New World Fire Staff And Ice Gauntlet Weapon Combination Guide

Fire Staff And Ice Gauntlet Combination Guide (Patch 1.3.4)


This weapon combination provides massive firepower because the Ice Gauntlet sets up enemies to be hit by the Fire Staff’s abilities. The downsides would be that you do not have a melee option and are going to be bound to your mana bar for damage. 

Your role is along the backline. It’s up to you to deal consistent CC and AoE damage while staying away from pesky backline clearers with Great Axes. Thanks to the Entombed ability, you’re able to pretty much consistently spam out abilities. 

As for solo PvP in the Open World, you’re also susceptible to gap closers and CC opponents, literally anyone with a Great Axe, War Hammer, or Spear. You will need to be able to dodge and weave around opponents.


Both those Weapons scale with Intelligence, so focus on obtaining as much Intelligence as possible to unlock passive skills on 50 points breakpoints.

First of all, you need 200 Intelligence, since then you get the 10 mana after a dodge. You’ll get used to a playstyle where you’re dodging very often, and this is one of the best ways to regenerate mana, especially in earlier stages of the game:

New World 10 Mana After A Dodge
10 Mana After A Dodge

As of February patch 1.3.4, the Fireball can critically hit, so 50 Dexterity is also good to gain +5% Crit Chance with all Weapon types:

New World 50 Dexterity For 5% Crit Chance
50 Dexterity For 5% Crit Chance

Constitution is a decent secondary Attribute, especially for PvP, 50 points will be enough to unlock 20% effectiveness to all health consumables, but you can get those 50 points with your gear or using +40 Consitution food:

New World 20 Effectiveness To All Health Consumables For 50 Constitution Points
20 Effectiveness To All Health Consumables For 50 Constitution Points

150 Constitution breakpoint is also very useful, it reduces the critical damage taken just like the perk Resilience does:

New World 150 Constitution Breakpoint
150 Constitution Breakpoint

So you can get 50 Dexterity, 284 Intelligence, and 134 Constitution with your Gear as a final build. You’ll get 300 Intelligence and 150 Constitution breakpoints with food bonuses, for example, Pork Belly Fried Rice which gives +24 Constitution and +16 Intelligence. Of course, other combinations are also possible. More about food will be listed below.

Minmaxing your character for endgame PvP, you can also reach 200 Constitution breakpoint for a 20% armor increase:

New World 200 Constitution breakpoint for a 20% armor increase
200 Constitution Breakpoint

Builds For Fire Staff

For more information, you can check our Fire Staff Guide

1. The Diving Comet Build:

This build is more PvP oriented, but it also can be used for leveling or PvE, focusing on the use of Fireball, Incinerate, and Burn Out. It fits more for pairing with Rapier so you could escape if something goes wrong.

The whole purpose of this build is to get on top of someone and nuke them for a large part of their health. It’s a very high-risk style that also works in both PvE and PvP, though it particularly excels in PvP.

New World Fire Staff with The Diving Comet Build
Fire Staff with The Diving Comet PvP-oriented build

2. The Pillar Of Fire Build:

This build is more ranged-oriented but requires practice on placing the Pillar of Fire. With this build, you will be opening up with Pillar of Fire and Fireball and then spamming heavy attacks to help keep your mana high.

New World Fire Staff with The Pillar of Fire Build
Fire Staff with The Pillar of Fire Range-oriented build

You can swap Clear Casting with Singe for PvP since you’ll probably get hit by other players more often than 3 secs.

3. In case you have ping over 100, hate PvP, and love to play clicking one button sitting in the armchair drinking beer, but still want to play a Fire Mage, there is an interesting build. Or, maybe, you’re participating in mass PvP, where you can find multiple enemies close to each other without getting yourself killed in a moment.

New World Fire Staff Interesting Build
Fire Staff Interesting Build

Builds For Ice Gauntlet

1. There’s one go-to standard build for most PvE and PvP situations, leveling, expeditions:

New World Ice Gauntlet Standard Build
Ice Gauntlet Standard Build

You can take the Refreshing Frost to reduce the cooldown of the abilities by 20% while standing in the frosted area, or Strengthened Tomb, which will increase your defense by 25% for 3 secs after breaking out of Entombed. Note that you have to do the breakout option to get the buff.

