New World Ultimate Leveling Guide

Ultimate Leveling Guide (Updated Up To Patch 1.3.4)


Actually, it’s up to you how to level your character. You can max XP Territory cards, run the Town Board missions, grind mobs, achieve level 60 in a couple of days, or simply enjoy the game and do whatever you want. There are a lot of ways to earn XP in this game:

Leveling By Quests In New World

Let’s start from the most well-known and traditional for almost any MMORPG, the quests. We all know that New World has basically three quests in it: 

  • go kill X enemies;
  • search chests in that area;
  • bring the X materials. 

But you can actually earn XP for almost any activity in the game.

Main story quests offer you two or even three times the amount of the side quests and even four times the amount of a faction mission or a town project, so this is a great source of exp.

To effectively level, you must follow your main quest until it over levels you, and while doing that, pick up side quests of that region and complete the ones near the main quest. Side quests can be obtained mainly in the settlements, but some are situated in the areas. All of them are marked:

New World Leveling Guide Pic 1 NWNEWS.INFO
Side quests indicators on the map

Leveling By Settlement Project Boards

Town boards are easily the strongest ways to level at the moment. It was nerfed but still a very solid choice.

New World Leveling by Settlement Project Boards NWNEWS.INFO
Town boards

These frequently require materials or crafted items or killing simple things that you would run across in the wild. These quests will reset every 30 minutes and are repeatable, so once you’re familiar with what is required, you can stock up on those items or remember what to harvest while you’re out in the wild running other quests.

You can take 12 of these Town Projects at once. In general, the crafting and common resource quests are the most efficient. Pay attention to what type of item the quest is asking for. If it’s asking for semi-rare expensive materials, you might be better off waiting for the Town Project Board to reset. 

Explorer’s Needed is seldom worth doing unless it’s right next to another quest. 

The only time the animal hunting quests really are worth your time is if you are in an early game, and you don’t expect to come back to the current town for quite some time. Hunting these animals is not locked to the region that you took the quest in. If the town project quest in New World wants you to hunt 10 wolves, you can kill those anywhere.

Here’s the list of the town project quests:

Alchemists NeededAcquire and deliver X [potion type]
ArmorsmithingForge and deliver a set of [armor type]
Carpenters NeededAcquire and deliver X [woodworking material]
CookingCook and deliver [ration type]
Explorers NeededSearch for X [quest item] at [location]
Fisherfolk NeededAcquire and deliver X [fishing item]
HuntHunt X [enemy]
Hunters NeededAcquire and deliver X [hide]
Lumberjacks NeededAcquire and deliver X [wood type]
Metalworkers NeededAcquire and deliver X [refined metal]
Stonemasons NeededAcquire and deliver X [refined stone type]
Supplies NeededAcquire and deliver X [world resource]
Tanners NeededAcquire and deliver X [refined leather type]
WeaponsmithForge and deliver a [weapon type]
Weavers NeededAcquire and deliver X [woven material]

To level this way, you can take quests in Everfall, then travel to Monarch Bluff, completing quests and collecting materials on your way. Then you travel to Windsward and do the same, then return to Everfall, craft whatever you need to complete the quests, and repeat. This circle will take you around 30 minutes – so new quests will appear. You can include Brightwood in it later.

Two pieces of advice: 

  • don’t upgrade your trading skills over level 50 to get missions that require cheap T1 materials; 
  • try to craft in the settlement that belongs to your Faction or Company.

Leveling By Trading Skills

Crafting or refining materials also gives you exp. If some raw resources on your server cost about 0,01 gold, you can level by simply refining them, especially on low levels.

Cooking is the best choice for leveling since it grants 12 XP for 1 Travel Ration, and ingredients are almost free (Travel Ration since level 1, Light Meal since level 50 Cooking, Satisfying Meal since level 100 Cooking).

Besides, you can store cooking reagents in quick slots without getting encumbered:

New World Cooking Reagents In Quick Slots NWNEWS.INFO
Cooking reagents in quick slots

Other Refining professions grants you 1,5 XP per crafting one T2 resource:

  • Weaving (Linen from level 1, Sateen from level 50, Silk from level 100);
  • Leatherworking (Coarse Leather from level 1, Rugged Leather from level 50, Layered Leather from level 100);
  • Stonecutting (Stone Block from level 1, Stone Brick from level 50, Lodestone Brick from level 100);
  • Woodworking (Timber from level 1, Lumber from level 50, Wyrdwood Planks from level 100);
  • Smelting (Iron Ingot from level 1, Steel Ingot from level 50, Starmetal Ingot from level 100).

Gathering materials also gives you XP. You can gather anything while running to the quest zone.

Leveling By Faction Missions

Missions given by your Faction Representative can be used to earn XP, Coin, and Faction Tokens.

New World Quests Given By Faction Representative NWNEWS.INFO
Quests Given By Faction Representative

PvE Missions will be one of the best ways to level up. They ask you to defeat creatures, bring craft supplies, collect stockpile resources, assassinate high-threat foes. Elite missions send players to take on elite enemies. 

PvP Missions ask you to recover tactical information, deliver critical messages or items to another Territory, or patrol an area for opposing Factions. They give players Reputation and Influence and are better be doing in a group.

