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Locations Of The Aeternum


Welcome, traveler, to the world of Aeternum, the New World. Your journey here may have been fraught with danger, but you’re safe now on solid ground. Join us as we take you on a tour of some of the most important locations in Aeternum, meet some of the inhabitants – both friendly and not-so-friendly – and advise you on how to put your best foot forward in this strange land.

Aeternum is a massive, beautiful, diverse environment on a mysterious island. It is home to lush tropical landscapes, ancient ruins, rich forests, dark swamps, mountains, and a number of other distinct regions.

Aeternum, a land of legends, is home to the earthshaking power of Azoth, a strange mineral that grants immortality and other wonders. The world of Aeternum is a world of extremes. It is wild and untamed, but it is home to the most ancient civilizations. Parts of it are pure heavenly paradise, but it is also ridden with demonic hellscape-inducing breaches. It’s a place of paradoxes, where the true stakes of human existence are always in play.

It is an eternal island of legend, a place of unimaginable beauty and growing evil, where the forces of death and life are in constant conflict. For centuries, many have come in search of its power, only to fall to its corruption.

Humans are faced with the constant question of whether to compete or cooperate, investigate ancient mysteries or gather resources to improve life in the present, stay noble and focused, or give in to senseless and violent madness. 

The human settlements on Aeternum are often ambitious enterprises. But they can also be places where people are barely eking out an existence despite horrific existential threats lurking just through the trees.


Towards the south of Aeternum lies Windsward, a lush grassland filled to the brim with natural resources.

Whether you’re gathering wood for the fire, stone for the smithy, or water for your food, Windsward will provide all necessary materials for any profession.

Your first port of call in Windsward will be the main settlement.

It’s a small town situated near the center of the region, with a small river cutting through the middle.

To the north of the river, you’ll find the forge and outfitting stations to craft new melee weapons and clothes.

Make sure to check in with Magistrate Korrapati while you’re there. She’s proud of her settlement and eager to meet any new visitors.

If you need a place to rest your head, make sure to check into The Southern Breeze, Windsward’s Inn to the south of the town – Innkeeper Suen is happy to take in all travelers.

You’ll also find a tannery on this side of the river, just down from the workshop, where you can craft your own ranged weapons or make some furnishings for your home.

The peaceful and tranquil Windsward Town may be tempting, but the real adventure awaits beyond its walls.

To the north of the town lies the Amrine Temple, a mysterious hub constructed by the Ancients, surrounded by giant, mysterious stone spheres.

There’s a rumor of great treasure within, but even greater foes guard it –

new arrivals to Windsward would be wise to steer clear of this place.

Do stop by and say hello to Barkimedes, however. The poor hound seems a bit lonely and would surely benefit from some quality time with a kind traveler.

For those less interested in ancient mysteries and, instead, looking for a chance to prove their might, the Windsward Fort lies to the northwest of the region.

Here is where you’ll engage in an all-out war for Windsward, as rival factions battle for control of the land. Those defending the fort will find the main gate heavily fortified with enormous repeater and ballista turrets to cut down your enemies.

Be aware of the rear of the fort, however. There are fewer turrets to defend with and several small entryways for aggressors to slip through, so make sure your allies are keeping their eyes on all corners.

And watch out for invading forces approaching from the nearby Octans monolith, as it could spell death to defenders.

But, as with all of Aeternum, darkness lurks here.

You’ll also find many farmsteads scattered throughout Windsward, but be wary. These farms have long since fallen to soulless creatures known as the Withered.

Pay close attention to the Regurgitators among their ranks, which will throw poisonous bile at you from a distance. And avoid straying too far to the edges of the territory, where the Corrupted are gathering in great numbers.

The local wildlife isn’t much friendlier. Hunters will find rabbits, elk, and bison roaming the land, which will make for a fine meal.

But tawny wolves stalk the forests to the north, while deadly pumas prowl the caves of the south, and neither take kindly to strangers.

And if you want to explore the ancient pastime of angling, be sure to speak with Master Fisher Shields, who can be found casting his line not far from the Windsward settlement.

Windsward may be a space of natural beauty, but it hides many mysteries and dangers.

However, take heed of our guidance, and you should be more than equipped to deal with whatever may stand before you. Whether you’re gathering wood for charcoal or animal hides for leather, we’ll see you out in the fields of Aeternum.


Let’s travel to the boggy swamps of Reekwater, a lonely place haunted by treachery and death and named for its pervasive, sickeningly sweet stench.

Entering Reekwater from the west, you will stumble into Mosswater Bourg, a dark, dank fishing village, home to some of the most bloodthirsty Lost in Aeternum.

Inexperienced travelers accidentally crossing over from Windsward should tread carefully, as these restless souls will tear an unwary wanderer limb from limb.

Head further east, and you will arrive at the region’s main settlement, Reekwater Hamlet.

Those who have taken residence in the region have built their homes high in the twisted trees and branches, and you’ll need to keep a close eye on your map if you want to navigate this labyrinth safely. 

In the evening, it looks especially romantic.

