New World Ultimate Factions Guide

Ultimate Factions Guide (Updated Up To Patch 1.3.4)


As you progress the main storyline, you’ll be asked to choose a Faction to join when you reach lvl 10. 

There are three different factions in New World.

The Syndicate is a secretive organization of boundless guile and intellect in search of forbidden knowledge to usher in a new Age of Enlightenment. Knowledge is more than power. It’s money, prestige, and social standing. 

New World Syndicate Faction
The Syndicate

The Covenant is a fanatical order that has charged itself with cleansing the land of heretics and defilers so that it’s true holy nature can flourish, and justice can be restored. The role of the Covenant is not only to purge the land of the mysterious power seeping from it, but also to cleanse it of vice or immoral behavior.

New World Covenant Faction
The Covenant

The Marauders are a ruthless military force bent on establishing a free nation where anyone with the strength to do so can prosper and profit. Aetereum is for commercial and personal gain, and this faction is here to exploit it. That could mean natural resources, magical knowledge, real estate, whatever the land offers.

New World Marauders Faction
The Marauders

What Is The Difference Between Factions?

Essentially, there are not so many differences between the three factions:

  • Faction-specific gear.
  • Company’s associated with each faction.
  • The color associated with each faction.
  • Faction quests.

If you’re planning on playing with friends make sure you all join the same faction. While you can still party up for PvE content if you’re in different factions, you cannot make PvP quests together with other factions. Also, players won’t be able to do PVP combat within their own Faction. 

Companies (guilds) are also tied to factions. 

Another consideration should also be faction armor. If you like the visual style of the Faction, you can purchase its armor set by completing quests for your faction associate to earn currency.

New World Factions Style
Factions Style

Faction Missions

Missions given by your Faction Representative can be used to earn XP, Coin, and Faction Tokens.

New World Faction Missions
Faction Missions

PvE Missions will be one of the best ways to level up. You have to defeat creatures, or bring craft supplies, collect stockpile resources, assassinate high-threat foes. Elite missions send players to take on elite enemies. 

PvP Missions are more complicated, you have to recover tactical information, deliver messages or items, or patrol an area. They give players Reputation and Influence. If the Territory involved in the mission is under your Faction, gaining Influence reinforces your Faction’s control over it. If it belongs to a different Faction, gaining Influence undermines the opposing Faction’s control over it, making the Territory more vulnerable to War.

Three Faction missions you completed first for 24 hours will give you XP x3 and gold x10, so try to complete missions with most XP gained with that bonus. 

Daily bonuses reset each day at 0:00 UTC/GMT

There is a small 10% XP bonus if your Faction controls the Territory associated with the Faction quest. 

Depending on what forts your faction controls, the number of XP rewards will be displayed as “871 XP (+41 from FCP)”. It means the base XP reward is 830, and you get 41 from Fraction Control Points. 

If your Faction controls the Territory The FCP points are added to the 10% multiplier. So, in this example, the calculation would be (830 x 1,1) + 41 XP.

New World Faction Daily Bonuses
Faction Daily Bonuses

Note: Accepting PvP Missions will automatically flag you for PvP, you’ll receive +10% XP bonus, +10% Luck bonus, and +30% Gathering Luck bonus. Unflagging yourself will cause you to abandon the mission. Fast traveling will also reset the progress of your PvP mission.

New World 10% Exp Bonus While Flagged For PvP
10% Exp Bonus While Flagged For PvP

Faction Reputation And Ranks

After earning the required amount of reputation for your Faction, you will be able to partake in a quest which, upon completing, will increase your Faction Rank. 

Every Faction has five ranks:

RankReputation Required

Each rank after the first unlocking more new equipment, cosmetics, materials, consumables. You can buy them for Faction Tokens. It’s worth noting that all Faction shops are the same in terms of quality. For example, here is the Marauder Faction shop on Gladiator rank:

New World Faction Tokens Equipment Store
Faction Tokens Equipment Store

Faction Change

Once you select your faction, it can only be changed once for free. Then you’ll have to wait for 60 days for another faction change. Changing Factions will reset your Faction Rank alongside Faction Tokens. The Faction can be changed in your character Bio screen:

New World Character Bio Screen
Character Bio Screen

Also, you cannot switch to the faction that holds the most territory:

New World Faction Change Menu
Faction Change Menu

Controlling The Territories

The whole New World is divided into Territories, which are controlled by Factions. On the New World map, you’ll notice that different regions are colored differently, indicating which Faction is in control. The exact Territories each faction controls are always in flux, which means that Aetereum looks different on every server in New World. For example, this is the world map on Ys, US East:

New World Territories Map
New World Map

You can check who’s ahead by checking out the official leaderboard here.

 If two settlements are controlled by the same faction, their settlement storages are linked. Players can transfer items from storage linked to their current location for a coin fee. 

Members of the dominating faction get a 5% bonus to their XP gain while leveling and a 20% to their Influence gain within that territory. 

As long as you are teleporting to a settlement or territory controlled by your faction, part of the Azoth cost will always be waived by 40%.

 Faction members will also have a global luck bonus +50 and a gathering speed bonus +10% within territories controlled by their faction. Luck will increase your chances to find rare and epic items from chests while gathering speed bonuses will allow you to farm more resources in a shorter amount of time.

If you’re a member of the Company which is governing the current territory, you’ll get -70% discount for fast travels, 30% discount for taxes and 20% discount for houses within this territory:

New World Territory Incentives
Territory Incentives

More information about the Companies, Territory Wars, and Housing you can find in our Guides.


What are the Factions in New World?

Factions are war alliances; groups of people cooperated together to fight for the Territories against other Factions.

How many Factions in New World?

There are three factions: the Covenants, the Marauders, the Syndicate.

What’s the difference between factions in New World?

Faction-specific gear, the color, faction quests.

How to enter the Faction in New World?

You’d reach level 10 and complete the quest.

How to choose the Faction in New World?

Pick the one you like by its lore or appearance, or see which Faction has the most Territories on your server.

If my friends and I are playing in different Factions, can I still cooperate with them?

Yes, but only in PvE activities.