New World Leveling Guide Pic 2 NWNEWS.INFO

Note* Accepting PvP Missions will automatically flag you for PvP – you’ll receive +10% XP bonus, +10% Luck bonus, and +30% Gathering Luck bonus. You cannot join in groups with unflagged players. Unflagging yourself will cause you to abandon the mission. Fast traveling will also reset the progress of your PvP mission.

Three Faction missions you completed first for 24 hours will give you XP x3 and gold x10, so try to complete missions with most XP gained with that bonus. All daily bonuses reset each day at midnight UTC/GMT.

New World Leveling Guide Pic 3 NWNEWS.INFO

Leveling By Corrupted Breaches

There are four different kinds of Corrupted Breaches.

1. In order to close a Corrupted Portal, you and your party need to kill the two Corrupted Cultists, withstand at least four waves of Corrupted foes.

If you approach a Corrupted Portal that’s considered a Minor Corruption Breach, this means that it can be finished with a small group of players in a relatively short period of time but gives fewer rewards.

New World Leveling Guide Pic 4 NWNEWS.INFO

Likewise, if you run across a Corrupted Portal that’s considered a Major Corrupted Breach, it’s recommended you bring at least five players.

New World Leveling Guide Pic 5 NWNEWS.INFO
New World Leveling Guide Pic 6 NWNEWS.INFO

2. In order to close an Infested Grove, you must kill the Corrupted Tendril at its heart, then a member of the party with an Azoth staff must hold E on the Corrupted Fissure to close it.

New World Leveling Guide Pic 7 NWNEWS.INFO

3. In order to beat a Corrupted Hive, you must break through its Veil, then face swarms of Corrupted enemies inside while one member of the party holds E at the Corrupted Hive core to close it with their Azoth staff.

New World Leveling Guide Pic 8 NWNEWS.INFO

4. Corrupted Monoliths. First, you must close all three Corruption Pylons while fighting large swarms of oncoming Corrupted enemies. After that, you have to break through the Carapace. Finally, an Azoth staff wielder in your party needs to hold E at the Corrupted Monolith’s core until it closes. Beware of the Corrupted Acolytes that spawn and fly around – you want at least a couple of ranged fighters for this battle.

Leveling By Mobs Grinding

If you want to level through mobs grinding, there is a pretty well-known location in Restless Shore with insanely fast boar respawn, where you can level your weapons and skinning to receive some XP and leather.

New World Restless Shore Boarsholm NWNEWS.INFO
Boarsholm In Restless Shore

One more well-known spot for grinding is also in Restless Shore – it has a very fast respawn:

New World Oceanview Post In Restless Shore NWNEWS.INFO
Oceanview Post In Restless Shore

You can collect the whole location, bring them to the wall to get together, and then kill with AoE abilities. Fire Staff and Ice Gauntlet fit perfectly for this.

Other XP Sources

Expeditions are mostly used to level your weapons since you’ll receive not so many XP for their completion. But if you’re farming the dungeons, don’t forget to get the repeatable quest at the entrance.

Simply by discovering new locations on your map, you can get some XP:

New World Leveling Guide Pic 9 NWNEWS.INFO

Lore Pages. You can find them everywhere. No actual need to read it, just press T if you want.

New World Leveling Guide Pic 10 NWNEWS.INFO

Territory Standing Bonus Сards

New World Territory Standing Bonus Card NWNEWS.INFO

You can choose XP Gain, but it’s generally not worth picking since you will not spend your entire time leveling in the same territory. Once you hit the Level 60 cap, this stops giving any benefit. It is recommended that you pick this card once and only once as your first reward, as it will always appear in the first set of rewards, so you can maintain that 3% bonus, which is still something. For more information, please check our Territory Standing Guide.

Weapon Leveling In New World

The best way to level your weapon is to kill Elite monsters. It’s better to do that in a group, but you can solo if you have a much higher level than the mobs does. You can find Elite monsters in:

New World Deadman’s Cove in Monarch Bluff (level 25) NWNEWS.INFO
Level 25
Deadman’s Cove in Monarch Bluff
New World Brightwood Isle in Brightwood (level 35) NWNEWS.INFO
Level 35
Brightwood Isle in Brightwood
New World Stone Skull Fort in Cutlass Keys (level 40) NWNEWS.INFO
Level 40
Stone Skull Fort in Cutlass Keys
New World Periville in Weaver’s Fen (level 40) NWNEWS.INFO
Level 40
Periville in Weaver’s Fen
New World Eridanus in Restless Shore (level 46) NWNEWS.INFO
Level 46
Eridanus in Restless Shore
New World Scorpius in Morningdale (level 50) NWNEWS.INFO
Level 50
Scorpius in Morningdale

You can also grind the weapon XP solo at Restless Shore if you’re about level 60. There are a lot of fast respawning mobs, easy to collect and kill in Seele’s Stake:

New World Seele’s Stake In Restless Shore NWNEWS.INFO
Level 60
Seele’s Stake In Restless Shore


How to level faster in New World?

Using the Town Project board with crafting lots of food and refining materials will let you hit level 60 in a couple of days if you have enough money to buy resources.

What’s the most efficient way to get to 60 level in New World?

Complete the main questline. Use the Town Project board to complete the resource and craft quests. Craft lots of food and refining materials. Grind mobs in locations with fast respawn.

How to increase the XP gaining in New World?

You can choose the XP bonus card for the Territory Standing or flag yourself for PvP.

How to level my weapons faster in New World?

Kill Elite monsters in Elite landmarks, complete the Expeditions, or find a spot with fast mobs respawn.