Take some respite from the harsh wastelands at the inn, craft yourself some strong gear at the tool stations, and when you’re ready, head over to the Town Hall to see how you can help out.

Headman Onizuka is desperately seeking assistance for dealing with the Siren Queen – thought to be the source of Reekwater’s unrelenting haunts.

You should give Onizuka’s proposal some serious consideration before setting out, however.

The Siren Queen has set her throne in the Spire of Melpomene, and you’ll have to wade through an army of the Lost to reach her.

To the south of the region, you’ll find Reekwater Fort – one of the most imposing and well-protected structures across Aeternum.

Turrets line almost every wall of this place, and invading forces will have to make use of the plentiful cover if they want to get within shooting distance of it. But the rear of the fort appears to have a few weak points that could be exploited by some intrepid attackers.

If you’re traveling to the north of Reekwater Hamlet, look out for the Eternal Pools.

This area is home to some awe-inspiring architecture, along with an army of Dryads who will stop at nothing to keep you out.

Approach the Eternal Pools from the south, and you’ll find what our explorers have called The Lazarus Instrumentality expedition.

You’ll need to gather a strong party of warriors to take this on, but the treasures that lie beyond its gates will surely be worth your efforts.

Evil spirits may dominate much of Reekwater, but its wildlife can be just as lethal.

To the south, you’ll find Lush Wilds, home to a bounty of wildlife. Be particularly cautious of the mireloups which will chase you to the ends of the earth to take you down. Even the goats here can become exceptionally violent when provoked.

It’s not all death and Dryads, however.

Explorers searching for something even more exotic should search Lambent Muskag, an otherworldly oasis with luminous flora and fauna – most of which wants you dead.

But the true treasures of Reekwater lie in its vast rivers, swamps, and beaches, where the bravest of fishers have found treasures incomparable to the rest of Aeternum.

Grand Master Fisher Marchera may be able to tell you more if you can convince him that you’re worthy of his time. And if you do find yourself in search of fish, bring a sturdy pair of boots.

There’s no doubt that Reekwater holds some of the harshest countries in all of Aeternum. But for those willing to wade through the swamps and Dryads, there are plentiful treasures to get your hands on.

With rare plants to harvest and plentiful fishing spots to cast your line at, you certainly won’t go empty-handed – if you’re ever able to leave, that is.


They say only the incredibly brave or the incredibly foolish make their home in Mourningdale.

It’s a region where rain is a constant companion, and if sodden boots aren’t enough to slow you down, then the wretched creatures that stalk its many ruins will surely hinder you.

Yet, in spite of its dank, dark atmosphere, there is beauty to be found here.

From the enormous, extravagant statues greeting sailors at New Balefire to its unique flora and fauna, Mourningdale hides many of its treasures, and only dedicated explorers will unearth everything there is to see.

Your first stop in the territory will surely be Mourningdale Hamlet, a small settlement in the center of the region.

Despite the many trials and tribulations that the land presents – just ask Survivalist Fletcher – the people here have built a home for themselves, with plenty of houses available if you want to start your own life here.

Mourningdale Hamlet is an oasis in a vast region of torment, and you should spend your time in these ruined walls gathering equipment and preparing yourself for the wilds beyond.

There are tools available for those who wish to craft their own gear, or you can check-in at the Trading Post if you’ve got the coin to spare.

Venture south of the hamlet, and you’ll uncover some of the many Ancient ruins that the region is known for. Now flooded by the endless rain, the ruins of Sabra, Marsic, and Karaka fascinate explorers and scholars alike.

But tread carefully, as Ancient Guardians will do all they can to preserve and protect these landmarks from interlopers.

To the southeast is the Mourningdale Fort, built on the beach to provide cover from both the land and sea. Any invading factions will need to control this location, but it won’t be easy to take down – there’s very little cover on the beaches and a hill to climb without getting cut down by turrets.

May the winds blow in your favor.

Venture up the eastern beaches to the North of Mourningdale, and you’ll come across New Balefire, an imposing port with extravagant sculptures looking out across the sea.

This port of the Ancients is now overrun with Corrupted, and the stonework has been worn away from combat, so be sure to watch your step, lest you fall into the dark waters below.

Gildon seems to know something about this port – perhaps she can tell you more.

You’ll also notice Ancient towers across the territory, but only the bravest of warriors will want to get within a stone’s throw of Scorpius.

The Corrupted have also made a home for themselves here, and they’ll fight tooth and nail to keep you out.

With the Ancients and Corrupted battling for a stronghold across Mourningdale, you’re likely to encounter their kind wherever you set foot. But you’ll also need to be wary of the Dryads in the Ancient Ruins, the bears in the forests, and even the boars on the main roads.

Each is as furious and deadly as the last. It can also be quite hard to see what’s ahead with the driving rain that this region is known for. Keep your eyes keen, and if you must make camp, ensure you’ve got a roof over your head.

So why venture into this forsaken landscape if all that faces you is death and dirt?

There’s also talk of Wyrdwood Trees across this patch of land, though only expert loggers will know how to harvest the mysterious wood and sap from this particular plant.