2. Ice Pylon build is also possible. It fits great if you use Ice Gauntlet as a supportive weapon and then switch to Void Gauntlet or Life Staff, for example:

New World Ice Gauntlet As A Supportive Weapon Build
Ice Gauntlet As A Supportive Weapon Build

For PvP, especially pairing with Void Gauntlet, you might want to take Heavy Freeze to continue Petrifying Scream Root.

3. Ice Spike is a one-shot build that can be very strong if you manage to hit the target with Mighty Spike. Using Void Gauntlet with Petrifying Scream makes this build much easier, but since the 1.3.4 patch the projectiles fired with Spiky Reach have a lower chance that a single target will be hit with all 4 parts of the attack:

New World Ice Gauntlet One-shot Build
Ice Gauntlet One-shot Build

Heavy Freeze is also an option. You can root enemies with Void Gauntlet’s Petrifying Scream and then hit them with Ice Spike.

4. Mostly PvE build without savings, but with the maximum AoE potential with Ice Spike, Ice Storm, and Ice Pylon:

New World Ice Gauntlet Build With AoE Potential
Ice Gauntlet Build With AoE Potential

Basic Rotation

Engage by using the Fire Staff’s Fireball. Kite your enemy using your heavy attack to regain some mana back. Switch to your Ice Gauntlet and cast Ice Storm and Ice Shower to slow enemies down inside. Use your Heavy Attack to root your enemy, then switch to your Fire Staff and cast Fireball to damage. Cast Entombed while you’re inside the Ice Storm to regain your mana back. After you recover your mana, you can cast Incinerate and Burn Out to escape or finish off your opponent.

Make sure to cast your spells inside the Ice Storm to fully utilize perks such as Refreshing Frost, Empowered Frost, and Defiant Freeze.


Light armor gives you a +20% damage bonus and the best movement with a quick roll. 

Medium armor will give you more protection, +10% damage bonus, and +10% length of the crowd control debuffs, but you’ll not have a quick roll. 

Heavy armor offers the best protection and +20% length of the crowd control debuffs for the price of lower mobility. 

While standard builds prefer light (for PvE) and medium (for PvP) armor, you can still wear heavy armor if you prefer close combat:

New World Equip Load
Equip Load

Also, you can combine different types of armor, light with medium staying under 13 kgs, or medium with heavy, staying under 23 kgs. You can change your armor type by simply replacing 3 parts:

Armor TypeLightMediumHeavy
Head1,5 lbs2,6 lbs4,7 lbs
Chest3,5 lbs6,2 lbs11,0 lbs
Gloves1,5 lbs2,6 lbs4,7 lbs
Pants2,0 lbs3,5 lbs6,3 lbs
Boots1,5 lbs2,6 lbs4,7 lbs
Shields2,7 lbs (Round)5,4 lbs (Kite)11,0 lbs (Tower)

Look for Armor with Intellect on it for best results, or with Intellect and Constitution if you need 50 points to unlock 20% effectiveness to all health consumables.

Maxed Medium Armor 22,9 lbs build (1L + 2M + 2H): Heavy Chest, Light Pants, 2 Medium and 1 Heavy piece.

Alternative Maxed Medium Armor 22,9 lbs build (2L + 1M + 2H): Heavy Chest, Heavy Pants, 1 Medium, and 1 Light piece.

Maxed Light Armor 12,7 lbs build (4L + 1M): Light Head, Medium Chest, Light Gloves, Light Pants, Light Boots.

Maxed Light Armor 12,6 lbs build (3L + 2M): Light Chest, Medium Pants, 1 Medium, and 2 Light pieces.

If you need more in-depth information, how tankier you would be wearing a certain kind of armor of a certain Gear Score, feel free to use the New World Calculator by Mixed Nuts.

Look for Armor with Intellect on it for the best results, or with Intellect and Constitution, if you need 50 points to unlock 20% effectiveness to all health consumables or 150 points to reduce the critical damage taken.

