Crucial Tips For Newbies In New World

Crucial Tips For Newbies In New World


How To Travel Faster In New World

First of all, in New World, you’ll have to run. Run a lot. Remember those Olympians carrying the Torch? That’ll be you. There are several ways to make this process less stressful.

While running, you can roll with Shift wearing light armor.

You can level your character with Bow or with Hatchet. Both of them provide a running speed boost and fit best for leveling. As a secondary weapon, you can pick Life Staff to heal yourself.

Remember, you can die and respawn in the nearest settlement. You do take durability damage, but it doesn’t really matter since you can loot or buy new armor very cheap on most servers. There is no need for expensive gear or gems until you reach level 60 – you’ll change your gear pretty often.

Buying a house will grant you teleport and bigger storage, which will save you lots of Azoth. At level 60, you can have three houses, so make sure they’re in various locations. More information you can find in our Housing Guide.

Make sure your Inn is not in the town you’ve bought a house.

Azoth Managing

It is very important not to get stacked far from your quest hub without enough Azoth for fast traveling. The Azoth is used in fast traveling and crafting. You can acquire it in several ways. Main story quests give you a lot of Azoth, so don’t complete them if you’re close to the cap, which is 1000 Azoth. Sidequest also gives you some amount. It can be achieved by killing mobs randomly.

To get more Azoth, you can use gathering tools with the Azoth Extraction perk, for example:

New World Gathering Tool Example
Gathering Tool Example

And bags with Azoth Attuned perk:

New World Bag Example
Satchel Example

The last way to gain Azoth is to buy it from Trading Post, but it’s very expensive and gives you only 50 Azoth.

New World Vial Of Suspended Azoth
Vial of Suspended Azoth

Basic Tips

This information can be pretty useful for any New World beginner:

1. If you’re logging off in the settlement, you’ll get the rested exp bonus.

New World Rested Experience Bonus
Rested Experience Bonus

2. Salvage weapons and armor you don’t need, so you don’t get encumbered. Nobody will buy most of the things you looted. But keep the resources, recipes, etc. – you’ll need them.

Press and hold “CTRL+S” to “Quick Salvage” items. This will salvage any item without any additional questions.

3. To prevent salvaging something you want to keep, press and hold “L”, then use LMB to lock the item which will prevent it from being salvageable. This does also work for remote storage.

Note* however, that locking an item does not prevent it from appearing in the “Sell Items” tab of the auction house. To prevent an item from appearing it needs to be bound to you.

4. Use camps to respawn and restore your health.

5. Always use food for health regeneration.

6. Before leveling trading skills over 100, you’d better wait until your character hits level 45 to unlock the third slot bag – this will make your crafting and farming much easier. Also, you’ll be able to use Starmetal weapons with a +400% farming speed increase on levels 35-37, depending on their Gear Score.

7. Choose the Faction wisely since it gives you lots of bonuses. In common: join the Faction that owns most Territories. For more information, feel free to check Factions Guide.

New World Faction Membership
Faction Membership Provides Characters With Bonuses

8. Choose the settlement belonging to your Faction with Tier 4-5 crafting stations to store crafting materials. Usually, most trading and crafting are in Everfall and Windsward.

9. You can deposit every material in the category by clicking “Store all” or withdraw with the “Take all” button:

New World Take all and Store all Buttons
“Take all” and “Store all” Buttons

10. You want to over-level everything you’re fighting, even if you’re one level above the enemies you’re fighting, the less damage you take and the more you do. You should never be fighting mobs that are over-leveling you because it’s a waste of time.

11. If you’re entering the Expedition, don’t forget to pick up the repeatable quest near the entrance.

12. When fishing, you can skip the “Victory Pose (and the camera movement) by clicking LMB once directly after the circle mini-game is finished.

The same applies to the “Crafting Result Screen”: LMB will skip directly to the next crafting result.

13. After you kill the final boss in an Expedition, you can press ESC to skip the forced wait time of the VICTORY screen.

Luck System In New World

Playing the game, you’ll find gear with the Luck characteristics pretty often.

Common Luck increasing is available as a perk on any armor, including shields, earrings, rings, amulets, and all three bag slots.

New World Common Luck
Common Luck

There are also perks to increase your Gathering (harvesting, logging, mining, skinning) Luck. The Reinforced Luck can be found on armor only:

New World Reinforced Harvesting Luck Perk
Reinforced Harvesting Luck

While Adored Luck is applied to Amulets:

New World Adored Harvesting Luck Perk
Adored Harvesting Luck

Gathering tools can increase your certain Gathering Luck, for example:

New World Gathering tools can increase your certain Gathering Luck
Gathering Tool Example

Trophies can increase any kind of Luck. They are unique furnishings for Houses that grant passive buffs for your character. You can’t place the same Trophy in a house multiple times, but you can place that same Trophy once in each of your houses, effectively stacking that Trophy’s effects.