No matter how you look at it, Mourningdale remains a fascinating area of Aeternum to explore. Its Ancient ruins and impressive stone structures are as awe-inspiring as they are daunting, and those that have chosen to live here have carved a charming home out of a demanding territory.

If you’re prepared to fight through the rain and the Corrupted, perhaps you too could find a new life in Mourningdale.


Beyond the relentless rain of Mourningdale and the pervasive stench of Reekwater, the bright open spaces and fantastical colors of Edengrove should be a welcome breath of fresh air.

But these northern reaches are also the most hostile regions of Aeternum, and only the most experienced explorers should consider venturing here.

While there are two small outposts available to brave adventurers, this region of Aeternum remains mostly unsettled. To the south, you will find Valor Hold, where Prospector Delgado will direct combatants to Outpost Rush.

A treacherous walk along a twisting road high in the mountains will take you to Last Stand Outpost.

Once there, Innkeeper Golding always has a warm bed ready for any weary traveler.

As you adventure through Edengrove, you’re likely to be drawn to the tower of Malevolence near the center of the region.

This enormous, imposing structure is protected from all sides by Dryads, and you’ll need to keep your wits about you when fighting them off, lest you fall from the stone walkways to your untimely demise.

Venture to the forest below, and among the fascinating fauna and twisting trees, you’ll find the Garden of Genesis, the very heart of the Angry Earth’s territory.

The Dryads here aren’t particularly hospitable, and you’ll need a strong, experienced adventuring party by your side – and more than a few Blight tinctures in your bag – before you even think about entering.

Those who plan to press further into the north will need to cross through Preservation Pass, a truly incredible feat of stonework high in the mountains.

The path to this point is fraught with danger, and you may want to make camp at the base of its stairs to gather yourself before you attempt the climb.

The Dryads aren’t the only creatures you’ll face down in Edengrove. The Blight is spreading throughout the land, and you’re sure to come across infected Angry Earth creatures in your travels here.

If the Blight doesn’t get you, vicious creatures like bears, lions, and alligators certainly will.

But for all its deadly creatures, Edengrove is one of the most eye-catching regions in all of Aeternum.

Tall white, bespeckled trees with vibrant red leaves fill the north of the territory, and the deep forests to the west sparkle with greens and blues unlike anything else you’ll see.

So, while Edengrove may be tough territory to survive in, it’s little wonder explorers are pushing further into it. The local plant life has to be seen to be believed, and it’s home to truly astounding ancient stonework that scholars will ponder over for years to come.

Keep your armor repaired and your blades sharp, and you’ll find Edengrove has plenty to offer.

Shattered Mountain

At the farthest known reaches of Aeternum lies Shattered Mountain – the ultimate summit for any adventurer to tackle. Aeturnum’s dark crown is a vast, splintered mountain range, awash with corruption.

Heading north from the Great Cleave, travelers can choose to venture through the grey wastes of the Carved Lanks to reach the meager settlement of Mountainhome or face danger and almost certain death in the corrupted fortress, Caminus.

The red fortress is filled with cruel and merciless blood forged enemies who would rip you in half on sight. These enemies are infused with powerful magic, and only the most seasoned of fighters will be able to best them.

For those that enter the Shattered lands from the eastern region of Edengrove, the first settlement you come across will be Mountainrise Outpost.

This barebones rest stop will provide you with a valuable respite from the elements and a chance to brew some much-needed Corruption tinctures before you head north into the craggy labyrinth of Shattered Mountain.

Northwest of Mountainrise lies the Blighted Wilds.

Look out for a body of water near the Hidden Strain to meet Master Fisherman Bernard – but try not to get eaten by Wilted Wolves on the way.

Continue north, and you will reach Rotfellow Hovel, a cursed cave home to some foulest beasts in Aeternum.

Keep your wits about you, as you’ll scarcely be able to see a thing in this dark cavern.

To the northwest of Mountainhome, you will find the Scorched Mines. Fight your way through Ambusti Inferior to explore the mines and find the terrible secrets buried in their depths.

Just make sure you have an exit route in mind – navigating the twisted pathways of this wretched place is easier said than done.

Keep heading northwest, and you’ll see a burning pyre, signifying the Desolate Cliffs and the Mortal Mire that lies beyond.

The corruption has taken much of the wildlife in the area, resulting in some ruthless beasts that would strike fear in the heart of the world’s most seasoned hunter.

Continue north, and you will encounter the Fallen Frontier. Abandon hope all ye who enter here – this vast wasteland is riddled with corruption. This is a great place to hone your battle skills, but don’t expect much rest.

The corruption here runs long and deep, and you will be hard-pressed to find a suitable camping spot among the carnage.

When you’re ready for your greatest challenge in Aeternum, head to the Myrkgard – the crown fortress of Aeternum, now a hellscape of fearsome beasts and murderous corrupted humans.

Equip yourself with the best gear you can find and recruit some allies before entering this terrifying frontier. The challenge will be immense, but the reward will mark you as one of the finest adventurers Aeternum has ever known.

If you’ve traveled this far, then you’re surely ready to face whatever trials and tribulations lie ahead. Now go forth, and make your mark on Aeternum!