As for the weapon, the best Fire Staff, for now, is Firevine Battlestaff, which can be obtained in the Garden of Genesis:

New World Firevine Battlestaff
Firevine Battlestaff

One of the best Ice Gauntlets is Crystalline Curse, which can be crafted at level 200 Arcana, you’ll need the Eternal Ice to see the recipe in the crafting list. It can also be bought from the Trading Post:

New World Crystalline Curse
Crystalline Curse


Your Fire Staff Gems are often the core of your build, and you should become comfortable switching between them depending on the situation.

1. Cut Pristine Onyx:

New World Cut Pristine Onyx
Cut Pristine Onyx

Start the fight with a high DPS ability, like Fireball or Pillar of Fire. The best use for the Onyx gem is on Tanks within wars, throwing your fireball into a group of tanks standing in healing circles on the objective. Where this gem lacks is small group PVP, unless you are the first person in your group to tag an enemy.

2. Cut Pristine Emerald:

New World Cut Pristine Emerald
Cut Pristine Emerald

This gem is very useful in wars; two or three coordinated shots are enough to wipe the entire enemy team. Also, your AoE spells are more than capable of finishing off enemies attempting to flee.

3. Cut Pristine Opal:

New World Cut Pristine Opal
Cut Pristine Opal

Since the intelligence attributes have a node that gives mana every time you dodge, which is located at 200 Intelligence, you will find yourself on low stamina quite often.

4. Cut Pristine Diamond:

New World Cut Pristine Diamond
Cut Pristine Diamond

Since you are likely to be in full health while fighting at a distance.

The best choice for your Ice Gauntlet since it has the best crowd control abilities is Cut Pristine Malachite:

New World Cut Pristine Malachite
Cut Pristine Malachite

If you’re fighting mostly against one enemy type, for example, farming something, you can use it to convert your damage:

1. Cut Pristine Amethyst to fight against Ancients:

New World Cut Pristine Amethyst
Cut Pristine Amethyst To Fight Against Ancients

2. Cut Pristine Ruby against Angry Earth:

New World Cut Pristine Ruby
Cut Pristine Ruby Against Angry Earth

3. Cut Pristine Sapphire against Corrupted:

New World Cut Pristine Sapphire
Cut Pristine Sapphire Against Corrupted

4. Cut Pristine Topaz against Ancients:

New World Cut Pristine Topaz
Cut Pristine Topaz Against Ancients
Damage Effectiveness Slash Thrust Strike Fire Ice Nature Void LightningArcane
Angry Earth+20%-15%+30%-40%
The Lost-15%+10%+15%+30%-30%
Ancients are the skeletal enemies adorned in regal clothing. You can find them guarding obelisks and other large-scale ruins found throughout Aeternum.
Corrupted refers to enemies covered in a black and/or red glow. Corruption Breaches are the most common source of Corrupted enemies.
Angry Earth enemies are nature-themed enemies mutated with bark-like skin and similar nature-themed traits.
The Lost are glorified citizens and spectral enemies that inhabit most of Aeternum’s ruined towns, farms, and cemeteries.
Beast refers to any of the wild animals that roam around the New World’s various zones. Wolves, Bears, and Lynxes are just a few enemies that fall under this category.

For Armor gems, you can use Cut Pristine Emerald for PvP while fighting mostly against Bow and Musket users:

New World Cut Pristine Emerald
Cut Pristine Emerald

If you’re already level 60 and farming chests or mobs for gear, you need a Lucky Gem:

New World Pristine Pearl
Pristine Pearl

For other situations to provide generic damage absorption:

1. Cut Pristine Onyx:

New World Cut Pristine Onyx
Cut Pristine Onyx

2. Cut Pristine Malachite:

New World Cut Pristine Malachite
Cut Pristine Malachite

3. Cut Pristine Diamond:

New World Cut Pristine Diamond
Cut Pristine Diamond

Equipment Perks

If you want to read more about specific Armor Perks, you can check our Fire Staff and Ice Gauntlet Guides.