New World Trophy Example
Trophy To Increase Luck

In Cooking, there is a special Food to increase your Trading skills Luck, for example, this one for Mining:

New World Food to increase Trading skills Luck
Food To increase Trading Skills Luck

Lastly, you can apply a Lucky Gem to your armor (and even weapon).

New World Pristine Pearl
Lucky Gem

To maximize your Luck, you can use Sword and Shield. Just remember, that Shield bonuses work only when you hold it in your hand. While shields with Luck perk can be found pretty often, Luck swords are fairly unique. For example, this one is a drop from Ching Shih The Shark from Minnow’s Revenge in Restless Shore. 

New World Luck Sword
Sword With Luck Attribute

Swords with higher gear scores and higher Luck increase (up to 2.8%) can also be found, but very rarely:

New World The Black Blade
The Black Blade

As for other weapons, the Luck perk can also be found on Named items dropped from Elite Ancient Chests like Sacrificial Lamb (Void Gauntlet), Agony (Fire Staff), King’s Folly, Perfect Vision, Heirloom Musket (Musket), Hammer of Justice (War Hammer), Hellsplitter (Spear), Chillwind Hatchet, Tundra’s Call (Hatchet), Southern Wind (Rapier):

New World Luck Fire Staff
Fire Staff With Luck Attribute

How Does Luck Work? 

If you’re looking for a more detailed explanation from developers, please check this article

There are two ways Luck works in New World:

  1. An overall scale that you can think of as a ratio of when things occur or a percentage chance to occur.
  2. A relative scale that has a movable odds range based on other values we add into it.

* Things like enemies and searchable containers use Method #1 above, where anything in their drop list can occur, and your Luck stat increases the likelihood of you getting the less common items in the list.

In New World’s loot model, drop tables are divided up into overall rarities, with rarer groupings of items living “higher” on the roll table than more common items. There are entire sets of items that drop less frequently than other sets.

There are collections of equipment that live at different general probabilities: a “Common” set, “Family” sets, and “Elite” sets. Rarer still are the more context-specific Expedition sets and Named Items. Common items have the broadest possible perk roll variety. Family sets have a slightly narrow perk roll variety and a higher chance of rolling perks. Elite sets only come from Gold-Bar (elite) enemies and have narrower perk rolls and an even higher chance to roll perks. Expeditions items almost always roll some perks, and Named items come with a pre-set selection of perks that don’t roll.

Luck doesn’t increase your chance to get higher gear score rolls or roll more perks, but it does increase your chances of seeing item drops that have higher chances of rolling bonuses.

  • Gatherables (but not Fishing) use method #2 above. As your Luck stat increases, it gradually enables new items to drop from the tables. This means that if your luck values are totally unmodified, there are some items in those tables that are impossible for you to obtain without a bonus. This is particularly useful for “AND” tables or tables that give you more things as they roll higher. These tables are set up to “open up” more, as your base Luck grows to avoid inundating lower-skill-level players with less-common items that they would have no use for until progressing much further in other, relevant skills.

In New World, data notation integer-based roll ranges are used to apply probability weights to the chances of a specific thing dropping.

For example, the roll range on a regular tree is 100,000, but somewhere above that range, say, 105,000, is a chance to get a fish (trees don’t drop fish – this is just an example). When you chop down that tree with unmodified luck, you have a 0% chance of getting a fish. But if your Luck was modified by, say, 10,000, your roll range increases from 0-100,000 to 10,000-110,000, which gives you a (roughly) 5% chance of getting that fish when you chop down the tree. 

With Gatherables in particular, increasing your gathering skill adds base Luck to your roll, with Level 200 granting a total bonus of 2000 to your base rolls. There aren’t any cases in the game when not having a Luck bonus will prevent you from getting an item as long as the associated Trade Skill is at 200.


How do you travel around New World?

While running, you can roll with Shift and then swap your weapon with X wearing light armor. Level your character with Bow or with Hatchet. Die and respawn in the nearest settlement. Buy a house. Use the Inn teleport.

How to get Azoth in New World?

Main story quests, side quests, killing mobs, Vial of Suspended Azoth selling at the Trading post. You can use gathering tools with Azoth Extraction perk and bags with Azoth Attuned perk.

How does the Luck system work in New World?

You can think of an overall scale as a ratio of when things occur or a percentage chance to occur for things like enemies and searchable containers. A relative scale that has a movable odds range based on other values for Gatherables (but not Fishing).

How can I increase my Luck in New World?

Use all gear with Luck perk, trophies, food, and Pristine pearls.