please check the links to our Harvesting and Mining Guides. Don’t forget to use Proficiency Boosters while farming.

1. 0-50 Stonecutting Leveling

To increase Stonecutting from 0 to 50, you need 14 065 XP. 

1.1. Stone Block is the go-to option to level from level 0. This is something you can refine further for leveling and something you’ll always need. 

You’ll have to craft 391 Stone Blocks, which require 1 564 Stones:

New World Stone Block
Stone Block

1.2. Also, you can cut Gems. It might be profitable on some servers, but usually, it is not because Cut Tier 2 Gems cost less than Flawed ones. 

If you do want to level Stonecutting by cutting Gems, first find the best Flawed / Cut ratio price or simply the cheapest Gem with the cheapest Mote combination.

You’ll have to cut 110 Gems, which require 110 Flawed Gems and 220 Motes:

New World Cut Flawed Amethyst
Cut Flawed Amethyst

1.3. If you’re going to craft Mutated Expedition Tuning Orb, you’ll need Eternal Hearts (5 for each Orb). They are bound on pickup and have a -100% chance of crafting extra items.

To reach level 50 Stonecutting, you’ll have to craft 71 Eternal Hearts, but there’s no need to craft so many. You can just make the quantity you need and continue leveling by crafting Stone Bricks:

New World Eternal Heart
Eternal Heart

1.4. On level 25 Stonecutting, you can also craft Corrupted Fragments. Just check first for the Trading Post prices – on some servers, the price for one Fragment and one Sliver are equal, so there’s no reason to craft them.

You cannot get extra items because the chance is set to -100%.

New World Corrupted Fragment
Corrupted Fragment

2. 50-100 Stonecutting Leveling

To increase Stonecutting from 50 to 100, you need 152 925 XP.

2.1. The default choice for further leveling is the Stone Brick. You’ll need a lot of it for Expedition Orbs crafting. You’ll need 850 to level Stonecutting from level 50 up to level 100, which requires 3400 Stone Blocks or 13 600 Stones.

Note* it has a -2% base chance on crafting extra items.

New World Stone Brick
Stone Brick

2.2. Gem Cutting might be profitable but always check the Trading Post before. Usually, uncut Gems cost the same as the cut ones.

Gems are not affected by refining agents, so use Weak Solvent (or whatever is the cheapest on your server).

You’ll have to cut 141 Gems, which require 141 Tier 3 Uncut Gems, 282 Earth Wisps (or 1410 Motes), and 282 Solvent:

New World Cut Amber
Cut Amber

2.3. Gem Fusion is senseless on most servers because both Wisps and Flawed Gems of this Tier are pretty expensive. In case the prices are totally different on your server, fusing 117 Gems requires 351 Flawed Tier 2 Gems, 117 Wisps or 585 Motes, and 234 Weak Solvent:

New World Amber

2.4. If you’re going to craft a Mutated Expedition Tuning Orb, you’ll also need Elemental Hearts and Energy Cores (5 for each Orb). They are bound on pickup, and both have a -100% chance of crafting extra items:

New World Elemental Heart
Elemental Heart
New World Energy Core
Energy Core

2.5. Six Corrupted Shards or 24 Corrupted Fragments are required to craft a Mutated Expedition Tuning Orb. Usually, crafting them on your own makes sense, but you’d better check the Trading Post for prices first:

New World Corrupted Shard
Corrupted Shard

At level 75 Stonecutting, you’ll refine them into Corrupted Crystals. Both Corrupted Shards and Corrupted Crystals have a -100% base chance of crafting extra items:

New World Corrupted Crystal
Corrupted Crystal

3. 100-150 Stonecutting Leveling

To increase Stonecutting from 100 to 150, you need 1 187 050 XP. 

3.1. If you’ll keep refining Stones into Blocks and Bricks, the next one is Lodestone Brick. Craft 772 pieces, which require 4 632 Lodestone, 1 544 Stone Bricks, and 772 Obsidian Sandpaper.