1. Armor Perks

Deadly Frost:

New World Deadly Frost
Deadly Frost

Simply the best damaging perk at the current moment, synergizing greatly with Frigid Showers, which apply 10% Rend, decreasing enemies defense by 10%.

Unending Thaw:

New World Unending Thaw
Unending Thaw

The key perk of the builds, +2 seconds of Frostbite means that Critical Frost and Frigid Showers will continue to work 2 seconds more. Besides, you can root enemies with Heavy Freeze.

Refreshing Pillar Of Fire:

New World Refreshing Pillar of Fire
Refreshing Pillar of Fire

Arson’s Advantage makes Pillar of Fire recover more mana than it spends when you hit two or more foes, so you can never run out of mana in an area of effect situation. For PvE, this Perk is a priority, especially when it is a group play. As for PvP, this Perk is only really great for Wars.

Empowering Fireball:

New World Empowering Fireball
Empowering Fireball

If you are using Fireball, then grab this Perk – more damage is always nice.

Refreshing with Resilient is a nice universal combination:

New World Refreshing
New World Resilient

Refreshing Evasion is useful because you’re dodging a lot:

New World Refreshing Evasion
Refreshing Evasion

Physical Aversion is useful for PvP against Musket and Bow users:

New World Physical Aversion
Physical Aversion

2. Weapon Perks

Keen and Vicious are still a strong pair of go-to perks:

New World Keen
New World Vicious

Refreshing Move and Siphoning Blow are both strong Utility options, reducing cooldowns or restoring mana:

New World Refreshing Move
Refreshing Move
New World Siphoning Blow
Siphoning Blow

For PvP against healers, you can use Plagued Crits. The maximum amount of healing decreasing is 24% for GS 600 weapons:

New World Plagued Crits
Plagued Crits

3. Amulet Perks

Slash Protection and Thrust Protection cover most PvE and PvP incoming damage: 

New World Slash Protection
Slash Protection
New World Thrust Protection
Thrust Protection

Health and Mana Recovery are nice, generally applicable options to fill the last slot:

New World Health
New World Mana Recovery
Mana Recovery

Divine will give you more healing:

New World Divine

If you really want to heap on the defenses, Fortified Recovery grants a fairly strong 30% Fortify for 5 seconds when hit below 50% health, but has a 90 cooldown for the effect:

New World Fortified Recovery
Fortified Recovery

4. Earring Perks

Focused is a strong option for helping with Mana regen, with Mana Toast being a pretty close second:

New World Focused
New World Mana Toast
Mana Toast

Purifying Toast and Refreshing Toast are both great utility options for open-world PvP, where health consumables tend to be used more. These all also help in PvE as well:

New World Purifying Toast
Purifying Toast
New World Refreshing Toast
Refreshing Toast

Beloved and Evasive can both help you mitigate aggro, making you less likely to pull aggro in expeditions:

New World Beloved
New World Evasive

5. Ring Perks

Ice Damage is just a straight damage bonus:

New Wrold Ice Damage
Ice Damage

Crippling for better crowd control:

New World Crippling

Keen Awareness is a strong option for higher burst damage potential in general:

New World Keen Awareness
Keen Awareness

Refreshing is also a decent Utility with the lowered cooldowns, but that’s also available on armor:

New World Refreshing

Brillant also could be a good choice if you’re running out of mana fast:

New World Brillant

Thrust Protection can be useful against Bow and Musket users:

New World Thrust Protection
Thrust Protection

Hearty will add you enough Stamina for one more additional dodge. If the player has 109.5 total stamina and each dodge takes 40 stamina (with 150 Dexterity attribute bonus), they can dodge twice (leaving the player at 39.5 stamina), wait a fraction of a second for stamina to regenerate to 41, then dodge twice more for a total of 4 dodges:

New World Hearty


In this chapter, you can find information about endgame consumables because you don’t really need most of them on low levels. You can easily find the low leveled versions of them because the names only differ by one word, except food. 

