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Corrupted Invasions Guide (Updated Up To Patch 1.3.4)


Corrupted Invasions in New World is a PvE endgame experience, a counterpart to the 50v50 PvP Wars.

New World Invasion Tutorial

They happen every 4 days in each Territory. Players can sign up for the event at the Settlement’s Town Board on the day before the Corrupted Invasion starts.

Ten players are chosen by the Governor of the defending Territory. The remaining 40 slots are randomly selected from players who signed up.

Note that only players at Level 50 or above can participate in Invasions*

New World Army For War

The Invasion can be prevented by closing the Corrupted Breaches fast enough, but it requires the efforts of numerous nice teams that will close the Breaches for the whole 24 hours.

Preparations Before The Corrupted Invasion

Be sure you’re prepared for the Invasion. Consumables like health and mana potions, food, honing stones, and corrupted coatings are a must. Corrupted are weak against arcane, nature, and thrust damage. Corrupted Ward and Corrupted Bane perks on armor and weapons will also help.

New World Corrupted Ward
Corrupted Ward
New World Corrupted Bane
Corrupted Bane

The Corrupted Combat trophy will grant a 3% damage bonus on Tier 2, a 4% damage bonus on Tier 3, and a 5% damage bonus on Tier 4. You can find more information about crafting in our New World Trophies Guide.

New World Corrupted Combat Trophy
Corrupted Combat Trophy

You will get a notification before the Invasion begins. 15 minutes before the Invasions start, all participants will be teleported to the Fort and provided with 50 Battle Tokens.

New World Fort

Before the battle starts and till it ends, you can buy consumables, siege weapons, and potions from the Armory:

New World Provision Before Invasion

Remember, you need Ammunition Kit to be able to use the siege weapons:

New World Ammunition Kit
Ammunition Kit

Additional Battle Tokens can be gained by contributing to the battle, simply by killing enemies. It’s important to note that these Tokens will only last the duration of the Invasion so use them while you have them. 

The defenders have to protect the Gates. They can be repaired by Siege Supplies which are auto-generated by Siege Supply Generators. These resources can be used to repair other structures, such as Armories, Siege Supply Generators, and Siege Weapons. There will be a vendor next to your Armory that will allow you to get siege parts.

New World Siege Supply Generator
Siege Supply Generator

Corrupted Enemies

You have to survive 8 waves of Corrupted. These waves will escalate and aggravate once you clean them.

New World Corrupted Invasion Waves

All Corrupted can be put into several categories:

1. Grunts are focusing on destroying structures. It’s only if they can’t reach one of them that they begin to attack players. After a period of time, they start to frenzy, creating fast, intense, and increased damage while also burning themselves out. At this time, they can swarm and take down any target very fast.

New World Corrupted Invasion Grunts

2. Raiders. Main fighters of the enemy troops. They are skilled, tough, and well-equipped. Raiders focus on attacking players but will attack structures if there are no players in range.

New World Corrupted Invasion Raiders

3. Snipers hang back and prioritize targets on the ramparts, suppressing turrets.

New World Corrupted Invasion Snipers

4. The Boomers. They run to structures and then blow themselves out dealing high damage. Kill them from a distance because they explode on death.

New World Boomers

The bosses at the end of every wave can vary. Some focus on destroying structures, while others focus on destroying players. They can also apply buffs to the invading forces and debuffs to the players:

1. Brutes are huge creatures that will smash structures. They will occasionally strike players but focus on destroying the gates. Can be shot by Siege Weapons.

New World Brutes

2. The corrupted Bear is pretty fat but doesn’t hit hard. Can be shot by Siege Weapons.

New World Corrupted Bear
Corrupted Bear

3. The Void Destroyer (aka Skull or Frank) usually appears at the 6th – 8th waves. The best way to destroy the Void Destroyer is to shoot it in the right eye, then switch to the left one after it goes down. The Repeater Turret can be used against this boss.

New World Void Destroyer
Void Destroyer

4. Spriggan has the top priority since it has the highest damage to all bosses. It cannot be body-blocked now. Use Rend to reduce Spriggan’s damage and kill it asap.

New World Spriggan

5. Commander has high damage and a medium number of health points. It can empower the invading forces, so it shouldn’t stand near big groups of enemies or bosses.

New World Commander

Victory Conditions And Rewards

Players win an Invasion by protecting the Fort Claim for 30 minutes until the time limit is reached.

New World Invasion Victory

And receive the reward:

New World Invasion Cache Reward

Once the Corrupted have passed the Gates, they will be able to attack the claim of the Territory – a Flag in the center of the courtyard. If the Flag falls, the defending players will lose and the Corrupted will deal severe damage to the settlement, downgrading the crafting stations and defenses. The higher the Territory’s level, the more items get downgraded.

New World Invasion Defeat

But players will still receive some XP and loot:

New World Corrupted Invasion Defeat Reward

Siege Weapons

How powerful the Siege Weapons are will be dictated by how they were upgraded through the Territory Progression system.

1. Ballista: medium rate of fire, high damage per shot, most effective against structures and large, slower-moving targets, like Brutes and Bosses.

New World Corrupted Invasion Ballista

2. Explosive Cannon: slow fire rate, its explosive shot disrupts and knocks enemies back. Mostly effective against groups of infantry and provides area denial.

New World Corrupted Invasion Explosive Cannon
Explosive Cannon

3. Repeater Turret: high rate of fire, low damage per shot, and most effective against smaller, quicker targets.

New World Corrupted Invasion Repeater Turret
Repeater Turret

4. Fire Dropper does high damage over time, making it most effective against groups of enemies attacking the gate.

New World Corrupted Invasion Fire Dropper
Fire Dropper

5. Horn of Resilience provides a temporary healing and defensive buff to all allies in the area. Use it wisely since it has a long cooldown – for example, it can help with the Bosses.

New World Corrupted Invasion Horn Of Resilience
Horn Of Resilience

6. Inferno Mine bursts and covers the area with fire when an enemy gets close enough. It’s effective at area denial when placed in choke points.

New World Corrupted Invasion Inferno Mine
Inferno Mine


What is the Corrupted Invasion in New World?

A PvE endgame experience, a counterpart to the 50v50 PvP Wars.

How to participate in New World Corrupted Invasion mode?

If you’re above level 50, sign up for the event at the Settlement’s Town Board.

How to prepare for the Invasion in New World Corrupted Invasion mode?

Consumables like health and mana potions, food, honing stones, and corrupted coatings are a must. Corrupted are weak against arcane, nature, and thrust damage. Corrupted Ward and Corrupted Bane perks on armor and weapons will also help.

How to use siege weapons in New World Corrupted Invasion mode?

You need the Ammunition Kit, which you can buy at the Armory for Battle Tokens.

How to win in New World Corrupted Invasion mode?

You have to survive 8 waves of Corrupted.