Ultimate New World Housing Guide

Ultimate Housing Guide (Updated Up To Patch 1.3.4)


A home is a place you return to after you are done questing and adventuring, a beacon of certainty in an unpredictable and often dangerous world. They are unaffected by War and Corrupted Invasions.

New World House Example

Houses are semi-instanced in New World. While any number of players can purchase and use the same house, it has a private version for every owner, and they will only be able to enter and manage their own version of it. It is also possible to invite up to 4 other players to your house or visit someone’s house in a viewers’ mode.

If you have the best-decorated house, other players can see it walking by. The ranking system gives your house a score depending on its decoration and the owner’s territory standing. The list of the highest-ranked players for each house is in the house menu.

New World House Menu

You can abandon a house and anything in it goes into your inventory, but you do not get any of the purchase prices back.

You can purchase a max of 3 houses, at level 15 – 1st house, level 35 – 2nd house, level 55 – 3rd house.

You’ll get a 50% discount on the price of your first house.

New World First House 50% Discount

If your company owns a settlement, this will give a 20% discount on the buying cost and a 30% discount for weekly taxes within this territory.

New World Territory Incentives
Territory Incentives

While choosing a layout you like is important, you must keep a few more things in mind when choosing your first house. If you want the virtual tour across the Aeternum estates, we’ve prepared a special Aeternum Real Estate Agency Guide for you.

Take your current territory standing into account. 

Consider the property tax of the given settlement, but keep in mind that it can be changed.

If you’re tired of using Azoth to fast travel, you’ll want to buy a house in a settlement you frequently visit because houses can be used for fast travel with a certain cooldown depending on the house tier. 

Think about how much crafting you do in that location because houses let you place down additional settlement storage.


The weekly property tax can vary depending on the governing company’s tax demands. If you fail to pay the upkeep, you won’t lose your house, but certain features such as redecorating, house recall, or trophy buffs will stop working.

Property Taxes do not accrue. If you haven’t visited New World for a long time, you will not lose all your money automatically. Weekly Tax is more a fee, paid to access your Housing amenities on a weekly basis. 

If you want to lower your taxes, the Territory Standing card called “Property Tax” reduces this fee by 15-20% per week.

New World Territory Standing Card
Property Tax Card

If your settlement is owned by a Company, Governors can adjust the Property Tax rate from 0,1% (low tax rate), 0,5% (default) up to 1% (high tax rate). 

If no Company owns a settlement, your tax rate will be 0,5%. 

The controlling company receives 5x coin generated from regional housing taxes. For more information about Taxes, please check our Companies Guide.

House Tiers

There are four Tiers of Houses in New World, which differ on price, taxes per week, fast travel cooldown, and roominess:

Tier 1 – 5,000 Coin (moderate tax is 250 gold)

House fast travel cooldown: 4h

Max pieces of storage furniture allowed: 1

Max number of pets: 5

Max number of lights: 4

Requires Territory standing Level 10

For example, the Tier 1 house in Windsward:

New World House Tier 1
House Tier 1

Tier 2 – 10,000 Coin (moderate tax is 500 gold)

House fast travel cooldown: 3h

Max pieces of storage furniture allowed: 2

Max number of pets: 6

Max number of lights: 6

Requires Territory standing Level 15

For example, the Tier 2 house in Windsward:

New World House Tier 2
House Tier 2

Tier 3 – 15,000 Coin (moderate tax is 750 gold)

House fast travel cooldown: 2.5h

Max pieces of storage furniture allowed: 3

Max number of pets: 7

Max number of lights: 8

Requires Territory standing Level 20

For example, the Tier 3 house in Windsward:

New World House Tier 3
House Tier 3

Tier 4 – 20,000 Coin (moderate tax is 1 000 gold)

House fast travel cooldown: 2h

Max pieces of storage furniture allowed: 4

Max number of pets: 8

Max number of lights: 10

Requires Territory standing Level 20.

For example, the Tier 4 house in Windsward.

New World House Tier 4
House Tier 4

Storage Chests

Chests are a part of the furniture, each increasing your storage capacity for a certain settlement. You need to craft them by yourself if you have a proper Furnishing level. There are four tiers of storage chests in New World:

TierNameSourceFurniture SkillStorage Increase
1Hewn Log Storage ChestCrafted at Workshop35200-225
1Mossy Rock Storage ChestRandom drop225
1Old Wood Storage ChestRandom drop225
2Hunter Storage ChestRandom drop325
2Iron Storage ChestCrafted at Workshop85300-325
2Stone Storage ChestRandom drop325
3Booty Storage ChestRandom drop400
3Dynasty Storage ChestRandom drop
3Hope Storage ChestRandom recipe drop, crafted at Workshop.145400
4Golden Steel Storage ChestRandom recipe drop, crafted at Workshop.200500-525
4Cursed Storage ChestRandom drop525
4Polished Marble Storage ChestRandom drop525

You can also place the Trophies in your House. They are unique furnishings for houses that grant passive buffs for your character. More information you can find in our Trophies Guide.


What do I need to buy a house in New World?

You need enough gold, level 10 Territory standing in a certain location for a Tier 1 house

What are the bonuses for having a home in New World?

You can fast travel to your house with a certain cooldown; you can place chests for having more storage space in certain Settlement and decorate your house with the Trophies.

Where can I find the furniture in New World?

You can craft it by yourself at the Workshop or buy it at the Trading Post.

How many houses can I have in New World?

You can purchase a max of 3 houses, at level 15 – 1st house, level 35 – 2nd house, level 55 – 3rd house.

Do any in-game events destroy or damage my house in New World?

No, players’ houses are permanent and unaffected by any events.

Am I the only owner of the house in New World?

No, multiple players can buy the same house but manage their own version of it. You can check the owners in the house menu.

Do I have to pay for my house in New World?

Yes, there’s weekly tax depending on your house tier and settings of the Settlement.

What if I don’t have money to pay the taxes for the house in New World?

House decorations, trophies, and fast travel will stop working, but you’ll keep your house.

What are the house tiers, and how many of them are in New World?

There are four house tiers in New World; they denote all house characteristics, from its roominess to the fast travel cooldown.

Can I abandon my house in New World?

Yes, but you won’t get your money back.