1. Regeneration

First of all, you need Health Regeneration Food:

New World Hearty Meal
Health Regeneration Food

Mana Regeneration Food:

New World Energizing Hearty Meal
Mana Regeneration Food

Health Potions:

New World Infused Health Potion
Health Potion

Mana Potions:

New World Infused Mana Potion
Mana Potion

Regeneration Potions:

New World Infused Regeneration Potion
Regeneration Potion

And Focus Potions:

New World Infused Focus Potion
Focus Potion

2. Attribute Food

As a mage, you want to increase your Intelligence first. This food gives you an option to put 40 points to another Attribute like Constitution for PvP:

New World Steamed Abaia Serpe
Food To Increase Intelligence by 40

You can use food with both Constitution and Intelligence bonus to increase your health and damage at the same time:

New World Pork Belly Fried Rice
Food To Increase Constitution And Intelligence

Constitution combination with more Intelligence is also available:

New World Glazed Bear with Sauteed Vegetables
Food To Increase Intelligence And Some Constitution

Also, you can use Constitution food to maximize your health:

New World Roasted Rabbit with Seasoned Vegetables
Constitution Food To Maximize Your Health

To find more food, for hybrid builds please check our Cooking Guide.

3. Honing Stone

Powerful Honing Stone will increase your damage and, as a result, threat level. They can be bought or crafted at Smelter if you reach 170 Weaponsmithing level:

New World Powerful Honing Stone
Powerful Honing Stone

4. Gemstone Dust

Powerful Gemstone Dust can be also bought or crafted at level 170 Jewelcrafting:

New World Powerful Gemstone Dust
Powerful Gemstone Dust

5. Oakflesh Balm

Powerful Oakflesh Balm can be bought or crafted at 170 Armoring level as well:

New World Powerful Oakflesh Balm
Powerful Okflesh Balm

6. Powerful Incense

Powerful Incense requires 170 Furnishing level to craft. Otherwise, it can be bought for cheap from the Trading Post:

New World Powerful Incense
Powerful Incense

7. Weapon Coatings

Weapon Coatings give a 15% damage bonus against certain types of enemies. These coatings are usually used in dungeons, where you’re fighting mostly against enemies of the same type, for example:

New World Infused Ancient Coating
Weapon Coating

8. Ward Potions

Ward Potions increase your damage absorption against certain enemy types. They can help you mitigate heavy incoming damage:

New World Infused Ancient Ward Potion
Ward Potion

9. Absorption Potions

Absorption Potions can help you not only in dungeons but also in PvP against mages. They increase absorption by 15% against certain types of elemental damage, for example:

New World Infused Void Absorption Potion
Absorption Potions

10. Corruption Tincture And Blight Tincture

Corruption Tincture and Blight Tincture remove afflictions and give 97,5% resistance to these afflictions for 5 minutes:

New World Infused Corruption Tincture
Corruption Tincture
New World Infused Blight Tincture
Blight Tincture

11. Infused Encumbrance Potion

Infused Encumbrance Potion will help you a bit with bringing your sack to the nearest warehouse. It lasts 3 minutes and increases the Encumbrance Limit by 100:

New World Infused Encumbrance Potion
Infused Encumbrance Potion

I know that feeling, bro, even one Flint or Green-Wood must not be discarded.


What is Fire Staff and Ice Gauntlet combination used for in New World?

For the current moment, this can be used as a range PvP build, but also very strong for PvE due to very high damage, crowd control, and mobility.

When Fire Staff and Ice Gauntlet combination should be used?

Fire Staff for larger distance damage, for mobility, and pure damage when you don’t need any crowd control. The Ice Gauntlet if you need crowd control and for heavy AoE situations in PvE and PvP.

Which attributes do I need while using Fire Staff and Ice Gauntlet weapon combination in New World?

Intelligence for more damage and some points in Constitution for surviving

Which armor should I wear while using Fire Staff and Ice Gauntlet weapon combination in New World?

This build is mostly about high mobility and damage, so light (for PvE) or medium (for PvP) armor is recommended. But you can try heavy armor to increase the length of your crowd control effects and more survivability, or mix different armor parts and find armor combinations that fit your own playstyle best.