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Companies Guide (Updated Up To Patch 1.3.4)


Companies, which are usually dedicated as “Guilds” in other MMORPG, are a group of players in New World who are participating together in any events – War for the Territories, Outpost Rush, or just casually conversing in the chat.

There is a list of Companies on your server. You can join one of them after receiving an invitation from the Company’s creator. Just follow the chat in New World because company governors are often looking for new members.

New World Companies List NWNEWS.INFO

You can also create your own Company. It’s free, and you don’t have to worry about having anybody actually be a part of your company right away. In order to create a company, there’s no level requirement for you. However, you will have had to choose a Faction, and you can only join a company from your Faction. If you need more information, please check our Factions Guide.

Just open up the menu, pick your icon, pick your colors, pick your name, complete. A hundred players can play in a single Company. 

New World Company Edit Menu NWNEWS.INFO

Once you get done creating your company, you can edit the messages of the day.

New World The Messages Of The Day Editing NWNEWS.INFO

If you’re a member of the Company that is governing the current territory, you’ll get a -70% discount for fast travels, 30% discount for taxes, and 20% discount for houses within this territory:

New World Company Members Discount NWNEWS.INFO

Company Ranking System

The ranking system in every Company in New World has 4 ranks: the Settler, the Officer, the Consul, and the Governor. There can only be one Governor at a time, and it’s transferrable.

1. The lowest rank in every New World Company is the Settler. They can only chat with the Company and make deposits to the treasury. 

New World The Lowest Company Rank Is Settler NWNEWS.INFO

2. The Officers can withdraw from the Company’s Treasury, start and cancel territory upgrades, and invite or kick Settler ranked members of the company. 

New World Officer Company Rank NWNEWS.INFO

3. Consuls have permission on everything mentioned above – they can set the message of the day, declare war, and set the siege window. Consuls and the Governor can speak with each other in a private chat room.

New World Consul Company Rank NWNEWS.INFO


War can only be declared on a Territory that’s currently in Conflict. A state of Conflict occurs when an opposing Faction has gained 100% Influence in the territory, usually through competing enough relevant PvP missions. The Conflict state allows a Company to declare War and capture a Territory.

New World Companies Conflict State NWNEWS.INFO

If your Company contributed at least 10 percent of the Influence bar, you’ll participate in the lottery system to become the Vanguard. After a 10-minute period, Vanguard will be able to put the Territory into the Conflict state and declare war.  

If nobody gets above 10%, the Company will be chosen randomly, with the most impactful Companies having the highest chance of getting selected.

If more than one Company declares War on the same territory during the conflict, the most active Companies in the influence race have a higher chance of being selected as the Vanguard.

The Governor of the Vanguard will be asked to submit a certain amount of money from his Company bank to pay the fee, which is used to fund the Warcamp. There are 3 tiers of Warcamps available, each with varying effects:

War Camp TierTier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Gate StrengthNormalHighHighest
Deployment Limit6810
Siege Supply RateNormalHighHighest
Cost7,500 10,000 15,000 

The Governor may select members of his Company to participate in 50v50 combat.

New World Governor Company Rank NWNEWS.INFO

If there are insufficient numbers in a Company to fill out the ranks of the Vanguard, the Governor may choose from anyone in the Faction or from volunteers from the third Faction.

New World Company NWNEWS.INFO

A War consists of taking over the enemy Fort in the opposing Territory, an operation that includes siege engines and cannons, among a number of other things for the event.

New World War Tutorial NWNEWS.INFO

War can then be declared to occur at a specific date/time selected by the declaring company.

New World Company Siege Window NWNEWS.INFO

You can find more specific information in our Territory Wars Guide.

Governing Of The Settlements

At the start of the game, the specific settlement should be marked as “unclaimed territory”. Choose one and pay the price of around 100,000 coins – this will give you the right to own the settlement.

By controlling the Territory, your Company can change the taxes and fees at the Governor’s Desk every 24 hours:

New World Company Territory Taxes And Fees NWNEWS.INFO

The Governor is responsible for ensuring the upkeep of any and all regions within their control. Territories consist of Keeps and Towns, both of which play their role in maintaining control over your region. Upgrading your town at the Territory Planning Board will allow visitors of the region to craft and refine higher Tier items and weapons:

New World Company Territory Planning Board NWNEWS.INFO
New World Company Keep Upgrade NWNEWS.INFO

Upgrading the Keep is effectively upgrading your control over your region. The stronger the Keep, the easier it will be to defend against any sieges looking to take from you what you’ve built:

New World Company Fort Upgrade NWNEWS.INFO
New World Company Keep Gate Upgrade NWNEWS.INFO

Bear in mind that you cannot immediately upgrade everything all at once, even if you have the money to do it due to the time getting in place for each upgrade. You must finish one upgrade before you can begin to start another:

New World Company Workshop Upgrade NWNEWS.INFO

Cost of both Fort and Town upkeep cascades relative to the size of the region as well as the number of regions you own, so as you level up tiers within Forts and Towns, it becomes increasingly more expensive to maintain them for every territory the governing company owns. They must pay territory upkeep every seven days to prevent the degradation of their region:

New World Territory Upkeep NWNEWS.INFO

Company Payroll Statements show the breakdown of where most of the region’s revenue is coming from. It gets updated hourly, and you should make sure that you have enough for your next Territory Upkeep payment.

New World Company Payroll NWNEWS.INFO

Town Projects

Town Projects are community quests that give the opportunity to upgrade a specific part of a settlement. A town project can be started by the territory’s Governor, after which any player in the controlling faction can contribute by completing special tasks.

New World Company Town Projects NWNEWS.INFO

Once a Town Project is begun, the settlement’s Town Project Board will start to show quests for any player. The progress bar will fill after players complete a certain number of quests. For more information, please check our Leveling Guide.

New World Company Project Board Tasks NWNEWS.INFO

The Town Project board also produces Improve Lifestyle Projects that grant an improvement lasts 3 days to:

The quantity of harvested materials:

New World Company Improve Lifestyle Projects NWNEWS.INFO

Combat traits:

New World Combat Traits Projects NWNEWS.INFO

Or the Gear Score of items you craft:

New World Company Gear Score Projects NWNEWS.INFO


What are the Companies in New World?

Group of players united by one idea to control the whole world or just hang together across the Aeternum or converse in the Company’s chat.

How can I join a Company in New World?

Follow the chat in New World – Governors are often looking for new members. Or you can open the list of all Companies on your server and try to chat with their Governors.

Can I create my own Company in New World?

Yes, since you choose your Faction on level 10, you can create your own Company without any restrictions for free.

Can I change my Company in New World?

Yes, there are no penalties for changing the Company for the current moment.

Where can I upgrade the Settlement in New World?

At the Territory Planning Board.

Which parts of the Settlement can I upgrade in New World?

The Keep and the Town.

What are the Town Projects in New World?

Town Projects are community quests that focus on upgrading a specific part of a settlement.

What are the Lifestyle Projects in New World?

Projects granting a three-day buff that enhance the quantity of harvested materials, combat traits, or the Gear Score of the crafted items.