Note* it has a -5% base chance on crafting extra items

New World Lodestone Brick
Lodestone Brick

3.2. Gem cutting is the second option available for leveling Stonecutting from level 100 up to level 150, find the most profitable Gem and cut 220 Gems:

220 uncut Tier 4 Gems;

440 Earth Essences, or 1 760 Wisps, or 8 800 Motes;

220 Weak Solvent.

New World Cut Brilliant Amber
Cut Brilliant Amber

3.3. Gem Fusing is still non-profitable on most servers. But if you have access to cheap Motes, for fusing 157 Gems, you’ll need: 628 uncut Tier 3 Gems, 157 Essences or 628 Wisps or 3 140 Motes, and 314 Weak Solvent:

New World Brilliant Amber
Brilliant Amber

3.4. At level 100 Stonecutting, you can finally refine Corrupted Crystals into Corrupted Lodestone. It also has a -100% base chance of crafting extra items.

New World Corrupted Lodestone
Corrupted Lodestone

4. 150-200 Stonecutting Leveling

To increase Stonecutting from 150 to 200, you need 9 796 875 XP. 

4.1. Obsidian Voidstone has a -7% chance of crafting extra items, and 25 pieces of it are required to craft a Mutated Expedition Tuning Orb.

New World Obsidian Voidstone
Obsidian Voidstone

To reach level 200 Stonecutting, you’ll have to craft 1 061 pieces, which requires:

8 488 Lodestone Bricks;

2 122 Lodestones;

1 061 Obsidian Sandpaper;

1 061 Lodestones (Arcana ingredients). You can use any of them.

New World Select Lodestone
Select Lodestone

4.2. From level 150 Stonecutting, you have access to Tier 5 Gems. Depending on your server prices, this might let you earn some gold.

Cutting 317 Gems will give you enough XP to hit level 200 Stonecutting and require:

317 uncut Tier 5 Gems;

951 Quintessences, or 2 853 Essences, or 11 412 Wisps, or 57 060 Motes;

634 Weak Solvent.

New World Stonecutting Cut Pristine Amber
Cut Pristine Amber

4.3. Tier 5 Gems Fusing is not a proper way of leveling Stonecutting for most servers, but in case you have cheap Tier 4 uncut Gems and Motes, this is the number of materials required to hit level 200 (238 crafts are required):

1 190 uncut Tier 4 Gems;

714 Quintessences, or 2 142 Essences, or 8 568 Wisps, or 42 840 Motes;

476 Weak Solvent.

New World Pristine Amber
Pristine Amber

Aptitude System

After reaching level 200 Stonecutting, you will continue to gain XP for refining, but it will increase your Aptitude Counter. Each Aptitude Level is split into 3 equal parts, each one of them giving you a reward cache.

New World Stonecutting Aptitude System
Stonecutting Aptitude System

Once you complete a whole Aptitude Level, your Counter goes up by one, so you can check how many you progress in this Trading Skill, and you start over. The Aptitude Counter number doesn’t affect anything like chances of receiving items from the Aptitude Boxes and doesn’t have a max level.

New World Stonecutting Resources Package
Stonecutting Resources Package

1/3 – 804,375 experience, Parcel of Stonecutting Materials: 20-50 Obsidian Sandpaper, 20-50 Pure Solvent, 2-4 uncut Tier 5 Gems, and a chance for a Vial of Suspended Azoth.

2/3 – 1,608,750 experience, Crate of Stonecutting Materials: 20-100 Obsidian Sandpaper, 20-100 Pure Solvent, 2-8 uncut Tier 5 Gems, and 1-2 Vials of Suspended Azoth.

3/3 – 2,413,125 experience, Package of Specialized Stonecutting Materials: 20-150 Obsidian Sandpaper, 20-150 Pure Solvent, 2-12 uncut Tier 5 Gems, and 2-3 Vials of Suspended Azoth.